• A Wish for Others

    This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Capital One for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.


    This time of year with kids there’s so much excitement and tradition and yet so much focus on toys and gifts. Watching your kids scribble down plastic things they don’t need in a letter to Santa makes me cringe. Every year as part of our advent calendar we try to focus on doing some kind of service this time of year like volunteering at a soup kitchen, picking out toys for tots, and donating boxes of diapers to a homeless shelter. Growing up we used to do a secret santa to a family in need which was really fun but tricky to pull off. This year we’re thinking about his school and what they might need. Sometimes walking home from school Henry will tell me what things he wished his school had. One time it was an ice cream machine, another it was hot dogs every day for school lunch. Last week it was a ceramics studio.

    As part of the Capital One #WishforOthers campaign, I took a little video of Henry’s wish for his school if Santa could pay a visit them a visit this year…

    Through Capital One, you can share your Wish For Others with the hashtag #WishForOthers by Dec 23rd for a chance to make it come true. If you’re around this weekend, stop by a Capital One 360 cafe and visit the booth to submit your wish in person.


  • Black Friday Sales!

    By fashion editor Ashley


    It’s the Friday we’ve all been waiting for… BLACK FRIDAY! Here are some of the sales happening for the whole family at some of our favorite stores. HAPPY SHOPPING!


  • Happy Thanksgiving!


    Hope you have a wonderful day spent with family and friends and delicious eats. My sister Rebecca is flying in early this morning and then we’ll head to Jared’s sister, Gabrielle‘s to spent Thanksgiving with their family and Jordan’s. This weekend is my birthday so we’ll be heading up to Point Reyes, just overnight, for a little hiking, canoeing and a fancy dinner date with Jared. But first things first. Let’s go eat some turkey and pie! Above is one of the pies I made yesterday, a tart cherry. My favorite! Can’t wait to eat it this afternoon. Have a great Thanksgiving!

    xoxo, Liz and the Say Yes team

  • 15 gifts under $50 for your in-laws

    By fashion editor Ashley



    Need some ideas for your in-laws (or parents)? This guide should do the trick! My favorites are the fireplace popcorn popper and the fresh bay leaf wreath delivered right to their door (it doesn’t get easier than that)! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

    THEM / one / two / three / four / five   HER / six / seven / eight / nine / ten   HIM / eleven / twelve / thirteen / fourteen / fifteen

    ps. In case you missed it, 15 gifts under $50 for your man!

    And, shopable links for these gift guide items below:

    Gift guide logo by Rebecca Ricks 

  • Holiday Cards


    Are you sending out holiday cards this year? I wanted to share some Christmas cards we printed this year with Pear Tree. The family image was from a photoshoot we did with Rachel Thurston this summer. She took it right in front of a little Redwood Grove in Golden Gate Park that’s across the street from our home. If you’re looking to order cards, Pear Tree has a great deal going on right now. Spend $200 and get $80 off your order.

    More images of the cards and from our family shoot after the jump…


  • Look for Less

    By fashion editor Ashley

    look for less dress-01

    Two great dresses, two great options for less! Recreate your favorite holiday look without breaking the bank by going with a look-a-like option that costs less! You won’t always find the exact look so look for similar patterns, textures or details (like a leather panel) to get the best match.

    look one/ less one / look two / less two


  • Adventures with Baby: Stinson Beach

    Excited to share another film in our series of baby adventures with Orbit. This time we took a trip to a little famers market, then drove the gorgeous coastline up to Stinson Beach where we had a picnic, shared an ice cream cone, and chased waves as the sun set. Just baby and me.  I love how this one turned out, it might be my favorite.




    In case you missed them, last month we made a film of Edie’s  her first trip across the Golden Gate Bridge, and the month before we took a little day trip to the Redwood trees in Muir Woods. Find more Say Yes films right here.

    Thanks to Jenner of Luminex films for shooting the film and Rebecca Ricks for the graphics.

    Big thanks to Orbit for sponsoring this post. We are huge fans of their brilliant G3 infant car seats that swivel to get baby in and out so easily.  Find more of our baby adventures right here

  • Tuesday Tip: Abstract Art from Instagram Images


    I wanted to share with you this really cool project that Jared’s company has been working on. It’s called Metagramme and it merges instagram images into one abstract image result. You can create them using either usernames or specific hashtags like #sunset or #sadness. It takes the most recent images (either 36 or 64) that are tagged with a hashtag you choose and combines them into one image by averaging the colors. Cool, right?

    So that pretty purple one on the bottom right above? It took the last 64 images that were tagged with #jellyfish on instagram and merged them. Then you can share or even download. You can see lots of other examples people have made and try it out for yourself right here.



    The ones above are from the following instagram hashtags (in rainbow order): #neonpink/#pomegranates/#clementines/#yellowroses/#horseapple/#greengrass/#caribbeansea/#bluesky/#jellyfish.

    I’ve been playing around with it a lot and printed out a few images to hang above Edie’s crib since she managed to reach up and rip down the blown up photo of her and Henry we put up. We hung these pretty rainbow images way out of her reach this time.

  • Fizzy Drinks for the Holidays

    By food contributor Brittany

    holiday punch

    For Thanksgiving every year my family would have a festive punch or iced drink, and as a child I remember that being my favorite thing of Thanksgiving! This cranberry apple cider punch brings all flavors of fall into one drink and adds a pretty color to the Thanksgiving table.  Children will especially love it! And for the more simple palates I included a refreshing honey sage soda.

    drinks for the holidays

     keep reading for the recipe… (more…)
  • 6 Awesome + Free Things to do with Kids In San Francisco


    I get emails a lot from readers who are coming to visit San Francisco with their kids and are looking for suggestions of fun and free things to do with them while they’re here. I’ve talked about a few things here and there but thought it might be fun to compile everything together in one place. Also, I’d LOVE to hear your suggestions if you’re a local or if you stumbled upon something amazing to do with kids here while visiting.

    On our kid-friendly adventures around the city we’ll be reporting our experience using the app, Metromile. Have you heard of it? It’s a free app and device for your car that tracks your car’s health and stats like parking, fuel cost, MPG and street cleaning reminders. All free! They also offer pay-per- mile auto insurance which sounds pretty awesome.

    Here are our 6 free + favorite places to go with kids in San Francisco and a bit more about Metromile…



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