• DIY Gift Box with Printable Mother’s Day Tag

    By DIY contributor Alyson of  Bash Studio

    Gift Box DIY 4

    If you’re anything like me, sometimes you drop the ball on holidays not because you don’t care, but because your memory isn’t stellar. Well, there is a solution! Gift boxes are a great option to gift something handmade and in a simple yet thoughtful way last minute. I never know what to get my mom so throwing some of her favorite things into one box works on so many levels. I try to include a little bit of everything – candy, beauty products, something random and fun she’ll like. This gift box is something that requires zero cutting, minus the chipboard, and can be made in minutes.
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  • Easy Blanket Fort

    birch lane kids

    A couple weeks ago Henry’s cousins came out to visit for spring break. Every night they had a sleepover down in our family room watching movies, having pillow fights, and eating snacks. Kid heaven! When his cousins left Henry said, “Life is boring without Gigi and Augie”. And I had to agree, regular life is not nearly as fun without those two cuties. One day we built a fort with only string and a few blankets and pillows in partnership with Birch Lane and their new kids line of bedding, rugs, furniture, and other accessories for kids 3-8. The line is an updated take on traditional kid styles, includes more than 600 new items (!) with great price points.

    birch lane kids

    Here are a few photos of how we put our fort together…


  • 10 Handmade mothers day gift ideas

    handmade mothers day gift ideas

    Mother’s Day is just a week and a half away and if anyone appreciates homemade gifts it’s moms! I thought I’d share a few favorite DIY gift ideas from the Say Yes archives. Which is your favorite?

    This DIY fruit and veggie printed tea towel is stamped with fingerling potatoes and colorful craft paint (above)free funny printable mothers day cards

    For your cool, hip, baby making mom. Free printable for clever cards she’ll love.

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  • Look for Less

    By Ashley Aikele

    look for less

    Sometimes neutrals can feel a little boring but I love that this look feels warm and fresh with its different patterns and textures woven in. If it’s not warm enough for shorts yet swap them out for some distressed jeans or some cropped brown trousers.

    The Look: Madewell
    For Less: sweater / top / shoes / shorts / bag


  • Money and Saving: Five Lessons Learned


    This post was sponsored by State Farm®. For more information on the best financial services for your family, please visit or call a State Farm agent.

    As I mentioned before, I’ve been working with State Farm on a few posts about saving and planning for your kids’ college. It’s been a really eye opening experience for me for a number of reasons. Here are five things I’ve learned along the way…


  • Fresh Carrot Ginger Smoothie + Cough Soothing Tips

    carrot ginger smoothie

    A couple weeks ago I had a cough that seemed to last forever. I had an irritated throat long before and after it had run its course on other family members. Part of it may have been that I was pregnant and probably not eating as well as I should. It’s just so hard to get down all those good veggies and vitamins in sometimes. That’s why I’m a huge fan of smoothies! And this recipe I found is killer. It’s packed full of immune boosting ingredients including fresh carrot juice and ginger.  The result is a beautiful orange color with a delicious combination of healthy flavors.

    carrot ginger smoothie

    We’ve partnered with Zarbees and their 99% Honey Cough Soothers for this post.  Keep reading for the recipe and a few other tips to soothe that irritated throat from members of our Say Yes team…


  • Sleepover Party


    I’m excited to share with you this fun sleepover party video we made. Check it out below! I talk about the adjustment this move has been and some fun shots of how we prep before and after the sleepover. Plus a whole bunch of pillow fights fueled by copious amounts of popcorn + sugar.

    We did some sanitizing cleanup before and after with Lysol Max Cover for Soft Surfaces. Before, since our blankets and pillows have been stuck in boxes for a few weeks, and after because although a sleepover brings a lot of fun to the house, it can also bring a lot of bacteria! Its wide nozzle helps in quickly covering your big soft surfaces, killing 99.9% of bacteria (when used as directed) and leaving behind a nice fresh scent.


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  • The After School Snack Smorgasbord


    Henry’s favorite after school snack is what we call a smorgasbord. It’s easy to put together, fun to eat, and great for picky kids because there’s a little bit of everything. Also, I always have this song in my head when I’m preparing it.


    Here’s how we put ours together in partnership with CVS’s Gold Emblem and Gold Emblem Abound snack lines…


  • Welcoming Dottie May!


    She’s here!! Wanted to pop in quick to let you know the exciting news. Dot or Dottie May arrived Sunday morning, 2 weeks early after a quick 2.5 hours of labor (woowee!) and another successful vbac. I was scheduled to be induced the next day for a liver issue called cholestasis, so it was a happy early arrival. We’ve all been on cloud 9, especially her adoring older siblings.


    For the next few weeks I’ll be on maternity leave snuggling this little Baby Dot but we have some great content scheduled and some fantastic guest posts as well. Keep reading for a few more photos, I’ll continue posting on instagram as well if you want to see more day to day life with a newborn. Hip hip hooray!


  • Home Decorating Inspiration

    leather chair

    It’s been fun doing some decorating in our new house and I’m excited to share some of the inspiration ideas and a roundup of pieces we’re eyeing for our new home today in partnership with Wayfair. I’ve been itching to redecorate for years now so it’s been really satisfying to freshen up some of the furniture and get some new decor for our new space. Here are a few ideas for our new living room, dining room, and family room. Plus stay tuned for some final images in a month or so!

    (top image above


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