• My sister, My sidekick

    my sister my sidekick-01
    Happy September!  I thought it would be fun to celebrate sister relationships with a new series here interviewing some close sisters and find out what they love about each other, hear their favorite memories (and fights!) growing up and how their relationship has changed over time with boys, careers, moves, self discovery, kids, etc. All that good life stuff that changes you for good.
    To kick things off I thought we’d start with two of my sweet sisters: Becca and Katrina. These two at the caboose were always the closest. I’ve always admired their relationship and am excited to give you a peek into it today.
    First, some quick intros:
    This is Becca. She’s the older by two years and has so many interests I can’t even keep track of them. She’s a talented illustrator, an avid reader, runner/biker/climber and has a keen interest in international issues from her majors of Middle Eastern studies, Arabic, and her time living in Egypt. She drew and painted the logo you see for Say Yes and has worked on a bunch of illustration projects here as well. She’s one of the most well read, well rounded, and kindest people I know.
    This is Trina. She lived with us two summers ago and Henry still talks about her all the time.  She has this crazy magnetic, warm, fun loving personality alongside a deep artistic and musical side. She’s a talented graphic designer starting a competitive MFA program this fall. When she’s not studying, she works at a fine art museum by day and sings in not one but two punk bands at night (Baby Ghosts and Bat Manors). She and her husband Quinn recently built this little old amazing treehouse in their yard.


    Keep reading to find out how they’d describe each other’s style, favorite childhood memories, what they fight about, and much more…


    PS My three sisters and I used to have an ongoing fashion series here called Sister Style, if you remember. Also, here’s one of my favorite pictures of my three sisters and I when we vacationed in North Carolina together last year.


    Photography by Utah based photography Ashley Thalman for Say Yes. Thanks to Becca and Katrina for letting us follow them around and pepper them with fun questions.
  • 10 Fab Finds under $40

    by fashion editor Ashley

    aug fab finds 2

    Hooray for an EXTRA long weekend, am I right? If you don’t have any plans you might consider doing some shopping this weekend! A bunch of great sales going on for the holiday. Happy weekend and happy shopping! Ps. How awesome is that ‘Say Yes’ sweatshirt?

    keep reading for the links and some labor day sales… (more…)

  • The Ongoing After School Activity Dilemma


    With the new school year here I’ve been thinking a lot about after school activities and how to choose appropriate ones for Henry. He’s at an age where he’s interested in a lot of different things: animals, engineering, tennis, soccer, karate, art.  I want to let him explore all those options while the passion for learning and discovery is still there. Six is such a fun, exciting age!  I remember when Henry was 2 or 3 his doctor told us at that age to pick activities for our kids that are enjoyable for the parent, since it doesn’t really matter at 2 or 3 what kinds of things they do- music class, gymnastics, drawing class. It’s all just a way for them to learn how to interact with others and the world around them and get the parents out of the house so they don’t go nuts with a toddler.  Now though, as a 6 yr old there’s so much more to consider when choosing an after school activity…


    Images of Henry by Rachel Thurston 

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  • 10 favorite baby girl dresses for Edie


    I’ve struggled with finding simple baby dresses in classic patterns and natural fabrics for Edie. I was really excited for girls clothes but then once I started really paying attention to what was out there, I was kind of turned off by all the overly girly, overly styled options available. I want simplicity, quality, and classic styles but they feel so hard to find! So I’ve looked long and hard and found a few favorites, many from small companies that I wanted to share with you today.


    Keep reading for a few I love, I’d love to hear your favorite sources for classic + simple baby dresses as well!

    Thanks to my intern Jordan Wise for snapping these sweet photos of us. The dress in these images is from Smiling Button.


  • DIY Notebook Tea Cloths


    We’re having a great back to school themed week here! Monday we made a colorful family calendar, yesterday we organized our after school snacks into pretty jars and today we have this easy DIY notebook tea cloth, which would make a great teacher gift. If you remember, we’ve done a couple notebook themed projects before like the notebook lined tee and the notebook tote (another great teacher gift!).


    Keep reading to see how we made these notebook lined tea cloths…

    Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers


  • Look for Less

    by fashion editor Ashley

    look for less

    I’m loving J.Crew’s looks for fall. They have a very laid back vibe to them, AND sweaters! I was just talking to a friend about how we are excited to wear sweaters again. Bring on the cooler weather and fun fall clothes, right? This look is very simple and easy to recreate… gray sweat pants and sweaters can be found nearly everywhere and I found this hot red jacket for 50% off the original price. Pair it all with some white slip ons and you are good to go!

    The Look: J.Crew

    For Less: blazer | sweater | sweats | shoes

  • Healthy After School Snacks in Chalkboard Labeled Jars

    naturebox snacks

    With school now in full swing, Henry’s summer habit of snacking all day (I have no idea who he gets that from) has come to an end and we’re now back at the mercy of an 11am scheduled school lunch. Not surprisingly, by the time we pick him up he is starving! Instead of the usual back and forth about what to have after school, I partnered with NatureBox to provide a selection of healthy and interesting snacks in pretty chalkboard labeled jars just the right height for him to reach himself in the cupboard. I don’t have to worry about how much or what he’s eating, I know all of the choices in front of him are healthy and delicious.

    naturebox snacks



    Keep reading to see how we make them, more about NatureBox’s delicious subscription based service…

    Thanks to NatureBox for sponsoring this post. A great deal for you: Receive 50% off your first deluxe box with the code SAYYES.

    Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers


  • DIY Back to School Paint Chip Calendar

    paint chip calendar office depot

    Henry takes after me in that he likes having a schedule and knowing what’s coming up. As a back to school project I thought it would be fun to create a family calendar together that he can help decorate as our routine starts back up and our fall plans start solidifying.

    paint chip calendar office depot

    He has a wonderful teacher this year who focuses a lot on schedules and the class calendar (I’d recommend watching stories of inspiring teachers on Office Depot’s youtube channel too if you have a minute). Because of this, I thought a family calendar this would be a fun extension of what he was already doing in his classroom. Inspired by all the pretty sharpie colors and paint chips we rolled up our sleeves and got started…

    I received these products to help facilitate this review and was compensated by Office Depot for my time. Check out Office Depot for more info about #TeachersChangeLives and a discount on some of my favorite products I used in this post. 

    Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers


  • Peaches n’ Cream Bars

    By food contributor Brittany

    peaches and cream bars 3

    Peach season is in full blast right now and at this time of the year I always have bowls of ripe peaches ready to be eaten.  Instead of making a classic peach cobbler, I decided to give these peaches ‘n cream bars a try. It was a total success, and I think I found my new favorite summer dessert! (but seriously). This recipe is super easy and most likely you already have everything in your kitchen!


    keep reading for the recipe… (more…)

  • Weekend Roundup


    Up to anything fun this weekend? We are headed up to some hot springs in Sonoma with a few families tomorrow. There are pools and a big lawn and bbq pits. Edie and I are going to sit and chill in the warm water watching Henry practice his canon balls. A great way to say farewell to summer, don’t you think? Things have been busy around here. The fall is always an invigorating and exciting time for lifestyle sites, so much planning and projects in the works. Stay tuned! I’m excited to share them with you. Have a great one! Here are some links to explore:

    Perfect transition to fall cozy sweater

    What is it about Hats + Braids?  (image above) PS do you have a favorite hat?

    Chocolate dipped peanut butter cookies (yum!)

    Sailboats and cactus tees + shorts sets for kids

    Our favorite hippo night light is now on amazon

    Pretty star print napkins

    How to make your kids smarter, according to science

    Making your own giant art frames

    And I thought I was sick of striped dresses

    Why it’s so hard to remember names (and what to do about it)

    The most gorgeous patterns

    Maternity style at it’s best

    Yummy greek chicken souvlaki recipe (with fries inside!)

    One bazillion free back to school printables to look through

    This awesome dresser makeover floored me!



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