• Kids + Cleaning Chores

    honest company

    I’ve wanted to get Henry more involved in our cleaning routine here at home. Something about responsibility makes cleaning a really fun activity for young kids, and we might as well take advantage of the positive helping attitude while it lasts. All too soon he’s going to wake up and be a grumpy, smelly teenager (which I’m already seeing moments of- so help me).

    Today I partnered with Honest Company, a company I really love, to share a simple printable cleaning chart to involve kids more in the cleaning process. The Honest Company makes fantastic green cleaning products, safe and gentle baby, bath and body products that are all non-toxic and natural but also really effective. I love the floor cleaner and the grapefruit scent of this multi-surface cleaner is so fresh.honestcompanysm2

    Keep reading to get the downloadable kids chore chart illustrated by my talented sister Rebecca

    Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Iveson. Printable created by Rebecca Ricks for Say Yes


  • Tuesday Tip: Ice Cube Popsicles

    ice cube popsicles

    When I first started this blog (9 years ago!) I would wake up and blog about whatever came to mind that day. Whatever seemed helpful and interesting enough to share with all you in the moment. Things have obviously evolved where each post is a much more planned and thought-out, executed event. Often my editorial calendar is planned over a month in advance. Which is all good and feels like this space has grown into something bigger than myself, but I think there’s still something to be said for spontaneous posts as well. I share tidbits of random thoughts on Fridays, but thought I’d backpedal a bit and bring a little more spontaneity into my calendar by sharing a useful tip every Tuesday. Something small and simple, but that’s made my life easier. Maybe it’s around beauty, parenting, a blog/photography tip, a specific product or book I can’t live without (although these will never be sponsored posts), or a weekday lunch I find myself making over and over. If you came over to my house and we were catching up, what new discovery would I want to tell you about?

    So, for our first tuesday tip- here’s something simple I wanted to share. There are two ‘foods’ Edie gets excited about: string cheese and ice cube popsicles (a simpler version of these rainbow teething pops I made before). These are just popsicle sticks stuck in a filled ice cube tray with water and frozen. They are the perfect size for her to hold onto herself and when I get home from school with Henry, it’s a nice distraction for her while I’m working with him on homework at the kitchen table. I re-use the popsicles sticks and keep a stack on our windowsill in the kitchen. She probably has at least two ice cube popsicles a day. Simple but kind of life changing. That’s all!

    Photo by Liz Stanley

  • 5 tips for making the best pizza dough

    by food contributor Brittany

    best pizza dough

    Pizza has always been one of my favorite things to make and eat.  When my husband and I first got married we started our own little Saturday night tradition of a pizza date night.  We would make the pizza together and then enjoy it while watching a movie. After years of pizza making, we learned some things along the way to make our pizza dough/crust that much better, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite most helpful tips!
    Keep reading for five tips for making the best pizza dough, plus the best pizza dough recipe…


  • Backpacking with Kids

    backpacking with kids

    Last weekend we went with some friends on a backpacking trip with kids just east of Yosemite beneath Mount Conness. I’ve share some general tips for backpacking with kids before but it’s a whole different ballgame with a baby so I wanted to give more of a play by play this time of how it all went down. This is one of my very favorite spots because it feels really remote and exposed but easy to get to with kids (and it involves a fun boat ride!). Our friends have two boys ages 4 and 2. Henry is 6 and Edie is 10 months. Each of those ages poses different challenges when you backpack but it’s totally doable.

    backpacking with kids

    backpacking with kids

    backpacking with kids

    backpacking with kids

    backpacking with kids

    Keep reading to hear all about our trip and 10 bazillion more photos. Most photos are mine, some are Jared’s or our friend Liz’s


  • Weekend Roundup


    Hooray it’s the weekend! Poor Edie has been sick for the last couple days with a fever and general yuckiness. We’ll be spending some time recuperating and cuddling this weekend (hoping to make my favorite bran muffins and some warm chicken dumpling stew). We might head up the rocky coast if we’re feeling up to it tomorrow. Last weekend we went backpacking with the kids and some friends just east of Yosemite. I’ll be sharing a play by play on our trip and tips for backpacking with kids on Monday, but you can see a peek at some photos I posted on instagram. Here are some links to explore, have a great weekend:

    The much anticipated kids craft book, Playful, by Merrilee of Mer Mag is finally out, and already #1 in it’s category on Amazon! (image above). Big congrats to Merrilee, Nicole, Meta, Brittany and all the other talented friends that worked on it.

    These toys  seriously crack me up

    Nesting doll costume. Awesome idea!

    Loving this kimono jacket

    Holy cow, this is such a creative toy

    DIY pressed flower iPhone case (we did something similar last year, one of my favorites)

    This dress!

    Colorful new budget friendly home collection from the Novogratz family

    For every little tomboy

    Water blobs?? How fun does this look!

    Laugh a little more this weekend (the average adult only laughs 20 times a day compared to 300 times a day as kids).  Thanks, Diana!

    A birthday cake chandelier- brilliant project!

    Emoji balloons. Of course.

    Bringing back bagel pizzas (I’m down!)

  • 10 Fab Finds Under $40

    by fashion editor Ashley

    10 FAB FINDS sep

    I’m a neutral lover through and through. Here are some of my favorite fall neutral pieces for under $40. Happy shopping!

    click through for the links… (more…)

  • DIY Oversized Wall Photo (for $12)


    As I mentioned a couple months ago, we recently moved Edie into Henry’s room and now have a shared space (which has been a real challenge for a 6 yr old boy and a 10 month old girl).  A fun challenge though. There are a few DIY projects in the space that I’ll be sharing with you bit by bit. The first project was the DIY pom pom rug last month (which is still holding up pretty well, FYI).


    Today I’m sharing a simple project. Really, more like a budget friendly tip. Creating this blown up image of them from a newborn shoot we did when Edie was just one week old with Rachel Thurston. It only cost us $12 to make, here’s how we did it…kidsprint2

     Photography by Liz Stanley and Sara Albers. Assisted by Sarah Iveson


  • DIY Mini Summer Memories Albums


    With school in full swing and anxiously looking forward to Halloween and the holidays, it already feels like summer was ages ago.  I thought it might be fun to put together a set of mini albums with Henry of our adventures this summer from our instagram photos. We made four mini albums and each album is a different trip we took: Fire Island, Utah, Santa Cruz, and a general SF Summer. My favorite part was sitting down together and adding notes on the back of each one to record something specific we wanted to remember about that photo memory.

    DIY summer memories album

    DIY summer memories album

    Keep reading to see more details on making this project…

    Assisted by Sara Albers and Sarah Iveson (our new holiday intern!) 


  • Fall Favorites: Boots

    by fashion editor Ashley

    fall boots-01


    Last year I scored some Sam Edelman boots from Nordstrom Rack. They were half the price of the exact same ones I had been looking at online (don’t you love when that happens). They are the perfect boot and I can’t wait to pull them out once the weather cools off. Boots are one piece that you want to be sure and invest in. To get the best bang for your buck make sure the boots you pick are comfortable, real leather or suede if possible, and have a simple classic style to last you multiple seasons. Below are some of my favorites styles for fall!

    fall boots-02

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  • DIY Monster S’mores

    Candy Aisle Crafts - Monster S'mores

    I know it’s still September but I’m already getting in the mood for all things creepy and crawly and spooky of Halloween. Have you checked out the new book, Candy Aisle Crafts by former editor of Martha Stewart Living, Jodi Levine? I’m just drooling over all the amazing food craft projects. I don’t remember the last time a book has been more inspiring to me. Jodi graciously offered to share one of my favorite projects from the book here today, these monster s’mores! Aren’t they amazing? Keep reading to see how to make them with your kids (or for yourself!)…

    Photography by Amy Gropp Forbes. Project by Jodi Levine 



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