• Look For Less: Spring Whites

    By fashion editor Ashley

    look for less

    It seems like neutrals are the new black… and I’m ok with that! They have a way of making a statement in their own subtle way, plus they are classy and timeless. This neutral look is perfect for spring. Plus! It’s easy to recreate on your own budget.

    The Look by J.Crew

    For Less: Blazer | Tank | Jeans | Panama Hat | Pumps

  • Baby Shower Idea: DIY Bleach Pen Onesies


    I love the idea of creating something special for the new baby as part of a shower activity. When my friends threw me a baby shower for Edie this summer they sent all the invitees a swaddle blanket to decorate. Everyone showed up for the shower with dyed, trimmed, screen printed, stamped personalized blankets. It was such a sweet and thoughtful surprise (and useful!). Every time I use the blanket I think of that person that made it. bleachpentee5

    Along those same lines, these bleach pen onesies would be a lovely idea as well. You can either package up plain onesies in the mail with the invitation for people to bring decorated to the shower with a name, phrase, design, or you can have decorate them at the party. It’s fun to see what all your creative friends will come up with!bleach pen onesies baby shower

    The main problems we ran into were writing on stretchy jersey fabric, and a too-wide tip. See our easy solutions (and more Edie deliciousness) after the jump!

    PS Other bleach projects of mine: tie-dye bleach swaddle and printed spring napkins

    Photography and styling by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers


  • Chairish

    This post is sponsored by Chairish. Now you can buy and sell gently used home furnishings using their easy to use Charish app.

    We are in the process of redecorating our living room and I wish I had heard about this site, Chairish, earlier. Have you heard of it? It’s an online store where you can sell your gently used, high quality home furnishings. You set the price, Charish approves, and when it sells they arrange pickup and delivery of larger items (how nice is that!), or you can drop off smaller ones to be packed and shipped at UPS. It’s like a well edited, prettier, easier to use version of Craigslist!


    One thing I love:   The Chairish app makes is really easy to list an item in three steps. Snap a photo with your phone, name a price, wait for it to get approved and then collect from the sale.  I used the app to list this gorgeous painting I bought from a Paris flea market, you can find my listing right here.

    sweeps collage (1)

    Here’s something fun, Chairish is giving away this designer room above (it’s worth $5k). To enter,  you just need to download the Chairish app,  create an account and you’re automatically entered to win. Easy! I’m in love with those floral wall hangings.  Contest ends on 2/28 (this friday).

    Keep reading to see some of my favorite picks I’m eyeing listed on Chairish right now…


  • 3 No-Knead Crusty Bread Recipes

    By food contributor Brittany

    crusty bread recipes

    There are very few things better than a freshly baked loaf of bread. This recipe is the easiest, and believe me I’ve had my fair share of bread making, the easiest bread to make.  I decided to twist things up a bit and make 3 different loaves based on the same recipe.  I decided to go with Cheddar Dill, perfect for sandwiches, Cinnamon Raisin, delicious for breakfast, and the traditional and always my favorite Crusty White bread that goes hand in hand with creamy butter and drizzled honey. All this requires is a Dutch oven or an oven safe bowl with a lid.

     no knead bread recipes
    Keep reading for the recipe… (more…)
  • Weekend Roundup


    I found this image of my workroom earlier this week and the ridiculousness of it made me laugh. Shooting in a room that’s half nursery/half workroom is kind of reflective of this whole blogging gig in general. Sometimes I’m not sure where the boundaries are between my life and my job. It’s all kind of mixed and twisted, mangled together in a hot mess! Although, it’s a hot mess I like waking up to most days and enjoy sharing it with all with you!  I’ve been stepping back lately, trying to view this site with fresh eyes and am thinking a lot about making a few tweaks and re-organizing content around here that I’m excited about. Something about coming out of the newborn daze has ignited something in me and I’m geared up and ready to go! Somewhere! Still working on the details exactly! Meanwhile, here are some links to check out:

    Have you heard of Raddish boxes? A really easy way to cook and craft with your kids

    The happiest (what is it about watching people dance their hearts out?)

    3 tips to make your small living space seem big

    5 favorite abstract artists (I’d have to add Deborah Barlow and Michelle Armas to that list too)

    Always love how refreshing Sharon’s writing is (we all have those kind of days!)

    A favorite backpack I could wear every day

    14 ideas for a great weekday lunch

    This pretty dress gets me excited for summer

    My advice for new moms over at Small Fry

    Turn your photos into watercolor?

    Pretty Guatemalan clutch

    A DIY Washi tape stool

    Always on the lookout for pretty and simple rings

  • 10 Fab Finds Under $40


    Black, white, and gray in an oversized fit are slowly taking over my closet as of late. Spring might push me into some florals or pastels but I’m right now I’m digging the neutrals with small bits of color in accessories. See more deals we’ve found this week on our fab finds pinterest page.

    Black strappy sandals $39.99/Zippered print pouch $12.50/Slim fit destroyed jeans $24.95/Linen baseball tee $18/Sunglasses $13.99/Black jumpsuit $29.99 (love this)/Velour dress $29.90/White sandals $27.99 (great deal!)/Black cable sweater $32.79/Chambray baseball hat $29.50

    In collaboration with Madeline and fashion editor Ashley

  • Perfect Whole Wheat Pancakes

    homemade whole wheat pancake recipe

    I really really want to love whole wheat because I know it’s so much better for you, but most of the time whole wheat recipes just don’t compare to their white flour alternative. Well. With the exception of these perfect whole wheat pancakes! They are better than white flour pancakes, and they exclusively use whole wheat flour. None of this half and half noncommittal nonsense. You’ll have to try them to see for yourself. This recipe comes from my sister Celeste and I prefer them over almost any other pancake I’ve had.

    whole wheat pancakes recipe

    Keep reading for the yummy recipe…

    Photography and styling by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers


  • DIY Standing Hat Rack

    By craft contributor Caitlin

    diy hat rack

    It seems like Western New York isn’t the only place getting piles of snow this year. The rest of the states have been getting a surprising amount of snow and I’m sure the amount of wet hats, gloves, scarves, coats, and boots has been a shock to some of those lucky enough to usually avoid these snowy winters. This project is a great way to clean up and dry out those soggy gloves and hats strewn about! Plus it’s super easy and cheap!

    diy hat rack

    Keep reading for the instructions… (more…)

  • DIY Gold Leaf Pencils


    Gold leafing is so gorgeous. It’s easy to do and it makes everyday objects special, like these colored pencils. A set of these would make for such a nice gift, maybe for Mothers Day or a friend who loves to write, doodle, or draw.



    Keep reading to see our instructions…

    Photography and styling by Liz Stanley. Crafting and assisting by Sara Albers


  • Trend Crush: Spring Pastels

    By fashion editor Ashley



    This spring pastels are in! That means lavender, mint, peach, light blue, butter yellow… etc etc. They are fun to pair together or put with your favorite neutral staples…for example, this ice blue jacket goes great over a gray sweater and jeans (photo above). What do you think about pastels for this spring? Which pastel is your favorite?


    Click through for the links… (more…)


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