• Weekend Roundup


    I’ve had fun reading all the advice you shared on my tips for plane travel with kids this week. You’re all so brilliant, I have a long list of ideas now! We have a busy weekend. I’m prepping for four video shoots next week (!!). One with Pottery Barn Kids and three with Cottonelle. Also, we also have some family in town and the boys are headed up to Tahoe for a quick ski trip. It’s going to be fun but packed! Here are some links to explore:

    I love this concept behind a husband and wife photography project called You and Me in Stereo. Very cool.

    I’ve been shopping a bunch this week for the video shoots and found so many awesome dresses at Urban Outfitters. I think I would live in this gorgeous maxi dress this summer (image above)

    These fruit kabobs are TOO cute

    Woow this bathroom makeover is beautiful

    Would you join the waitlist for these jeans?

    Love this St. Patrick’s Day DIY clover crown

    I’ve been obsessed with this workout video lately (technically for postpartum but it is hard core!)

    I’m starting a cleanse this coming week with Reset Meals. Sounds amazing but wish me luck! Ever do one?

    I want to make these with Henry

    We just bought Edie this cute little bike and she loooves it (good looking too!)

    What you need to know about the changes in the pinterest feed, and how to fix them (plus a nice shout out to my feed!)

    This moroccan salad looks so colorful and yummy

    Really pretty DIY gold foil pillow

    Sewing tutorial for the perfect swing dress (love this!)

    My favorite feed for tomboy fashion

  • 10 Fab Finds under $40

    By fashion editor Ashley

    fab finds

    This weeks deal is this real leather purse for under $40! Score! Happy weekend! Happy shopping!

    one: $39.99 / two: $37.00 / three: $36.50 / four: $24.99 / five: $39.99 / six: $33.00 / seven: $27.99 / eight: $39.99 / nine: $17.99 / ten: $29.99

  • Look for Less

    By fashion editor Ashley

    march 15-01

    It seems that winter usually hangs on solid, darker colors but as soon as I see signs of patterns then I know spring is on its way. The easiest way to liven up your wardrobe for spring is to slip in some prints. Like this striped skirt paired with your winter sweater or a floral top paired with your jeans and knit cardigan.

    The Look: J.Crew

    For Less: skirt  (or this skirt) / top / shoes

  • Tuesday Tip: Super Easy DIY Banner

    DIY painted clothespins

    Just a simple, crafty tip for an easy 10 minute banner. Make a simple phrase with black watercolor on the back of old business cards. I know it doesn’t seem possible but the lettering looks even better if you kind of rush through it and get kind of sloppy. While they’re drying, color just the top half of clothespins with sharpies in rainbow colors (I always like the mini ones) and hang it up on some string. Together it took only about 20 minutes to make. Perfect to throw together when you really really meant to put up decorations earlier that day and the birthday boy or girl is on their way home from work or school! Eeek!

  • 20 Tips for Flying with Kids

    20 tips for flying with kids

    At the end of this month we are flying with Henry (age 7) and Edie (age 15 months) to Tokyo to visit my parents who are living there for a short time. They are living in the Hiroo neighborhood of Tokyo doing some law work for the Mormon church. Traveling on a long international flight with a 15 month old is not an idea situation but I’ve been getting lots of great advice from friends and family and you all, and thought I’d share a few of them with you today (and please feel free to chime in with your own advice, we’ll need it!)…


  • Weekend Roundup


    Hey friends! I’m hopping on a plane this morning to meet my three sisters for a special sister style shoot (remember that old series??). So excited but I’m heading to Utah so I need to pack my winter coats and hats and leave the light jackets behind. Jared will be holding down the fort here at home while I’m away this weekend. Have a lovely one!

    Beautiful and playful kid room (above)

    A good list of chic Ikea items you should know about

    The perfect casual white dress for spring

    LOVE this DIY gold four leaf clover garland

    Making raisins with your kids

    Obsessed with this red pantsuit from the Oscars

    Gorgeous DIY embroidered napkins

    Whoa, gold booties!

    Cute felt food patterns 

    J.Crew has 25% off all their closet musts. I love this quilted indigo bomber.

    15 Chinese New Year cleaning secrets

    This might just be the perfect hat, at the perfect price too

    I think it’s safe to say if I were going to be home this weekend I would definitely be making these brownies. You can borrow my kitchen Joy


  • 10 Fab Finds Under $40

    By fashion editor Ashley

    fab finds under $40

    I can feel a hint of spring in today’s round up. Lighter colors, lighter fabrics. Bring it on! Happy Shopping!

    one: $50 + 40% off / two: $59.99 + 40% off / three: $39.99 + 40% off / four: $54.99 + 40% off / five: $39 / six: $34 / seven: $59.99 + 40% off/ eight: $59.99 + 40% off / nine: $59.99 + 40% off / ten: $59.99 + 40% off

  • 10 Tips for Postpartum and Nursing Friendly Outfits

    postpartum fashion tips

    Now that Edie’s 15 months old and no longer nursing, we are officially done with postpartum and nursing fashion. I wrote about a favorite postpartum outfit before, but thought I’d go more in-depth into some tips I’ve learned over the past 15 months of postpartum and nursing friendly clothing ideas.

    I’m partnering with Lou & Grey today to share 10 tips that I wish I had known the first time around about dressing that post-baby bod and nursing friendly clothing…


  • Three ways to wear a flannel shirt

    By fashion editor Ashley

    how to wear flannel-03

    A few weeks ago I posted about my favorite winter essentials and I wanted to expand on one of those pieces, the flannel shirt! I love a good flannel shirt. Sometimes I forget how versatile they are!

    Keep reading for three ways to wear your flannel shirt and 10 flannels under $40… (more…)

  • Mandarin Chocolate Cakes

    cake baked in an mandarin
    A bag of mandarins is a traditional gift for Chinese New Year, which is widely celebrated in our neighborhood. They’re so pretty and delicious, I thought it might be fun to bake small cakes in them. Chocolate of course, because chocolate and orange are one of my favorite flavor combinations.

    cake baked in a mandarin

    It’s actually pretty amazing how moist the cake becomes baked in a juicy mandarin. These are super delicious and a perfect little treat for company, or a special after school snack. Keep reading to see how we made them…



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