• Perfect Polka Dot Easter Eggs

    how to make polka dot easter eggs on Say Yes

    Making polka dot eggs seems like the perfect spring activity, whether you celebrate Easter or not. You might remember my trick for making perfect polka dots from a couple weeks ago. I’ve used the same technique to make these pastel beauties.

    how to make polka dot easter eggs on Say Yes

    Keep reading to see how to do it yourself!

    Photography and styling by Liz Stanley


  • Look for Less: Classic Casual

    jcrew look for less

    It’s nice to know that there are classic pieces that carry through the years and seasons pretty well… and this outfit is full of them (Cargo jacket, white pants, striped top and sandals with heels). You can’t go wrong when mixing these classics together. Trade the heels for sneakers to make this the perfect run around outfit for spring.

    The Look: J.Crew
    For Less: jacket (my favorite and a steal for less than $40!) | top | pants | shoe

  • Casual Spring Dresses

    casual dresses for spring

    Last week on a warm day a friend of mine showed up to 8:30am drop off at Henry’s school in a very casual 3/4 sleeve dress just above the knee and a messy top knot bun. Maybe some light pink lip gloss and a little blush. Not too sexy or showy, but feminine, fun, and confident. I on the other hand was wearing leggings, a sweatshirt, and a baseball cap thrown over my dirty morning hair. It really didn’t take more effort for her to get dressed than I, but she looked so much more put together!

    Ever since (and even though the warm weather hasn’t returned yet) I’ve been on the search for a few casual, easy, everyday dresses to add to my wardrobe and I quickly realized why I don’t have many: they are really hard to find for a few different reasons…


  • Easter Meringue Kisses

    By food contributor Brittany

    easter meringues

    For Easter each year I always make something fun and festive and this year I decided to find a simple recipe that can easily add some pretty color to the home.  I had to try out a few different recipes to find what worked out best for me,  I found that this recipe was the easiest and quickest way to make these.

    easter meringue

    Keep reading for the recipe… (more…)

  • Weekend Roundup


    Up to anything fun this weekend? I think we might head out on a camping trip tomorrow morning. It’ll be Edie’s first time, I hope it goes okay and that everyone gets some sleep. We just need to find a good spot! I haven’t been camping in a while (I think our last time was kayaking + camping here) so I’m excited about it! A couple camping posts from the past: camping food, and tips for backpacking with kids.

    Here are some links to explore:

    Something I think you’ll love! Creativebug is offering their terrific Creative Brand online course again with big shots like Lisa Congdon, Heather Ross, and Yellow Owl Workshop leading the discussion and covering everything from licensing to branding, work/life balance. Cool promo video right here.

    How cute is this DIY bunny ears twist wrap?

    This article about the trick to life is beautiful and so heartfelt (thanks Joanna)

    Love love this denim dress  (with the boots too!)

    This story has got me laughing out loud (and gagging!)

    Totally doable amazing kid rooms

    A post I wrote for Melissa and Doug about Edie and some favorite toys for her age

    Rootbeer shooters (floats have been my evening treat of choice these days)

    Aren’t these natural decorated eggs gorgeous?

    A handwoven picnic tote for your spring outings

    Perfect jeans for spring

    Jared and I both enjoyed watching the first episode of Silicon Valley (it’s on youtube!)


    4 easy ways to decorate for spring

    7 favorite Easter crafts from pinterest

    3 DIY rooms with stencils

    (image above)

  • 10 Fab Finds Under $40


    Straw hats and cut-offs, casual dresses and sock-less sneakers: yeah for spring! Here are 10 fab finds under $40 we’ve seen this week, what deals have you seen around? See more on our Fab Finds pinterest page

    1. Straw panama hat $24.00
    2. Rolled boyfriend shorts $19.99
    3. Striped dress $20.99
    4. Gingham button down $34.90
    5.Orange clutch $23.99
    6.Denim chucks $31.99
    7.Bike ride marbled sweater $34.99
    8.Short sleeve casual jersey dress $19.99
    9. Baseball sweater in stripe $29.50
    10.Pencil skirt in navy $33.90

    In collaboration with fashion editor Ashley

  • A Warm Afternoon at China Beach

    This post is in partnership with Adobe Revel. Revel let’s you collect memories, access them anywhere, and share creative expressions from your iPhone, iPad and computer. See our whole album of photos from this family adventure right here.


    The beaches here in San Francisco are stunning but don’t get visited as much since it’s rarely beach weather in this city. Earlier this week though it was crazy warm! It happens so rarely that when it does, everything stops and people flock to their favorite beach leaving their unfinished work, messy houses, and to do lists behind. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take our little Edie Jean to visit our favorite spot for her first time: China beach.


    China beach is one of our favorite beaches, even when it’s not warm. It’s only 5 minutes from our home and is kind of a secret. It’s rarely crowded and people often visit a much more popular and advertised beach next door, Baker. Although I have no idea why, China beach is much more beautiful! It has these amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, gorgeous rocks to climb on, and the waves are always small and easy to play in. That is, if you’re brave enough to handle the chilly water. This day it was so warm, Henry was practically swimming in it!

    china beach san francisco

    Keep reading for more photos, including Edie’s opinion of feeling the sand between her toes…

    Photos by Jared Stanley


  • 3 Easy Weeknight Meals: Part 1

    chicken gyros redipe

    Lately Jared and I both have been so crazy busy with work and adjusting to two kids that I’ve found myself struggling to get dinner on the table some days. Because of this, I’ve been drawn to easy, tried and true recipes we’ve loved for years (aaaaand the drawer of take out menus). These won’t be at all fancy and some are so simple it’s embarrassing, but I thought I’d share a few with you and hope you share a few with me too!

    In part 1 of this short series I’ll share recipes for these yummy chicken gyros above, sausage + broccoli pasta, and 2 ingredient chicken tacos (yup! counting the chicken!)…


  • How to Add Your Own Leather Sleeves

    how to add your own leather sleeves

    I love all the leather details on tees right now and have wanted to experiment with embellishing a tee for a while. My good friend Susan of Freshly Picked sent me a package of some leather scraps a couple years ago and I’ve been waiting for the perfect project to use this gold leather with. It’s so buttery and soft (just like the precious baby moccs she sells).

    how to add your own leather sleeves

    We thought about replacing various parts of the tee with this amazing leather: the shoulder (stressed us out thinking about removing so many important seams), the whole sleeve (too stiff), and the pocket (kinda overdone). We settled on replacing just a strip of the sleeve, leaving the natural edge of the leather at the bottom, with a nod to the tuxedo trend. Love how it turned out. It’s been so warm here the last few days. My assistant Sara and I were both commenting about how little short sleeved tees we have in our foggy San Francisco closets, here’s one I’ll want to wear on all sunny days from now on!

    Keep reading to see how we made it… (and our if we would do it again tips so you won’t want to throw your sewing machine out the window)

    Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted and modeling by Sara Albers


  • Spring Essentials Part 2

    By fashion editor Ashley



    It’s been so nice to see the weather slowly changing and spring start to creep in. Two prints that scream spring to me are floral and gingham. Perfect for those long awaited spring activities… picnics, farmers markets, walks, etc. Another combo I love for spring are white and navy. Navy is a staple in my wardrobe and goes well with so many colors. Did you see part 1 of our spring essentials? Or Liz’s 12 essentials for your wardrobe?

    clogs | shirtdress | skirt | top | bag | jacket (quilted trend crush!)| hat | pants | belt


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