• Simple Twist Hairdo in Three Easy Steps

    Photos and directions by beauty contributors Molly and Joanna of Irrelephant


    Today our beauty contributors are sharing an easy half up hairdo. It’s perfect for summer and a great option for that in-between stage of growing out your hair. This style goes well with any texture hair, although I love how it looks wavy like you’ve just arrived home from a day at the beach. Here’s how to do it yourself in 3 easy steps…


  • Learning Something New


    In the first few weeks with our new baby I’ve spent much of the day snuggling and nursing in bed.  When I had a bit of time for myself, one thing that was helpful in keeping my brain active and out of newborn fog was using Skillshare, an online learning community for creative skills. For only $10 a month you have access to thousands of video classes taught by experts on creative topics from calligraphy and photography to cooking, crafting and writing. Better yet, right now you can get 3 months for only $0.99. Rad! I signed up a couple years ago to take some photography classes and have been a fan ever since. This past week I took a couple cooking classes and the other Say Yes team members took photography, wordpress, and business. Here’s what we learned…


  • 10 Women’s Swimsuit Styles We’re Loving


    Swimsuit season is upon us (like it or not)! If you’re in the market for a new suit like I am, here are 10 swimsuit trends we’re loving and tons (40!) favorites we’re eyeing for hitting the waves or local pool this summer. Which style one is your favorite?


  • Weekend Roundup


    We just finished a family photoshoot here and I’m really excited about it! It was a little stressful as always to get ready but I think we got some great family shots and it only took 6 bribery dum dums to get through it. For real though, everyone did great! Luckily our weekend is pretty chill otherwise. We ordered pizza tonight and are watching Sandlot together. Most Friday and some Saturday nights we watch movies together as a family. I’ll have to do a post on some of our favorites. Tomorrow Jared and Henry are headed to Maker Faire which is always so much fun. Hope you have a great one! Here are some links to explore:

    Huge crush on this thrifted cookwear collection (image above)

    Amazing story about a 70 yr old woman that gave birth from an IVF (she even breastfed!)

    A pinterest DIY fail (funny to read!)

    Love these slip on summer sandals (love these and these as well!)

    How to make the perfect candy kabobs 

    Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer team up to talk about shopper shame, in an entertaining way of course!

    Great DIY for a natural room refresher

    I didn’t realize you could re-grow lettuce!

    Great post on maternity style (love the ankle flares she made!)

    The prettiest confetti cookies

    The Marimekko collection at Target is on sale and so good! Edie has gone through a growth spurt lately so I bought this swimsuit for her this summer on clearance.

    A great way to teach kids about body diversity, “We don’t judge a Labrador for not looking like a Greyhound”

    Cute watermelon napkins for summer parties

    Lots of cute sale items at Bitte Shop (love this sweatshirt and these tights)

    I think I’d wear these linen pants all summer long with this straw market bag 

    And lastly, this video is pure joy! I dare you to not laugh with her

  • DIY Cardboard Playhouse from a Box

    diy cardboard playhouse

    diy cardboard playhouse

    Moving and cardboard boxes go hand in hand. Both unpacking and online decorating bring a truck load of cardboard that never seems to fit in the recycling bin no matter how skilled you are with a box cutter. We moved from an apartment to a house with a lot more space so there are still a few rooms that feel sparsely decorated and could use a little temporary cheer. So today we’re embracing the growing cardboard box pile and using them to make a playhouse for the kids. It’s a fun project the whole family can get involved in, from painting and cutting to decorating and of course playing. Plus, it makes a new house feel more like home when you put a little DIY touch to it.

    This post brought to you by Progressive. See how much Progressive could save you when you bundle your policies.

    diy cardboard playhouse

    Keep reading for details of the process and tips for how we put our playhouse together together…


  • How to Keep Lettuce and Greens Fresh for Weeks

    keeping lettuce fresh

    I love getting fresh greens at the farmers market but they wilt so quickly. When my mother was here I noticed she had a special trick for keeping greens fresh that made then last for weeks in the fridge. It’s so simple but it works amazingly well.

    keeping lettuce fresh

    Here’s how to do it…


  • What to Buy at the Farmers Market Right Now

    ferry building farmers market

    We go to the farmers market every weekend as a family to stock up for the coming week of meals. This time of year it’s bursting with so many amazing fruits and vegetables, half of which might be unfamiliar so it’s fun to wander around and sample everything (and impossible to not get a baked sweet as well). We’ve been going regularly enough that we have a few favorite vendors: we know which one sells the sweetest strawberries, the juiciest oranges, which bread is best to freeze for toast, and where the most amazing cinnamon rolls are we can’t seem to avoid week after week. Even though it’s exciting to see all the tables piled up high with beautiful produce, it can be overwhelming deciding what to get. So today we’re teaming up with Zappos + Born’s stylish and amazingly comfortable sandals to share the scoop on what you should be buying right now at your local farmers market (and what to wear while your’e there!)…

    ferry building farmers market


  • What to Make for Dinner This Week

    Today we’re trying something new with a series called What to Make for Dinner. I’m always on the lookout for new family-friendly meals and asked Sarah Waldman to help pull some ideas for us: 


    As a mother of two, I know how overwhelming dinner time can be so today I’m sharing five delicious, simple, family friendly dinner ideas to help put a fresh spark into your meal planning routine. I hope this menu gets you and your family excited about cooking and eating together…


  • Lavender Blueberry Smoothie

    By guest food contributor Abbey of The Butter Half

    lavender blueberry smoothie

    This smoothie is what I like to call aromatherapy for the taste buds and stomach. It’s flavors are fresh and fruity, and it leaves you feeling full afterwards too when you need an extra boost to get you through the day.

    lavender blueberry smoothie

    Keep reading for the recipe…


  • DIY Batik Catchall Bowls

    By DIY contributor Alyson of  Bash Studio

    catchall bowls

    I don’t know about you, but it seems like I have a million little things all over my dresser and nightstand, especially earrings. To keep these trinkets somewhat organized and not lost on the floor, I decided DIY catchalls were in order. Instead of just painting the clay, I used a technique called batik. catchall bowls

    Here’s how to make them…


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