• Edie’s First Words Book

    first words book

    If you are an old school reader you might remember that six years ago I made a first words book for Henry when he was Edie’s age. He LOVED it. We made it when he was about 18 months, just starting to talk. I photographed his favorite toys, food, park, and family members. We read it every day, and it was one of the first books he learned how to read when he was in kindergarten.

    first words book

    I knew I wanted to make another one for Edie, we’ve loved Henry’s book so much! I went with the same exact concept. It was a fun challenge to improve on my original idea! I photographed simple things she loves around the house: her toys, her binkies, her favorite food, her blankie, family members. It was hard not to get carried away, there were so many sweet things I wanted us to remember.

    I love how it turned out!

    Keep reading to see the whole book and how it was made…


  • Tuesday Tip: Watermelon Salad Pizza

    watermelon pizza

    Henry always gets excited about yellow watermelon. They show up once a year at our local farmers market (this year we saw them at Trader Joe’s too!). The first time we saw one it wasn’t until we cut it open and OMG WHAT IS THIS. Here’s a fun way to make a watermelon salad pizza with yellow watermelon and your favorite watermelon salad toppings. Of course you can use regular watermelon too, no judgement here!

    watermelon pizza

    Keep reading for more on how to make it…


  • A Lego Storage Idea

    brilliant lego storage idea

    I have love/hate relationship with legos. They are creative and imaginative and Henry’s favorite toy, so of course we have a million around. But, they are so much plastic and I struggle with storage for them! They take up a lot of space and never manage to get fully picked up at the end of the day.  I can’t tell you how terrible they are to step on in the middle of the night on my way to the bathroom. Do they have to have so many sharp edges??

    Today I’m sharing an idea to make lego storage fun and also attractive. I saw something like this once in a home tour from a magazine months ago, I think it might have been an old Domino? I thought it was so brilliant that I had to try something similar myself.

    lego storage idea

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  • Weekend Roundup


    Hey, it’s Friday night! And the feeling’s right! We are keeping things pretty chill. It’s nice to be back in the swing of a regular schedule with school starting again. We have a couple birthday parties, some prop shopping for upcoming shoots next week, and I’m on a hunt for more fresh peaches at the farmers market to make a fresh peach pie. Henry and I have been giggling together over The Twits book so we’ll probably spend some of Edie’s nap tip on the couch reading it again. Hope you’re up to something fun, have a great one!  PS I’ve been having fun on Snapchat lately, follow me there at lizsayyes.

    LOVE how this playhouse turned out! Amazing job, Jenny!

    Great tips on finding cheap flights

    This ice cream sandwich bar from Apartment 34 sounds so good (image above)

    Oh this is funny: What will happen if I don’t take out my phone right now? The horrors!

    How rad are these pink sunglasses?

    Cute rain coat and on sale

    Love this copper tube pony tutorial

    Beautiful summer dress (plus an extra 20% off the sale)

    This DIY magnetic alphabet play board turned out so cute

    How beautiful are these dessert plates?

    Jordan posted her house tour and it’s SO GOOD. She always has such amazing style. I have not decorated my home in like 5+ years.

    Classic summer slip-on sandals on sale

    Bitte is a brand new online children’s shop my friend Maia just launched and I’m LOVING it. Beautiful curation and design. A few favorites: these skyscraper blocks, Ella Lou playmat (we love ours!), small dots dress, striped toy bin, smiley leggings

    This article about the big earthquake that will inevitably destroy the Pacific Northwest is fascinating and terrifying. It’s such a good read.

  • 10 Fab Finds under $40

    By fashion editor Ashley

    august 21 2015

    Some great pieces to start off your fall wardrobe. Happy weekend, happy shopping!

    one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten

  • Summer Peach Caprese Salad

    peach caprese salad

    My friend Carol is an amazing cook. She’s going to share more recipes with us in a couple weeks but I had to share this peach caprese salad with you right this second. It’s one of her winners! It’s just like the tomato version but you swap out the tomatoes for fresh peaches. We added some chopped almonds on top to finish it off and it was such a great, crunchy addition. I’m obsessed with this summer salad now- it’s a perfect way to enjoy those amazing peaches. Keep reading to see the full recipe and a $100 gift card we’re giving away…


  • Back to Schoola Party


    Last Saturday I co-hosted a back to school party with Schoola, a wonderful company that makes buying + selling used clothing and donating to your local school really easy. I’ve posted before about them here, we are huge fans! The back to school party was held at Recess Urban Recreation, a really cool indoor gym area for kids of all ages here in San Francisco. I had never been! They had lots of places to play with slides, tunnels, disco rooms and toys galore. Edie particularly was in HEAVEN. Yummy kid friendly snacks by Chef Steph, a great coloring area with Yoobi, and a photobooth where kids could write their grade and what they wanted to be when they grew up. Jared was away for his high school reunion, but the kids and I had a great time! I had to drag them out of there when it ended.

    Thanks to so many of you that came, it was great to meet so many new faces! Here are some photos of the event if you’d like to see…


  • 5 street style images that will change your mind about mom jeans

    By fashion editor Ashley
    mom jeans

    Last month I was visiting family in Idaho and my mom and I stopped in at our local thrift store. I was perusing the rack of jeans pulling out old levi “mom jeans” and my mother couldn’t believe it when I told her that “mom jeans” are in! Are we really that surprised? We’ve seen the comeback of Birkenstocks and crop tops. It was only a matter of time until “mom jeans” made their appearance.

    Here are five images to ease you back into mom jeans and maybe even get you on the team! (more…)

  • A Bike Ride to the Rose Garden


    We live right by the Rose Garden, which is such a beautiful (and aromatic!) spot in Golden Gate Park here in San Francisco. On Fridays, which is my day off, Edie and I often will stop there on the bike on our way to music class which is on the other side of the park. Here are some photos of one particular outing there…



  • Three ideas for packed school lunch

    packed school lunch ideas

    It’s the first week of school here so school lunches are back on my mind.  I’m always looking for easy and healthy ideas for a packed lunch and thought we’d share some ideas here today. Keep reading for three yummy ideas that won’t make you late for the bus…


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