• Mini Break with Gaby


    Gaby is a transplant from Quebec, and now lives in Berkeley. She’s the mother of two sweet little girls, a talented seamstress and a crafting assistant here at Say Yes. We met at a park last year in Berkeley (I just had to ask her where her shirt was from) and have been good friends ever since! Today we’re tagging along with Gaby as they take a mini break at their favorite little cafe in Berkeley called Mission Heirloom.

    This post is sponsored by Kohl’s and POPSUGAR.


  • DIY Felt Birthday Crowns

    Scandinavian Gatherings_Felt Crown 2_Photography by Charity Burggraaf

    My friend Melissa wrote a beautiful book called Scandinavian Gatherings; From Afternoon Fika to Midsummer Feast. When we made sibling gifts this past Christmas, these crowns were the homemade gift Henry chose to make for Edie and Dot. It’s such a simple idea, but I love how classic they are. Perfect for any kind of celebrations. Today Melissa was kind enough to share the tutorial for the project from her book…


  • Easy Weeknight Meals: Part 10

    Today we have another post in our feature on Easy Weeknight Meals. In this series we ask some of my friends and home cooks what crowd-pleasing meals they make for their families on a busy weeknight. And today we’re sharing three recipes from my friend, Jessica. She and her husband own a gorgeous bookstore in Temescal Alley in Oakland called Book/Shop, and she’s the mother to two sweet boys. Jessica’s always cooking up something amazing for her family. Here’s what’s on their weekly rotation…
     (above image credit: Thanh from Eat, little bird)


  • Weekend Roundup


    Happy weekend! We are back from spring break in Napa, and came home to newly painted kitchen cabinets, white washed floors, and a painted studio! So amazing what a little white paint makes in brightening up, and opening up the space. I’ll share some photos when everything is done. Still waiting on a few things like tile and fixtures, and trying to clear away the dust too (which gets EVERYWHERE!). Up to anything fun this weekend? We’re celebrating!  Dot’s FIRST birthday with cousins tomorrow, and Easter activities on Sunday. Have a great one, here are some links to explore:

    Have you dyed eggs yet? We love the natural tea dyed ones we did a couple weeks back (above). Planning on doing more today after school.

    Pretty DIY flowers magnet project

    The Mabo spring collection is SO good

    Gorgeous succulent cakes. Holy cow (via exPress-o)

    Tempted to try this interior design trend in our new home

    This new Pixar short film is so cute

    Best houseplants that are impossible to kill

    If you’re in the market for nursing bra, this is a great resource

    Just tried Good Eggs dinner kits this week and obsessed with them. Huge fan

    Great summer slides I’m eyeing (these are cute too)

    Such a great versatile dress my friend Jessie designed, with a kickstarter to help support it

    Such a great DIY desk accessory project

    Crushing on these summer hasbeens

    These zodiac pinatas are so perfect!

    How do you feel about ruffle shirts?

    Love this white jean jacket for summer

    Lately, great inspiration for American travel in every state


  • Studio Makeover Project


    Some super exciting news: we just bought the home we’ve been renting here in the Oakland Hills! One of the first projects we’ve wanting to do is to turn an unused storage room downstairs into a real studio space for Say Yes. It’s always where we end up shooting because it gets really nice north facing light, but it’s not really a useable space right now. We’re partnering with Home Depot’s Decor line  (yup tables, desks and couches, etc!) for this project. I’ve been super impressed with the pieces in their collection so far. It’s gotten me so excited about this studio makeover. Today we’re sharing a few inspiration ideas and later we’ll have the big studio reveal. Here are some before pictures of the studio space…


  • Sleep Walking in Style

    By Assistant Editor Ashley

    robe jacket
    embroidered robe

    I don’t consider myself a very trendy person, but if there is ever a trend that hinges on loungewear, count me in! Styling the robe is as easy as throwing some jeans and a tee shirt on underneath and you’re set to go. Now to update my fuzzy purple robe with a little embroidery…

    Click through for 10 favorite robes from around the web… (more…)

  • Easter Meringue Nests

    By food contributor Brittany
    OPTION 1
    With Easter just around the corner I’m always trying to think of fun new ideas for themed desserts and these light meringue nests have become a favorite! Meringues might seem daunting to make, but they take few ingredients and are actually super easy to whip up, the only hard part is waiting for them to bake and cool.


  • DIY Banana Bun

    By beauty contributors Molly and Joanna of Irrelephant


    The banana bun seems to be taking the internet by storm! We love this simple and fast ‘do, paired with your french girl style. We’ve seen many variations of this bun and did a little tutorial of our own messy version we love!


  • 5 Reusables I don’t Leave home without

    By Assistant Editor Erica

    reusable bags

    As a reformed pack rat, I try my hardest to keep only the essentials in my diaper bag. Lugging a bulky, over-packed bag tends to stress me out, and I try to avoid it at all costs. There are a few items that stick around no matter how many times I organize my bag. All of these items are light, slim, and most of all, super useful. Bonus feature – they are all reusables!

    Here are the five reusables I don’t leave home without…


  • Everything’s coming up daisies…

    By Assistant Editor Ashley

    floral playsuit

    And daffodils, tulips, blossoms, roses and everything in between. We’re calling it, it’s spring! And if your weather doesn’t say so then at least your wardrobe should. We are talking alllll the florals today. They’re taking spring by storm and marching straight toward summer. My favorite florals from around the web below… (more…)

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