• Adventures with Baby: Stinson Beach

    Excited to share another film in our series of baby adventures with Orbit. This time we took a trip to a little famers market, then drove the gorgeous coastline up to Stinson Beach where we had a picnic, shared an ice cream cone, and chased waves as the sun set. Just baby and me.  I love how this one turned out, it might be my favorite.




    In case you missed them, last month we made a film of Edie’s  her first trip across the Golden Gate Bridge, and the month before we took a little day trip to the Redwood trees in Muir Woods. Find more Say Yes films right here.

    Thanks to Jenner of Luminex films for shooting the film and Rebecca Ricks for the graphics.

    Big thanks to Orbit for sponsoring this post. We are huge fans of their brilliant G3 infant car seats that swivel to get baby in and out so easily.  Find more of our baby adventures right here

  • Tuesday Tip: Abstract Art from Instagram Images


    I wanted to share with you this really cool project that Jared’s company has been working on. It’s called Metagramme and it merges instagram images into one abstract image result. You can create them using either usernames or specific hashtags like #sunset or #sadness. It takes the most recent images (either 36 or 64) that are tagged with a hashtag you choose and combines them into one image by averaging the colors. Cool, right?

    So that pretty purple one on the bottom right above? It took the last 64 images that were tagged with #jellyfish on instagram and merged them. Then you can share or even download. You can see lots of other examples people have made and try it out for yourself right here.



    The ones above are from the following instagram hashtags (in rainbow order): #neonpink/#pomegranates/#clementines/#yellowroses/#horseapple/#greengrass/#caribbeansea/#bluesky/#jellyfish.

    I’ve been playing around with it a lot and printed out a few images to hang above Edie’s crib since she managed to reach up and rip down the blown up photo of her and Henry we put up. We hung these pretty rainbow images way out of her reach this time.

  • Fizzy Drinks for the Holidays

    By food contributor Brittany

    holiday punch

    For Thanksgiving every year my family would have a festive punch or iced drink, and as a child I remember that being my favorite thing of Thanksgiving! This cranberry apple cider punch brings all flavors of fall into one drink and adds a pretty color to the Thanksgiving table.  Children will especially love it! And for the more simple palates I included a refreshing honey sage soda.

    drinks for the holidays

     keep reading for the recipe… (more…)
  • 6 Awesome + Free Things to do with Kids In San Francisco


    I get emails a lot from readers who are coming to visit San Francisco with their kids and are looking for suggestions of fun and free things to do with them while they’re here. I’ve talked about a few things here and there but thought it might be fun to compile everything together in one place. Also, I’d LOVE to hear your suggestions if you’re a local or if you stumbled upon something amazing to do with kids here while visiting.

    On our kid-friendly adventures around the city we’ll be reporting our experience using the app, Metromile. Have you heard of it? It’s a free app and device for your car that tracks your car’s health and stats like parking, fuel cost, MPG and street cleaning reminders. All free! They also offer pay-per- mile auto insurance which sounds pretty awesome.

    Here are our 6 free + favorite places to go with kids in San Francisco and a bit more about Metromile…


  • Kids Christmas Pajamas for under $40

    By fashion editor Ashley

    Growing up we always had the tradition of opening up Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve to wear to bed that night and on Christmas morning. I can’t wait to start this year with my daughter. Never to early to start looking for the perfect Christmas pajamas! Happy shopping!

    *Also! Something new and nifty, just click on the picture of the pajamas you want above and it will take you right to the page! You can also click through for the regular old reliable links! (more…)

  • DIY No Sew Kids Apron (from a $1 Dish Towel!)

    diy kids apron dish towel

    This DIY idea actually came as a necessity when we couldn’t find the right twill fabric to make a kids apron and I thought…hmmm…what if we use this $1 dish towel from IKEA instead. It’s the simplest project and I love how it turned out! No sewing. 3 steps. Takes less than 5 minutes to make. Perfect for holiday baking with the kiddos! I might make a whole bunch now for holiday gifts!

    Keep reading to see how…

    PS Hosting a big giveaway with Freshly Picked that ends at noon today! $200 in moccs and a $200 amazon gift card. For you and a friend! Enter here.


  • What to do with Outgrown Kid Clothes


    A few times a year I sort through bags of outgrown kids clothes that get stuffed in the kids closet. I always have such great intentions of organizing them but the closet seems like such an easy black hole of avoidance. Then, the day comes when nothing else can fit in there and then I have to pull everything out and figure out what things I want to keep, what things I want to give away, and what I should try to sell. The latter is always the most challenging. There’s a consignment store I go to occasionally but it’s a pain to drag everything down there, find parking and then sort through racks of clothes to buy with Edie crawling through everything. So, I was excited to try something new when I was contacted by Kidizen to check out their free app that makes buying and selling kid clothes super easy from your phone.

    So we gave it a shot…

    Thank you to Kidizen for sponsoring this post. Download the free app right here to buy and sell your gently used kid clothes. 


  • 15 gifts under $50 for your man

    By fashion contributor Ashley



    Graphic illustration by Liz’s sister, Becca Ricks.

    Thanksgiving is just around the corner which means Christmas will be here before you know it! Time to start making lists and checking them twice. One of the hardest people on my list to shop for is my husband! He dreams of motorcycles and big trips (things way out of our budget range). Here are 15 things under $50 for the man in your life!

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  • Look for Less

    By fashion editor Ashley.


    With the holiday season comes holiday parties, and with holiday parties comes the ever burning question….WHAT TO WEAR? I love a cute cocktail dress as much as the next girl but I find myself only wearing it once, maybe twice. I’m loving this look as an alternative because it’s so classy and chic and also practical! These pieces are easy wardrobe staples that you could wear over and over again after the party.

    The look: J.Crew
    For less: blazer | top | jeans | necklace | shoes

  • DIY Growth Chart

    DIY Ruler growth chart

    These kids are growing like weeds! Yesterday I posted an update on Edie as a 12 month old and can you believe how tall Henry is too? He’s just a couple weeks shy of his 7th birthday, which is totally nuts to me. I’ve always loved growth charts that looked like ginormous wooden rulers and thought I’d try my hand at making our own so we can track him and Edie’s speedy growth progress. We have another growth chart I made a long time ago that we’ll have to transfer Henry’s marks onto so they’re all in one place.


    With 8 grams of protein in every glass and 9 essential nutrients, milk is one of the best ways to keep kids growing healthy and strong. We are big milk drinkers at our home (Edie’s even starting to drink whole milk too) and I’m happy to be partnering with got milk? for this DIY growth chart project today.

    Here’s how we made it…

    This post is brought to you by got milk? Drink to a brighter future.



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