• Edie Jean’s 20 Month Update: 12 Things I Don’t Want to Forget

    munchkin baby

    This baby girl will be 20 months in just a few days. What??? I just looked back at her 12 month update and can’t believe how much has changed in the last few months and how quickly she’s becoming a little spunky toddler. If you’d like to see, here are 12 things I don’t want to forget about our Edie Jean at 20 months…

    munchkin baby


  • Creamsicle Ice Cream Pie Popsicles

    creamsicle pie popsicles

    The strawberry ice cream pie popsicles were such a big hit that I had to make another variety. This time, it’s creamsicle pie popsicles!  I have to say, these turned out really delicious. They were manhandled when I styled them (as all styled food is) but despite that we’ve been devouring them all week.

    creamsicle pie popsicles

    More instructions on making them after the jump!


  • Weekend Roundup


    I was supposed to be flying out of town to throw one of my best friends a baby shower but she ended up having the baby 7 weeks early a couple days ago because of severe preeclampsia, which was pretty scary! I’ve been following closely on a group girlfriends text and can’t stop staring at pictures of this 3.8lb little girl. So, plans have changed and I’m staying home. We have family in town for the Bright Lab Lights Pop Up party here in San Francisco. If you’re around, come! I’ll be there with the whole family! I think we might try to see a ballgame too, maybe hit a pool up in Marin. Have a great one! Here are some links to explore:

    This is a cool DIY bag

    How to make slime (great for entertaining kids this summer!)

    Woah. These ice cream sandwiches

    30 books to read this summer- for your kids and yourself

    The right way to wear a maxi dress

    Oh my goodness, heated outdoor furniture (and gorgeous too)

    Such a great office bag I’ve been eyeing

    Huge crush on hand loomed these blankets

    A gorgeous DIY faux marble clock

    Simple, pretty bangles for summer

    Would you paint your floors blue-grey??

    Making natural confetti– so gorgeous!

    Donut popsicles??

    (image above via Bright Lab Lights)

  • 10 Fab Find under $40

    By fashion editor Ashley

    fourth of july clothes

    Do you know what you are wearing on the fourth of July this year? Here’s a little help, all under $40! Happy weekend, happy shopping!

    one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten

  • Fourth of July Cheese Platter

    4th of july food

    Flag cakes are our go-to Fourth of July dessert. I thought it might be fun to switch it up a bit and make a healthier version of one that’s just as good looking and better for you. Although chances are I won’t stay away from the flag cake either, I’d probably just eat both!


    Keep reading to see more about putting together this Fourth of July cheese plate with Blue Diamond Almonds


  • DIY Easy Summer Straw Necklace


    Another fun straw necklace project today! I think I’m on to something here. This time we’re cutting up some pretty pastel straws to make a summer necklace. A great busy activity to do with kids during the summer. Then, layer them on in the evening for a summer party.

    straw necklace

    Keep reading to see more photos and instructions…


  • What to wear on the Fourth of July

    By fashion editor Ashley

    what to wear on the 4th of july

    I don’t know about you but we spend our Fourth of July’s outside, all day, in the hot hot sun. I’ve made a round up of what you can wear to help you stay cool and stylish at the same time. Here is the best way to beat the heat on the fourth!

    Dress: Forgo the shorts and wear a skirt or dress. You’ll stay cooler and more comfortable for the long haul.

    Hat: Wear a straw hat that breaths and will give you some shade from the relentless sunshine.

    Tote: Since you’ll most likely be out and about all day, bring a big tote that you can keep extra water, sunscreen, snacks etc in.

    Sandals: Wear a comfortable sandal so that your feet can breath and stay happy. Bonus points if you can slip your shoes off and on easily.

    Scarf: Pack a scarf or light jacket for when the sun goes down. Or to drape over your knees after they’ve been in the sun a few hours.

    Sunglasses: Trade your old pair of glasses for something new and trendy. This can be an easy (and cheap) way to update your fourth of July look and keep the sun out of your eyes.

  • DIY Fourth of July Straw Necklaces

    fourth of july necklaces

    This is a simple project you can work on with your kids next week for Fourth of July (loooove busy kid projects during the summer!). All you need are paper straws, some scissors and string to put these patriotic necklaces together. Try making different lengths, patterns and wearing a few at a time. Guys. Maybe we can start a straw necklace trend! Let’s do it!

    fourth of july necklaces

    Keep reading to see how we made them…


  • 10 Expert Tips for Summer Skin Protection

    summer skincare tips expert

    The first week of summer vacation Henry got two sunburns and I had one of those OMG I’m the worst parent in the world moments. Somehow at the beginning of the summer it always takes me a few days to get in the habit of throwing the sunscreen in the bag and remembering to lather him up before he jumps into the pool; while Edie sticks closer beside me so she’s a little easier to wrangle. Whatever my excuses are, I can use all the reminders I can get to take care of our skin in the summer. So, today I’m partnering with a brilliant dermatologist app called Spruce Health to share 10 expert summer skincare tips from one of their certified dermatologist.

    Keep reading for more about the app and all ten tips, including a trick for making sunscreen more enjoyable to put on kids and why you should apply it like frosting?!?…


  • Secrets of a Stylish Mom: Alexandra

    stylish mom
    Excited to feature the elegant mother of two, former lawyer, and style blogger Alexandra Singer for today’s stylish mom. Alexandra blogs at In Jackie’s Shoes about all things fashion and has an iconic, fun, sense of style (I mean, check out this dress she just got). A former east coast resident, Alexandra now lives in San Francisco with her husband and two children.
    Produced by Ashley Aikele. Photography by Megan Tsang.
    Keep reading for what Alexandra’s tips and what she splurges on…


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