• Getting Engaged

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    To my engaged and married readers, how did you get engaged? Next to childbirth, how couples got engaged are some of my favorite personal stories to hear. Every story is so unique to the couple,…dramatic, and sweet. So today we’ve teamed up with State Farm to tell the engagement stories of our married Say Yes team members. Everyone has stories of misplacing or even losing their engagement or wedding rings, and State Farm is here to help you feel confident that yours is protected and safe. And something fun: If you share your lost ring stories with#ProtectTheBling and #sweepstakes on Twitter during the month of November you’ll be entered to win a trip to New York City!

    Keep reading to see old photos we’ve dusted off (we were such babies!) and our own engagement stories from midnight boat trips, a spontaneous driveway moment, to toddlers doing the asking…


  • DIY Balsa Wood Pumpkin Placemats

    DIY pumpkin placemats

    I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week. Between Halloween and the election, it’s totally crept up on me! What are you doing? Are you traveling or staying home? Are you hosting? We have family right here in town so we don’t need to go far to celebrate. I’ve started really loving to entertain, but one thing I always space on is the placemats. I don’t really have a good set, and it’s the last thing I think of for some reason. So today I thought I’d get a head start and make my own pumpkin placemats from balsa wood. It was such a cinch! Here’s how to make them yourself…


  • No-Sew Pilgrim Hat from a Kitchen Towel


    A couple years ago we made a pilgrim hat from felt and it was such a hit! I loved seeing everyone’s pictures on Thanksgiving with their kiddos in the felt hats. This year, I thought we’d adapt it a bit and our Say Yes crafting genius, Gaby, came up with this idea to make a pilgrim hat from a thin kitchen towel (or tea cloth). It’s still no-sew!

    Keep reading to see how to make it…


  • Thanksgiving Roasted Brussels Sprouts

    Recipe by food writer Abbey

    If you’re looking for a beautiful, green dish for your Thanksgiving spread, these roasted brussels sprouts with bacon and pomegranates are for you! Not only is it a gorgeous color combination, but the flavors are bold and savory. And don’t fret, you can prepare these a day ahead, and reheat on Turkey Day. Grab the recipe below!


  • Weekend Roundup


    This election has left many of Americans feeling divided, on edge, defensive, and exhausted. To be honest, I feel like the rug has been pulled out beneath us as a country and I’m holding my breath to see how things will fall. But, as Hillary Clinton has said, “The worst thing that can happen in a democracy…is to become cynical about the future and lose hope.” Regardless of how you feel about the outcome, here’s one thing can all celebrate: six women made political history. Maybe not the highest office, but we had some great victories. Also, a celebration for our family: Edie turned three on Wednesday! Focusing on Edie’s contagious happiness throughout the day made all the difference in getting through it myself.

    Say Yes has always been a place where we try to spread meaningful inspiration for your life and your families. More than ever I think we need that. Hoping that the moments we share at home, and the tolerance and love we teach our children can make a difference. I’m really hopeful for that. But I also think we need to stand up and help those that are in pain, in grief, and scared of what’s to come. So speak up, donate time and money if you can, and more than ever: spread love and acceptance to your communities and neighbors.

    Here are a fun, few happy videos for your weekend:

    A little post-election humor: Black Jeopardy with Tom Hanks, Best election moments from SNL and  5 Stages of Grief (the waist-high wall comment made me LOL)

    A Broadway carpool singalong

    Oldie but a goodie: Zack and Obama

    Hilarious reenacted conversations with a 2 yr old. This episode is so good too!

    This woman and her dance moves

    Lastly, a fantasy hotline for new parents

    BIG HUG, AMERICA. Hang in there.

    xoxo, Liz

  • No-Sew Thanksgiving Aprons

    thanksgiving apron

    One of our most popular posts from a couple years ago is this no-sew apron made from an IKEA kitchen towel. Today we’re starting with the same basic tutorial, but adding a few more details to make it fit for Thanksgiving baking! It’s still no-sew though, don’t worry. Keep reading to see how to make these cute pilgrim aprons for little helpers in the kitchen…


  • My favorite free-shipping stores for the holidays

    By Assistant Editor Ashley

    free shipping

    I’m just getting into my holiday shopping, and the one thing I look for most while shopping online is free shipping. I like spending my budget on actual gifts instead shipping! Here are 10 great free shipping (or low spending barrier to free shipping), along with some great gift favorites from each… (more…)

  • Baking with Toddlers: Rainbow Pizza

    rainbow pizza

    We started a fun series called Baking with Toddlers where we share toddler-friendly recipes you can work together on in the kitchen. Today we’ve got a pretty one! We’re making a delicious rainbow pizza with colorful, healthy toppings that the whole family will love to help assemble and eat. Ashley, an assistant editor here at Say Yes, and her sweet daughters came over to join us. Here’s how it went…rainbow pizza

    This post is in partnership with Munchkin, who makes some of my favorite baby and toddler feeding products.


  • Weekend Roundup

    balloon backdrop oh happy day

    We’ve had a busy week with Halloween, holiday work starting to pick up, and some really fun evening events (image above!). We drove up to Tahoe last night but we have no plans so far here. I love how a little getaway forces to you relax- there are no house projects or cluttered corners that need to be worked on up here. No errands that could be run or work that should be caught up on. It’s crazy, when we were here a month ago it was full on summer, and now there’s snow on the ground! My favorite season of fall always ends up getting a bit lost in these mountain towns. Looking forward to maybe a hike later today, a bike ride along the river perhaps? Definitely looking forward to takeout, netflix, and hot tubbing under the stars tonight. Have a great one, here are some links to explore:

    Oh Happy Day’s 10th anniversary party was epic! Check out the hashtag on instagram (and above is a peek of the amazing balloon installation from Jihan of Geronimo Balloons)

    Ask yourself this before picking up your phone

    My uniform these days: slim black overalls and soft leather oxfords (seriously the best shoes)

    Latest amazon prime find: these canvas slip on shoes

    Why morning people thrive 

    Balancing motherhood when you’re working from home

    Perfect weekend jean

    Pumpkin pecan steel cut oats. Yum!

    Great, honest interview at Vanity Fair with Adele

    Cut DIY for Thanksgiving

    Some really fun dresses and shoes here for party season

    Best and worst states for having a baby

    Mini mail advent calendars from the North Pole. Such a cute idea

    Teaching your kids authenticity and parenting in Denmark

    Lastly, some election humor (we all need it!)

  • 10 Tips for Simplifying Holiday Shopping


    The holidays are such a magical time of year with family and friends, but it can also be really stressful to manage everyone’s expectations and not break the bank on gifting. It’s already started to give me a headache! I reached out to friends that I thought would have great advice for us all in this challenge, and found out so many brilliant methods to manage holiday gifting madness! I partnered with HP to share some of these inspiring tips with you today on making holiday gifting more simple. Hooray!


    HP and HSN are offering a super discounted deal on a new laptop for this week only through November 5th. Keep reading for more details on the deal and the 10 tips for simplifying holiday shopping…


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