• 25 Best homemade donut recipes for National Donut Day


    One more week to National Donut Day! We’ve collected some donuts recipes that we’ve been salivating over if you’re up for trying the homemade route. Although Kristy Kreme will do just fine as well in pinch…


  • Strawberry Lemonade Baked Cake Donuts

    strawberry lemonade baked donuts

    Super important date to put on your calendar next week, guys. Friday, June 5th is National Donut Day! We’ve been salivating at all the homemade donut recipes online (stay tuned tomorrow for a roundup of our very favorites!) but they are all pretty complicated and I wanted to come up with a simple but still delicious version of a homemade donut.  I experimented and came up with this easy solution for delicious strawberry lemonade cake donuts…


  • Look for Less

    By fashion editor Ashley

    may 20 15-01

    Pattern mixing is a great way to expand your wardrobe. Try pairing stripes with florals like above, or stripe on ikat or even stripe on stripe. Mixing things up a bit will give you twice as many outfits and is a great look for spring a summer.

    The Look: J.Crew
    For Less: jacket / shirt / skirt

  • Picnic in the Presidio with Schoola

    picnic in the presidio with Schoola

    This past weekend we went to a big weekly food truck event here in San Francisco called Picnic in the Presidio. It’s on a giant lawn where you set up blankets, kick around a soccer ball, listen to live music, and gorge yourself on all kinds of delicious food. We rode our bikes there on Sunday afternoon for lunch in some clothing from Schoola, which is a fantastic online shop for used kids and women’s clothing in good condition that donates 40% of the proceeds to public schools. Plus, starting this week the entire site is 50% and free shipping over orders of $25 which is pretty amazing when the prices are already so great. Here are some photos of our day and a bit more about Schoola, a great way to declutter your house and donate to your school…


  • Secrets of Stylish Moms: Jessica

    stylishmoms jessica-01


    Today we have a good friend of mine from college, Jess, for our Secrets of Stylish Moms series! Jess and I were roommates our senior year. I’ll never forget the hip hop class we took together at the gym every week. As long as I watched her reflection in the mirror instead of my own, I was feeling amazing about my hip hop dance skills. She tore her old baggy 501 Levis into capris, I followed suit, and we wore them every week to class. She’s always had incredible style. Not only that- she’s a homeschooling mom to three little ones. So pretty much, she’s superwoman.

    Keep reading to hear her life changing motto and the yoga pants that have changed her life as a new mom…



  • Weekend Roundup


    Hey! It’s Memorial Day weekend. Any fun plans? We always kind of avoid traveling this weekend so we’re staying close to home but have some fun things in the works like a big cousin sleepover here, a graduation party, bikes rides in the park, and eating a ridiculous amount of strawberries (with this dip of course). Hope you’re up to something fun, have a great one!

    This week at work Ashley showed up wearing the cutest sandals from Target

    13 great pieces of advice on parenting

    What a perfect summer top, and this chambray one too!

    If guys vacationed like girls. Oh man, this is hilarious

    Have you ever cried in public?

    Amazing summer skirt

    Jordan’s 3 hour tour breakdown of San Francisco is a must read if you’re visiting with a car

    Perfect beach blankets 

    Love the idea of this hash recipe to clean out your fridge!

    An awesome before/after living room project

    Tulum is at the top of my family vacation list. Victoria did a great post about it

    DIY these semi precious stone soups (so pretty!)

    Lovely summer dress

    Sandal crush of the week: these beauties (image above as well)

    Awesome DIY no sew rope basket Sara made

    Love this midi wrap skirt (image above)

  • 10 fab finds under $40: Nordstrom Sale Edition

    By fashion editor Ashley

    may 22 2015

    It’s that time of year again, the Nordstrom half-yearly sale is happening now until May 31st! Here are some of my favorite finds under $40!

    one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten

  • DIY Slate Cheeseboard for $3

    DIY slate cheeseboard

    My favorite part of dinner parties may be the cheese plate. I have been known to lean heavily into it, sometimes spoiling my dinner altogether with it’s enticing mix of flavors and textures. Today I’m working with Blue Diamond Almonds to share this super easy DIY slate cheeseboard for your next dinner party that will only cost you $3 to make. I love slate cheeseboards because you can write exactly what’s being served directly on it so there’s no mystery flavor. Here’s how to make one…



  • A tip for easy packing

    By fashion editor Ashley
    what to pack to scandinavia

    My husband and I are leaving on a trip this weekend to Scandinavia, specifically Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. I’m so excited but of course the overwhelming question I’ve had over the last few months is… WHAT WILL I PACK?! I’ve come up with a simple tip to making packing easier as well as a round up of things I’m taking. I would also love any last minute advice on things we must do and see there if you have any! Thanks!

    keep reading for my simple trick and links to the roundup above… (more…)

  • Travel Photos to Home Decor

    shutterfly home decor

    Between instagram and my DSLR camera, there are thousands of photos that I want to save and remember from travel and family moments together here in San Francisco but most of them end up sitting in a hard drive somewhere. I love the idea of decorating your home with images and memories that are meaningful and personal. It’s also a great Father’s Day idea for a dad as well. Here are three ideas for how we did it, working with Shutterfly and their new home decor category for photo projects…

    This post is sponsored by Shutterfly. Awaken your space with your vision. Shop Shutterfly Home Décor for personalized home accents that are uniquely you.


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