• Laundry Bag Printables

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    diy printable laundry bag design

    A couple weeks ago I talked about my ongoing struggle with doing laundry. It never ends! Just when you’re about to pat yourself on the back for a job well done, another load starts piling up on the floor and you want to pull your hair out. I guess that’s the trouble with house work in general, all that work for a short-lived reward. Today I’m sharing a fun printable to make your dreaded laundry chore a little more enjoyable: these lights and darks iron-on designs my sister Becca made for you guys to download. I think a pair of these bags with the printable ‘how to do laundry’ chart from two weeks ago be a thoughtful housewarming gift, or to a family member headed to college.

    diy printable laundry bag design

    diy printable laundry bag design

    Keep reading for the Lights and Darks printable design and hear about our review of Tide Pods!

    PS Have you entered to win a $300 Target GiftCard yet? It’s not too late!

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  • Secrets of Stylish Moms: Emily

    Hi guys! I’m starting a fun new series I’m excited about called Secrets of Stylish Moms. You know,  you see a mom at the park rocking a military jacket with a messy top knot, suede booties and perfectly ripped jeans- all while fully enjoying a game of hide and go seek with her 4  yr old with a sandy string cheese in one hand and an infant on the opposite hip.  You want to pull her aside and ask her a million questions about how she does it. Well we’re doing that here! I’m hunting down some of my favorite stylish moms and finding out their secrets.


    First up! I think we can all agree the Small Fry gals all have impeccable style and taste. Today we’re finding out all about how Emily of Small Fry (whose worked on a bunch of my fashion shoot posts as a stylist) pulls it all together with two toddlers in tow….
  • DIY Geometric Notebook

    how to make a geometric notebook

    This black and white geometric notebook is such a simple project. From start to finish it took us about 15 minutes which included a string cheese snack break. Also, if you stare long enough at it in the center cross you’ll see a killer shark jumping out of the water catching a fish in the air under a full moon. Okay, not really. I could never do those stupid magic eye books. They drove me nuts.

    how to make a geometric notebook

    how to make a geometric notebook

    Okay, sorry. Sometimes I don’t know what to say about a project. Maybe just this: here’s something cute I made, keep on reading for instructions to make one yourself. That’s all. Oh, and happy If Pets Had Thumbs Day (totally legit holiday, check it out).

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  • Weekend Roundup


    Happy weekend! I have to say, I loved reading your advice and sweet encouragement from the post about postpartum yesterday. I was a little nervous to push publish on such a personal story (and photos), so it’s made me so happy to see such a great response. I love being part of such a supportive and loving community, virtual hugs to you all! Have a wonderful weekend!

    The perfect midi length skirt I just bought

    Might do some knitting with friends this weekend, this lovely new site has some cute ideas (might try the big hat)

    This embroidered blouse is so cute

    Looove Ashley’s wooden headboard DIY

    A little Oscars prep for the big night

    I’m dying over this baby jumpsuit!

    Salt water taffy kabobs (so pretty)

    A scientific look at why we hate Hawaiian shirts (my take: I think it just makes me jealous I’m not there)

    Have you heard of this poncho app? If I lived anywhere but predictable-weather-San Francisco I’d for sure be into it

    One of my favorite children’s stores in San Francisco, Tantrum, is now online!

    Pie crust sugar sandwich cookies. Yum!

    This coke ad is hilarious (what has social media done to us?)

    Cool sunglasses

    I wanna try these coconut oil rice krispie treats

    Have you seen this maternity line, Mamagama? Love the bowling ball tee

    A gorgeous summer dress

    I just joined Good Reads, are you on it? (I know, I’m so late on this boat). I’ve had fun browsing all the books I want to read. Add me if you are!

    (image above from our newborn shoot with Edie)

  • 10 Fab Finds Under $40


    I can’t believe it’ll be March by this weekend. Hooray! Here are some fab finds under $40 to welcome in spring. See more deals we’ve found this week on our fab finds pinterest page.

    1.Antique wash skinny jeans $37.62/2. Vintage sweatshirt $39.99/3. Herschel backpack $34.99/4. Slingback boardwalk sandal $39.99/5. Lace flats $39/6. Colored t-shirt $30/7. Dyed skinny jeans $29.99/8. Pinstripe dress $26.35/9. Textured sweatshirt $29.95/10. Textured striped tee $22.99

    In collaboration with Madeline and fashion editor Ashley

  • Surviving the first three months with a new baby


    These two images were taken in the hospital 3 days after Henry was born 6 years ago. He was 4 weeks early, born by emergency c-section due to a super rare fetal heart condition called atrial flutter. His otherwise healthy heart spontaneously started to beat dangerously fast at 400+ beats a minute. It was a complete miracle they caught it so fast and that he survived. Immediately after his birth they were able to correct his heart condition by threading electrical chords down his esophagus, stop and and then re-starting his heart back into normal speed.  Jared watched the whole thing while I was in another room recovering. He survived and hasn’t had any heart problems since but he still stayed in the hospital a couple days longer than me.  Luckily we lived close and I would come and try to nurse him in a little dinky supply room multiple times a day. Except he had no interest in nursing and had to be fed intravenously for a while. He wouldn’t even open up his eyes for several days.  I didn’t blame him. I kind of wanted to close my eyes and just wait for the nightmare to be over too.


    Needless to say, it was rough. Really rough. Even with a traumatic birth I thought I’d be flooded with feelings of love and happiness when Henry was born, but those didn’t come right away. What did come were sleepless nights, lots of tears over nothing- it seemed, panic every time we took his heart rate (with every diaper change),  frustration over his refusal to nurse, and feelings of inadequacy over my new job as a mother that was supposed to be natural and wonderful.

    Looking back I think I was dealing with some mild postpartum depression after a traumatic birth, and a lot of sleep deprivation. I remember after a few sleepless nights someone told me that most babies start to sleep long stretches by 8 weeks. They were trying to cheer me up but all I remember was feeling complete desperation, “There is no way I’m going to make it to 8 weeks. I won’t survive”….


  • DIY Gold Leaf Vase

    how to make a gold leaf vase

    We had so much fun with the gold leaf pencils last week that I’m sharing another gold leaf tutorial today. The best part about this project is that the surface is large and easy to apply the gold leaf to; this took only about 5 minutes to make once the adhesive was on and dry. I love how it turned out,  I think it might be my new favorite vase!
    how to make a gold leaf vase

    Keep reading to see how to make it…

    Photography and styling by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers


  • Look For Less: Spring Whites

    By fashion editor Ashley

    look for less

    It seems like neutrals are the new black… and I’m ok with that! They have a way of making a statement in their own subtle way, plus they are classy and timeless. This neutral look is perfect for spring. Plus! It’s easy to recreate on your own budget.

    The Look by J.Crew

    For Less: Blazer | Tank | Jeans | Panama Hat | Pumps

  • Baby Shower Idea: DIY Bleach Pen Onesies


    I love the idea of creating something special for the new baby as part of a shower activity. When my friends threw me a baby shower for Edie this summer they sent all the invitees a swaddle blanket to decorate. Everyone showed up for the shower with dyed, trimmed, screen printed, stamped personalized blankets. It was such a sweet and thoughtful surprise (and useful!). Every time I use the blanket I think of that person that made it. bleachpentee5

    Along those same lines, these bleach pen onesies would be a lovely idea as well. You can either package up plain onesies in the mail with the invitation for people to bring decorated to the shower with a name, phrase, design, or you can have decorate them at the party. It’s fun to see what all your creative friends will come up with!bleach pen onesies baby shower

    The main problems we ran into were writing on stretchy jersey fabric, and a too-wide tip. See our easy solutions (and more Edie deliciousness) after the jump!

    PS Other bleach projects of mine: tie-dye bleach swaddle and printed spring napkins

    Photography and styling by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers


  • Chairish

    This post is sponsored by Chairish. Now you can buy and sell gently used home furnishings using their easy to use Charish app.

    We are in the process of redecorating our living room and I wish I had heard about this site, Chairish, earlier. Have you heard of it? It’s an online store where you can sell your gently used, high quality home furnishings. You set the price, Charish approves, and when it sells they arrange pickup and delivery of larger items (how nice is that!), or you can drop off smaller ones to be packed and shipped at UPS. It’s like a well edited, prettier, easier to use version of Craigslist!


    One thing I love:   The Chairish app makes is really easy to list an item in three steps. Snap a photo with your phone, name a price, wait for it to get approved and then collect from the sale.  I used the app to list this gorgeous painting I bought from a Paris flea market, you can find my listing right here.

    sweeps collage (1)

    Here’s something fun, Chairish is giving away this designer room above (it’s worth $5k). To enter,  you just need to download the Chairish app,  create an account and you’re automatically entered to win. Easy! I’m in love with those floral wall hangings.  Contest ends on 2/28 (this friday).

    Keep reading to see some of my favorite picks I’m eyeing listed on Chairish right now…



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