• Weekend Roundup


    Up to anything fun this weekend? We have a full house of guests, and with the warm weather we’re planning on hosting bbqs every night (and sneaking out for late night adult dinners). I hope the warm weather is here to stay as we jump into MAY this coming week. Hope you’re up to something fun, here are some links to explore:

    Bought one of these Gathre playmats have been using it constantly

    My friend Liz is featured on A Cup of Jo in her amazing week of outfits (seriously amazing)

    Curious about trying this bubble face mask (and this water bottle humidifier)

    So curious about this sriracha rainbow noodle salad recipe

    Cute bandana for summer

    Woah. Girl Scout cookies on Amazon?

    Tips for cooking perfect pasta

    So curious about this robotic crib!

    What actually happens to your body on a sugar detox

    Would you try goat yoga?!

    Saving my pennies for these chambray sailor pants

    Pretty dip dye placemats to make

    Cute shortie rainboots

    Great Saturday busy activity for kids

    Lastly, balancing friends and babies

    Edie and Dot and a peek at our white washed kitchen floors above from instagram

  • One Recipe, Two Lunches


    My kids eat over a dozen hardboiled eggs a week. For lunch, snack, breakfast, second breakfast, you name it. We’re egg people. Today I’m sharing a simple way to make one simple recipe, like hard boiled eggs, work for both an adult and a child’s lunch. I also like hard boiled eggs, but I love soy sauce eggs. Have you heard of them? Here’s how to make them and how we put together our adult and child lunches in partnership with Pure Growth Organic snacks that both adults and kids love…


  • Easy Princess Party Game


    Since Edie was a baby I’ve loved any kind of pin up games for birthday parties (here was the first one we did for Edie’s first birthday). We did another for her second birthday, and one for Dot’s first birthday last week. Today, we’re making a modern princess pin up game. There’s really no avoiding it, at some point your kids will be obsessed with princesses and want a princess party! It’s really simple to make, makes a nice party decoration, and is a classic party game we all love. Here’s how to do it…

    This post is in partnership with Dynacraft’s Disney Princess campaign. Make a 15 second video answering the question, “What does it mean to be a princess?” and you can enter to win the Disney Princess carriage. 


  • DIY Felted Pom Pom Mobile


    Today we’re sharing this super easy mobile for a baby’s room made with a felted pom pom garland and drift wood. It’s a really simple project and looks so modern and colorful in a baby’s nursery. We’re partnering with Etsy Studio for today’s post. Guys, I’m so excited about this! It’s a brand new market for craft supplies from our friends at Etsy. You can find unique craft supplies from sellers all around the world (yeeeees) and loads of inspiration to make your own projects.


    Today we’re using some Etsy Studio supplies to make this felted pom pom mobile. Here’s how to make it…


  • This trend will leave you in stitches, literally

    By Assistant Editor Ashley


    Have you seen this hot trend popping up? This spring and summer it’s all about embroidery. We’re seeing it on jackets, jeans, dresses, blouses, just about everywhere! If you’re feeling crafty, you could even embroider your own clothes (here’s an embroidery 101 to get you started).

    Keep reading to see all our favorite embroidery looks… (more…)

  • Visiting Sonoma Valley with Kids

    This post is sponsored by Airbnb

    Thanks to an ongoing partnership with Airbnb, last week during Henry’s spring break we escaped to Sonoma Valley for a family getaway. Bonus was that while we were away, our kitchen and studio were getting a little makeover. Wine country is not known for being an ideal destination for travel with kids, but we found so many fun things to do with them there! Here were some highlights of our trip…

    Thanks to Airbnb for sponsoring this post and putting us up for the week.


  • Henry cooks dinner!


    It might have something to do with all the cooking shows we watch together on Saturday afternoons, or possibly just his interest in handling sharp knives, but somehow Henry became really interested in cooking all of a sudden. Mondays have became his night to make dinner, and we aren’t complaining! He picks a recipe he loves, gives me a shopping list, and then insists on doing it start to finish himself (albeit with some helicoptering on my part). Today he’s cooking for Ashley’s family with their fancy new kitchen appliances in partnership with Maytag


  • Rethinking Quality Family Time


    Saturday mornings might be my favorite time of the week. There’s no chaos of the usual weekday routine, no one’s in a rush to get out of their pajamas, and no urgent emails to respond to. It’s a great time to leave your phone on its charger and catch up with the family about the week before, the week ahead, and really connect. Today we’re joining my friend Etienne and her two boys for Saturday morning donuts and a simple storytelling game.


    April is Alcohol Responsibility Month and this post is in partnership with #TalkEarly, a parenting movement with Responsibility.org that encourages early and thoughtful conversations while modeling healthy behaviors.


  • Mini Break with Gaby


    Gaby is a transplant from Quebec, and now lives in Berkeley. She’s the mother of two sweet little girls, a talented seamstress and a crafting assistant here at Say Yes. We met at a park last year in Berkeley (I just had to ask her where her shirt was from) and have been good friends ever since! Today we’re tagging along with Gaby as they take a mini break at their favorite little cafe in Berkeley called Mission Heirloom.

    This post is sponsored by Kohl’s and POPSUGAR.


  • DIY Felt Birthday Crowns

    Scandinavian Gatherings_Felt Crown 2_Photography by Charity Burggraaf

    My friend Melissa wrote a beautiful book called Scandinavian Gatherings; From Afternoon Fika to Midsummer Feast. When we made sibling gifts this past Christmas, these crowns were the homemade gift Henry chose to make for Edie and Dot. It’s such a simple idea, but I love how classic they are. Perfect for any kind of celebrations. Today Melissa was kind enough to share the tutorial for the project from her book…


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