• 10 Halloween Costumes for under $30

    By fashion editor Ashley

    halloween costumes under 30

    If you aren’t feeling up to DIYing this year’s Halloween costumes, here are 10 simple and cute costumes to buy under $30!

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  • Halloween Family Costumes: Gardeners and Garlic


    All week we’ve been sharing family of three Halloween costumes on Say Yes and today is another great one: Gardeners and baby garlic from the harvest. What I love about this is that the adult costumes are a cinch to put together and the baby costume can be any fruit, vegetable, plant you want. Babies dressed as fruit and vegetables are some of my favorite costumes and this is a great way to incorporate it all into a group!  You could easily add other kids or do this as a group of friends as well for a fruit basket. A bunch of grapes with mini purple balloons, a red tomato with a big puffy red suit, yellow dress with a green hat as a pineapple, banana-man. So many ideas to make this one work for whatever group you have.


    Thanks to our awesome team! Matt, Heather and baby May Mildenstein (aka, the cutest clove of garlic I’ve ever seen!) for modeling. Photography by Ashley Thalman. Styling by  Sarah Larsen and her assistant Stephanie Larsen. Produced by site manager Ashley Aikele with creative direction by myself, Liz Stanley.

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  • Three Transition Outfits


    A couple months ago I shared a favorite postpartum outfit and many of you were interested in seeing more. Today I’m sharing three more in collaboration with Le Tote, a subscription shopping service with unlimited totes full of clothing that come quickly to your door as often as you want.  Perfect for busy women who love to shop (and if you do, be sure to use the discount code SayYes to get 50% off your subscription).

    Since I can hardly count 11 months post-baby to be postpartum anymore,  I would consider these more postpartum transition outfits as I’m sloooowly squeezing myself back into my pre-baby clothes but I still am not comfortable in everything in my wardrobe. These three outfits are a few of my favorites styles to wear during this in-between transition time of postpartum.

    Keep reading to hear more about Le Tote and three favorite postpartum transition styles…

    Photography by Sara AlbersThanks to Le Tote for sponsoring this post. You can get 50% off the $49 subscription fee with this discount code: SayYes.


  • Halloween Family Costumes: The Royal Family


    Another family of three costume idea for you today: Will, Kate and baby Prince George! I love this one because it would be such a cinch to pull together and very current. Brushen up on your English accents and use this as an excuse to finally dress up baby in that one special but impractical vintage outfit you’ve been saving for forever.

    Keep reading for more details on The Royals costume (Let me be your ruler, you can call me Queen Bee…)

    Thank you to OUR royal family, Matt, Heather and baby May Mildenstein. Photography by Ashley Thalman. Styling by  Sarah Larsen and her assistant Stephanie Larsen. Produced by site manager Ashley Aikele with creative direction by myself, Liz Stanley.


  • DIY Spider Treat Bucket

    DIY halloween spider treat bucket
    I have another fun little video today! This time it’s a easy Halloween craft to create this totally creepy, spooky spider treat bucket for your festive Halloween table or for handing out candy to daring trick or treaters on the night of the 31st. Watch the short video below to see the whole tutorial and keep reading for more details on this project!

    Video by Jenner Brown. Graphics by Rebecca Ricks. Craft and concept by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers


  • Halloween Family Costumes: Alice in Wonderland


    Something fun this year! As an extension of our couples costumes Halloween series, this year we’re also sharing some ideas for family of three costumes. There is nothing cuter than dressing up a baby for Halloween, especially when it’s an excuse to dress up yourselves!

    First up are the classic characters from Alice in Wonderland: Alice, the White Rabbit and a fun sized Queen of Hearts (with a much more pleasant disposition and hopefully less tantrums). All of the ideas this week can easily be transitioned into a larger family group as well. For this Alice in Wonderland theme you could add on a Mad Hatter, Cheshire cat, and a couple kids dressed as oversized face cards. This doesn’t have to be for a family either, a group of friends could pull this off too!



    Keep reading to see more details on this family costume…

    Big thanks to our family models this year, Matt, Heather and baby May Mildenstein! They were such troopers (especially little May). Photography by Ashley Thalman. Styling by  Sarah Larsen and her assistant Stephanie Larsen. Produced by site manager Ashley Aikele with creative direction by myself, Liz Stanley.


  • Tuesday Tip: Fresh Bran Muffins

    bran muffins

    When I was just home from the hospital after having Edie a friend of mine dropped off some homemade bran muffin batter and told me, “You’ll get a lot of dinners these next few weeks but sometimes you just want a hot muffin to go with your weekday breakfast or lunch”. It was so genius! We kept the batter in the fridge for a while and my mother and I made fresh bran muffins for a few days in a row. Sometimes we added a few berries in too. I made some more batter a couple weeks later to keep the hot bran muffins coming! Also, here’s a favorite bran muffin recipe I like from Ina Garten.

    Photo by Liz Stanley. Find all Tuesday Tip posts right here

  • Adventures in Baby Wearing: Golden Gate Bridge

    This post is part of a series on Baby Wearing Adventures in and around San Francisco in collaboration with Ergobaby and Orbit. Find more of our adventures right here.


    Excited to share with you another adventure in baby wearing today. This time I’m walking with Edie across the Golden Gate Bridge for her very first time and we invited Jenner Brown to come along with us and document our trip in this little video below. The Golden Gate Bridge is only a couple minutes from our home so you’d think we’d be there all the time but it’s actually a rare occasion that we go (so funny how tourist spots tend to be that way for locals). In the 10 months Edie’s been with us we’d never taken her across! We lucked out with a gorgeous day and even saw some seals below the bridge. There were so many things for her to take in, she loved it.

    I hope you enjoy watching it:

    These posts are in collaboration with two of my favorite baby products (and they aren’t paying me to say that!): The ErgoBaby 360 four position carrier (we did the back carry this time and then switched to the front when she got sleepy) and the Orbit car seat which really is life changing how it swivels for such an easy in and out process. I’m a huge fan of both of these products. Check out the video above to see what I mean! 5



    Video by Jenner Brown. Graphics by Rebecca Ricks.  Big thanks to Ergobaby and Orbit for sponsoring this post. 

  • My Sister, My Sidekick: Amanda and Chelsea

    my sister my sidekick

    Today is the second feature in our new series My Sister My Sidekick, all about sisters and the special relationship they have.  The first post a couple weeks ago featured my own little sisters, Katrina and Becca, and I’m super excited about today’s twin sisters, Chelsea and Amanda James. I met these ladies years ago at a family camp when I was in college and they were in high school and I’ve been following their success every since and so excited to sit them down and drill them with questions! I doubt you could meet a more talented and beautiful duo. They’ve traveled all over the world and have the most amazing stories…how they switched places when they were little, married brothers, giving birth to twins in India!


    But first, some introductions…

    Photography by Utah based photographer Ashley Thalman for Say Yes. Produced by Ashley Aikele. Thank you Amanda and Chelsea for letting us put the spotlight on you!


  • Weekend Roundup


    All the Halloween costumes this week have really put me in the mood for fall like something fierce. Yesterday Henry and I were watching some Halloween videos on youtube and afterwards he said, “Mom, we really need to get started on Halloween projects like right now”. He spoke to my soul. I have a lot of fun Halloween projects to share in the next couple of weeks. Have anything fun up your sleeve for Halloween? Have a great one, see you next week!

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    Love the black on black with red kicks in the image above .

    So happy to see leather jackets are still in this fall (thank you for confirming, Madewell fall catalog cover)

    Super tempted to try this fall wardrobe challenge

    Smart + budget friendly craft idea using paint sticks 

    Super comfy sweater jacket for fall

    Such a pretty and functional purse (and work of art)

    These handmade pillow houses are so sweet

    Pretty fall garland

    My project assistant Sara of Alice and Lois has a really cute Halloween craft on her site this week

    I’ve heard good things about this mega last lipstick (and only $2!), curious to try it out

    A pair of medium wash, cropped levis are a wardrobe staple (and on sale!)

    Love maxis this time of year (like this cool black one) with a long cardigan

    This classic Halloween costume idea for siblings

    Cute DIY fruit loop Halloween glasses 

    My fall boot crush!


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