• What to wear to ALT: Palm Springs

    By Assistant Editor Ashley

    alt in palm springs

    ALT Summit, a conference for bloggers and influencers, is just around the corner. Are you going? If so, what are you wearing? I’ve curated a few ideas below. Also, don’t forget to say hi to Liz and go hear her speak!


  • How to style your bangs while growing them out

    By Molly and Joanna of Irrelephant
    growing your bangs out
    Most women have had bangs before, and the worst part about having bangs is trying to grow them out. They get to that tricky in-your-eyes-all-the-time phase that makes you want to reach for the scissors. Before you snip them, try this simple stylish tutorial.


  • Window Drawing


    Window drawing! This is such a simple idea to entertain snowed-in (or otherwise bored) kids. We made two designs over the break: a tree on one window and polka-dot snow on the other. It felt so winter-y and peaceful. I’ve seen window drawings before mostly on store windows and was curious about how it was done. We did a little research and experimenting. Here’s what we found out, and 3 tips for doing it yourself…


  • Weekend Roundup


    As you read this I’m flying eastward on my way to Germany! I’ll be in Munich for 2 days and then flying up to Berlin for another 4 days to meet up with my younger sisters there. It’s a partnership I’m doing with Lufthansa Airlines who is promoting their new routes to Germany from San Jose Airport. I’ll be giving you a full report in a couple weeks, but I’m crazy excited about this trip for a few reasons: it’s been a great start to the year to have something fun to look forward to, I get to meet up with my sisters, and it feels like a total adventure to be traveling alone (well, me and my breast pump).  Sidenote: solo on an airplane for 12 hours without kids, but with snacks and movies all to myself? Spa day! Don’t worry, we have some great posts this coming week while I’m gone including winter window drawings and a fun hair tutorial. Be sure to follow along on my Germany adventure on Instagram and Instagram stories.

    See you next week, here are some links to explore:

    10 realistic New Years resolutions you might be able to actually keep

    Topshop is having a big sale! Eying this gold pleated skirt. The shoe sale selection is great. Loving these hightops and these silver mules

    Loved seeing how this holiday surprise played out. So incredible.

    The pantone color of the year was a surprise to me

    Simple kid long johns are always cute. Three other great options from Amazon Prime: one, two, three

    A great 2017 calendar you can print out

    Tree inspiration for next Christmas

    Best frozen treats from Trader Joes (according to bon appetit!)

    Good advice about making friends as an adult (it’s hard!)

    If you’re in the market, a good rundown of the best baby carriers

    This rainbow maker is a cute idea

    These are mouth watering!

    Such great DIY pantry labels

    For the love of culottes (the pair she’s wearing is so cute)

    10 best books of 2016 

    Lastly, have you seen Moana? So good, and we can’t stop listening to the soundtrack every afternoon while making dinner

    (image above of Cologne, Germany)

  • DIY Balsa Wood Happy Birthday Banner

    happy birthday balsa wood banner

    We have three birthdays between early November and early December in our family. It’s a bit chaotic combined with holidays. This year, I made a couple changes. First off, we’re now the proud owner of a legit refillable helium tank. I’m so sick of buying and transporting balloons. I considered buying a disposable tank but couldn’t stomach the carbon footprint for just one party. Second, after hanging our mediocre felt birthday banner for the second birthday, I decided to make my own in time for the third birthday. I still love felt banners, but I wanted it to be more updated with balsa wood. I really like how it turned out. Here’s how to make it…


  • What to wear in Germany in the Winter

    By Assistant Editor Ashley

    what to wear in the cold


    Did you hear, Liz is going to Germany at the end of the week! We were discussing what she should pack, and decided to put together a little roundup of what to wear in Germany. This also works great for other cold weather cities: Chicago, Boston, New York, Stockholm I’m talking to you. (more…)

  • Sewn Paper Packages

    sewn paper packages

    This is our last post for almost two weeks, as we’re taking a break until after the New Year. But we saved a great one for last! What’s better than brown paper packages tied up with strings? Sewn paper packages! I especially love using sewn packages for a small gift that you still want to feel super special and thoughtful. Maybe for a teacher, a neighbor, sibling to sibling, or a secret santa exchange. They’re really simple to make and would look amazing under the tree.

    sewn paper packages

    Here’s how to do it…


  • Holiday Hair Updo

    By Molly and Joanna of Irrelephant


    It’s the busiest time of the year with endless parties and events to attend. Paying to have your hair done isn’t always an option and adds up so why not do your own ‘do. It’s easier than you think. Here’s how in a few simple steps… (more…)

  • 20 Last minute Amazon Prime Gifts

    By Assistant Editor Ashley


    It’s the last minute dash to the finish line! Have you finished all your shopping? If not, here are some last minute Amazon Prime gifts for all procrastinators out there (myself included). Happy shopping and Happy holidays! (more…)

  • A Stocking Stuffer Idea


    Here’s how Christmas morning worked at our house growing up: anytime after 6am we were allowed into the living room to view the tree surrounded by white tissue paper packages and our filled stockings.  The stockings were placed on the ground next to the fireplace and surrounded by the loot: fancy fruit (like pineapples, mango, kiwi), a sugared cereal, little toys, and a new holiday DVD. This holiday DVD was Santa’s moment of genius that offered my parents an extra hour and a half of sleep before present opening at 8am. I’m thinking we need to keep this tradition alive! Santa had a great plan to ensure a happy and restful Christmas morning for everyone. Along with that tradition, today I have a great idea for your stocking! Leave a family iPhone or iPad with Toca TV, a new video streaming app for kids, downloaded and ready to watch in their stockings Christmas morning.

    Keep reading for more about it and a discount code… (more…)

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