• 10 Fall Favorites under $40

    by fashion editor Ashley

    fall fashion favorites

    I love all the earth tones that seem to come out of the woodwork this time of year. Hooray for fall! Happy Shopping!

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  • A Dinner Rut

    blue apron meals

    Jared and I have both been super busy lately with work and I’ve found myself making the same meals over and over. Having a collection of easy, simple meals are wonderful, but it gets boring to me. Do you ever get in a dinner rut? I’m a true creature of habit, but when it comes to cooking I really thrive on trying new things. The problem is, it does take time to research, shop, and prep for a new meal. I teamed up with Blue Apron to add some new recipes into the mix each week in an attempt to get out of our dinner rut. I didn’t have to do research or zoom into the blurry phone picture from the magazine I saw in the doctor’s office. I just had the fresh ingredients and directions shipped directly to our door.

    blue apron meals

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    Photography and styling by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers


  • After School Kid Crafts: How to Make Milk Art

    diy milk art

    After a snack and homework, Henry loves doing art projects after school. It’s good timing since Edie is often down for her afternoon nap and we have a little one on one time together. I usually get him started on a project on the kitchen table and then try to squeeze in some dinner prep while he finishes it up. We’ll be sharing a few of these easy projects and activities on Say Yes as a new series focused on after school kids crafts (which will become holiday kids crafts soon enough!). The first one today is this fun milk art. His friend Viv was over as well for a playdate so she was able to join in on the milky, swirly, colorful fun.

    how to make milk art

    how to make milk art

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    Photography by Liz Stanley

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  • Look for Less

    by fashion editor Ashley


    A few weeks ago I did a more casual look for less featuring sweats. I love this look because it’s fun to see how easy it actually is to dress sweats up. Pick a top that is made of a dressier fabric like silk, and add a simple necklace and some pumps and you’ve got it! Even her hair style is simple here. A great look for fall! Do you like to dress your sweats up or down?

    The Look: J.Crew
    For Less: blouse | necklace | pants | pumps

  • Apple Fritter Bites

    By food contributor Brittany

    apple fritter bites

    September is here and in my mind I instantly think about apples and baking.  You might remember these apple cider donuts from last year that I made, and I wanted to go in that same route but with something a little simpler.  If you’re feeling like donuts but don’t feel like doing all the work, fritters are the way to go! This recipe requires little effort and you can whip these up in 30 minutes with prep time.  Perfect for a yummy breakfast or an sweet afternoon snack.
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  • Making Personalized School Labels + Book Bag

    Makr school labels

    There are so many more things to keep track of for a little one starting school. Things get forgotten, left behind, and end up in the lost and found all the time. Today I teamed up with Makr to make some personalized labels for Henry’s back to school supplies and a personalized tote to carry library books in (he’ll tell you that ‘library’ is his favorite subject at school). Makr just launched an iPhone app in addition to their iPad version so you can design and create things like tees, totes, tattoos directly from your phone.


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    Photography and styling by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers


  • Weekend Roundup

    apple cookies
    It’s good to be back after a long weekend. I’m mourning our last taste of summer, but maybe more excited about what’s coming up. Happy to see September here! I love this time of year. Lots of fun projects in the works! One thing I’ve been happy about is that my workspace is coming together, which feels so great. I have a place to display all my styling props and a pretty corner desk space. We also have a large table for my project assistant Sara and (soon to be) holiday intern to work together on. I’ll have to share a full tour sometime soon. Yeah for an inspiring place to work! Hope you’re up to something fun (like maybe one last ride on the giant swings or some back to school apple cookies we made last year?), here are some links to explore:

    Adorable DIY alphabet magnets

    Found the perfect jumpsuit

    Proof that diaper bags don’t have to be an eye sore

    The prettiest new blue wallet of mine

    Definitely into this fall trend!

    Love the industrial look of this DIY wire hamper

    An obsession with pretty floors

    Peaches are the farm stand star right now. Made this peach cobbler last night: to die for!

    Next time, I need to try these grilled peaches

    A collection of the funniest comments from recipe blogs. Hilarious!

    What a great fall coat!

    Great post on making an art gallery wall at home

    An app that wakes you up with a call from a stranger?!?

    The sweetest baby bonnets in the best patterns

    A cute, prickly kids craft

    Suede boots I’m obsessed with

    Also,  designer hacks: slate message board and pom pom pillow

  • 10 Fall Favorites under $40

    by fashion editor Ashley

    fall favorites

    Doing this fab finds roundup actually made me giddy to get out and do some fall shopping! Earth tones, check! Sweaters, check! Boots, check! Happy shopping!

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  • Tree Swinging in the Redwood Grove


    One of our favorite things to do in the evening after dinner and before bedtime is tree swinging in the Redwood Grove in Golden Gate Park across from where we live. This started after Jared took some tree climbing lessons a couple years ago (he’s been rock climbing for a long time too) and has become a regular tradition with friends and family. We found a beautiful spot in the Redwood Grove over a small hill that’s been so perfect that we haven’t found the need to set it up anywhere else.treeswinging19

    treeswinging22It’s very portable, it’s all packed into a backpack for easy transport- we really could set it up anywhere! Often on camping trips and family road trips we take our tree climbing backpack along just in case we find a spot that’s perfect to set it up.  It’s a fun way to get Henry’s wiggles out before bed and is always exhilarating to watch. Sure beats the regular old playground structures. Every time we set it up it  draws a delighted crowd of all ages.


    Here are some photos of how we do it!

    Photography by Liz Stanley


  • A Registry List for Baby Number 2


    I remember distinctly a couple years ago sitting down and sorting through Henry’s old baby clothes trying to decide what was really special enough to keep with the little storage we had. This was done with the heavy realization that all of this keeping around might be for nothing, as we were at the height of our years of struggle with secondary infertility. I had bins and bins of clothes and baby gear from his infancy, but when sorting through them most were stained, too worn, or really out of date. It was tearful to go through all these clothes, bringing back sweet memories of our baby boy but also the painful reality that we might not be able to have another. I wasn’t able to let go of much at that time. Most went right back into the closet.

    Fast forward to a year or so later: Finally being pregnant again and having made it through the first and second trimester, I pulled those boxes out and approached it with a more pragmatic eye. Most of the clothes were either too masculine or too worn/stained. Most toys were either small and cheap or old enough that they were tossed. We still had some big pieces of gear like the breast pump, lounge seat, stroller, etc. Besides that though, I had a lot of shopping to do for baby number two…

    One of my very favorite photographers and a dear friend, Rachel Thurston, spent the good part of the day with us a few weeks back before she packed up her sweet LA based family and moved to Kauai. We just got the images back and I’m excited to share them with you bit by bit here on Say Yes. Above is one of my favorites. 


    This post is sponsored by Target. The adventure begins here: Discover all Target has to offer for your baby registry and throughout your motherhood journey.



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