• A Winter Care Package for A New (Snowed In) Mom

    winter gifts for a new mom

    I know lots of expecting mothers right now so gifts for a new mom are on my mind. And not baby gifts for a new mom (they get piles of those), but actual gifts for the new mom herself. Crazy, I know. This time of year while much of the country is in chilly temperatures, I partnered with Skinfix at Target to put together some ideas on making a winter care package for a new mom who might be snowed in with that sweet newborn. Henry was born at the beginning of winter in snowy Salt Lake City, so I really began to appreciate the slow, cozy winter months much more with a sweet smelling newborn to cuddle with.

    Here are 9 favorite things to give to a new (snowed in) mom…

    Trusted for generations, Skinfix’s award-winning products ensure head to toe happy and moisturized skin. Available exclusively at Target.


  • Tuesday Tip: Podcasts for Kids


    Over the holidays when we were doing a lot of traveling and I was in serious Serial withdrawal, we started listening to a lot of podcasts with Henry on our drives. We started with Stuff You Should Know. It covered a wide range of topics (many science) that were interesting, gave great historical context, and explained in a clear way. From how ice cream is made, to all about rainbows, avalanches, and cinnamon. It’s great, I highly recommend it. I found though after a while that we were having to pause and explain a lot to Henry. This podcast was clearly written for adults and that’s when I started searching for podcasts that were created just for kids.

    I did a iTunes search and we found Brains On! , a science podcast that explores similar topics to the Stuff You Should Know podcast, but for a grade school aged audience. We’ve learned about digestion, roller coasters, fossils, monarch butterflies (fascinating), and planets. Now every time we get in the car Henry requests it.  It’s really entertaining for the whole family, although sometimes it’s a little silly and Jared and I roll our eyes but Henry loves it. I learn a ton too (like that interesting fact about children vs adult taste buds?).

    We’ve loved Brains On! so much that I haven’t explored other options but we’re running out of episodes quickly. Do you have any other podcasts for kids that you love and would recommend?


  • Raspberry Sherbet Float

    By food contributor Brittany

    valentines punch

    One of my family’s traditions for Valentine’s dinner is to make these fun pink raspberry sherbet floats, as a kid that was really all I looked forward to and making it now only brings back the sweet yummy memories.  It’s really simple and only takes two ingredients to make!

    Keep reading for the recipe…


  • Best of: Say Yes Valentine’s Day

    homemade marshmallow petit fours


    Valentine’s Day is almost here! Thought I’d collect a few favorite DIY Valentine projects from the archives today (like these super easy marshmallow petit fours). Making anything fun?

    Keep reading for more favorites…


  • Weekend Roundup

    Processed with VSCOcam with g1 preset

    It’s been a busy week here, my first week back at work 100% after taking a bit of a break and it’s felt really good so far. After we have dinner tonight (and wait for the traffic to die down), we’re headed up to Tahoe for the weekend. Fingers crossed the rain/snow forecast is mostly snow! Either way, I might end up reading books by the fire and head out for some skiing and ice skating on the river. Hope you’re up to something fun! Here are some links to explore:

    Gorgeous printable flower valentine cards 

    9 books for creative entrepreneurs

    This bread looks so savory and delicious. Might have to try making it

    Super cool Valentine’s Day gift for your man

    Great affordable art roundup for your empty walls (and this is a great abstract art roundup as well)

    Is it weird that I’m obsessed with this 20 year old NYC fashion blogger’s style? (image above)

    Such a great living room transformation

    DIY edible gold lipstick glasses. HOT!

    So excited for this book! Available for pre-sale now

    An interesting Serial Podcast theory I hadn’t heard!

    Huge crush on these black jeans

    I REALLY love this nursery of our hair contributor’s baby, Theo!

    Super cool way to use a vintage drawer

    OMG I think I found my perfect chair

    This recipe in on our menu this week (and I agree, great stripper name, Molly!)

    Great tip for avoiding small talk: ask for advice!

    This craft book is just fantastic: Make and Give. I really love every project

  • 10 Fab Finds Under $40

    By fashion editor Ashley

    10 FAB FINDS feb 2 2015

    This weeks top find is this awesome duffel coat that is nearly $100 off! Happy weekend, happy shopping!

    one: $36.01 / two: $39.99 / three: $39.95 / four: $39.99 / five: $29.50 / six: $39.99 / seven: $30.32 / eight: $39.95 / nine: $9.90 / ten: $39.80

  • 10 Cool Things to do with your Instagram Images

    what to do with instagram photos

    If you’re anything like me, instagram has become the first thing I check when I wake up and the last thing I check before going to bed. There are so many cute moments captured, it’s become a fun way to document our lives here in San Francisco and follow along on yours too! I hate the idea of those photos just staying put on my phone though, so today I’m working with Framebridge that specialize in custom framing to share 10 awesome things to do with those instagram photos (and a great discount for Say Yes readers to Framebridge). Keep reading to see all 10 ideas…

    Photography by Tara Rudolph. Styled by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers.


  • 10 Best Casual Dresses

    By fashion editor Ashley


    In honor of Liz’s no jeans challenge here is a round up of my favorite casual dresses from around the web! Are you taking up the challenge? So far I’ve been on a hike and to Costco in a dress. It’s been a fun way to break up the usual and mundane. If you want to follow along, Liz is posting some of her outfits on Instagram, like this black on black outfit that I’m still dying over.

    casual dresses2-02

    one / two / three (Boden-on sale and super nursing friendly!) / four / five / sixseven / eight / nine / ten /  (main image and two similar asymmetrical dresses in the main photo: one, two)

  • Tuesday Tip: Enamel for Kid Dinnerware


    I love the ease of plastic for kid dinnerware, but not a huge fan of how they look. The other day I was at West Elm and discovered their enamel cups and bowls were really lightweight, seemed pretty indestructible, and were on sale for $2-$5.  I’d bought vintage ones before for 3x that price! Now our kid shelf has a pile of them and I can throw those plastic ones out to goodwill. Hooray! Update: I don’t see the mugs anymore online but the bowls are still there, check the stores for the mugs!

    (image above from Etsy)

  • No Jeans Challenge


    I’m starting a fun challenge today that I also did a few years ago: I’m going to try and not wear jeans or casual pants for two weeks. It’s a challenge that forces me to step outside of my old reliable jeans + sweater routine and pull out the casual dresses and skirts in the back of my closet that don’t come into rotation too much. It also forces me to put a little more thought in my outfits each day and get dressed with purpose. One fun thing this time! I’ll be sharing some of my outfits  on instagram so you can see what I pull together each day (or at least 3 or 4 times a week). If you’re interested in joining in (even just for a few days), I’d love some company! Update: Outfit #1!


    (photo by Tara Rudolph for The Mother Mag feature)


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