• Fall Favorites: Oxfords

    by fashion editor Ashley

    fall oxfords-01

    A few weeks ago a reader commented saying she would love to see a round up of oxford shoes. I was thrilled to oblige and thought it fit in with our previous fall shoe round ups perfectly (boots and sneakers). Below are some of my favorite budget oxfords from around the web. Most are under $75, all are under $100! When shopping for nice shoes at a low price I love to scour Nordstrom Rack, Marshalls, T.J. Maxx etc for name brand shoes at discount prices. You’ll be amazed at what you can find!

    fall oxfords-02

    Brown: one / two / three
    Cut-out: one / two / three
    Black: one / two / three
    Colored: one / two / three

    Is there a certain type of clothing you’d love to see a round up of? Just let me know!

  • Tuesday Tip: Favorite Beauty Product

    favorite hair products

    For today’s tuesday tip, we’re asking my Say Yes team about their very favorite, can’t-live-without beauty product. These guys are some of the most stylish, fashionable ladies I know so I was super excited to hear what they had to say (and I’ve already bought a couple of their recommendations)…

    Photography by Liz Stanley. Modeling by Sarah Iveson


  • Mystery Rides: The Pumpkin Patch

    Growing up my parents had this fun tradition of mystery rides. Essentially they were a surprise trip to somewhere special but they wouldn’t tell us where and it drove us completely nuts, in a good way of course. The anticipation was so much fun. We’d spend the whole day of and the entire car ride guessing and drilling our parents to try and figure it out (my mom was always the first to cave). When we got older we wised up and started asking very detailed but understandably practical questions they had to answer to figure it out beforehand,  “Yeah ok but what kind of shoes do we need, like can I wear these sandals or do I need more sturdy hiking boots so how much walking and what kind of terrain are we talking about? And is the drive long enough that I should bring my Biology textbook to study for the AP test? And should we eat before or is there food there, do we need to pack a lunch or sunscreen or our own wallets and how much money do I bring and what about a backpack to carry stuff in? Where did you say we were going again?”. It started to get pretty easy to crack them at that point. It’s one of my favorite family traditions growing up and we’ve continued it in our family too.


    Today I’m partnering with Ford to share another creative way to make car trips more enjoyable without devices. A couple weeks ago we shared two family map projects and today I’m sharing how we bumped our family’s mystery ride tradition up a notch with this clue pack for our trip to the pumpkin patch.


    Keep reading to see more about this project…

    This content was created in partnership with Ford to help make creativity a part of every drive.

    Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers and Sarah Iveson


  • DIY Eyeball Ping Pong Ball Lights

    eyeball lights

    Ever since I made the ping pong ball LED lights a few months back I’ve been planning on making a spooky eyeball version for Halloween. It’s made with LED lights so it’s safe (they don’t get hot) and it makes things super creepy, day or night.

    eyeball lights DIY

    Keep reading to see how to make a fun strand for Halloween in 3 easy steps…

    Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers and Sarah Iveson


  • 10 fab finds under $40

    by fashion editor Ashley

    10 FAB FINDS oct2

    What’s black and white and blush all over? This weeks fab finds under $40! ALSO! J.Crew has a bunch of swimwear on sale and there are one piece swimsuits for $5 and $10! I may or may not have ordered 5 suits. There are a lot of other great things on sale as well. All sale items are an extra 30% off, some an extra 50% off! Happy weekend. Happy shopping!

    keep reading for the links…


  • DIY Candy Corn Favor Bags


    diy candy corn bags

    I’m in the mountains of Utah now and fall is killing it here. It’s satisfying that New England fall craving just a bit. I’m just obsessed with this season! So I have another fun seasonal craft today, these candy corn muslin bags. Just in time for that Halloween party or to hand out goodies in to trick or treaters that come to your door. So simple to make and I love the festive colors. I won’t even judge you a teeny tiny bit if you fill them up with candy corns for yourself just as a reward for making it through the week. This tutorial is in a fun video format today, hope you enjoy it:

    Video by Jenner Brown. Graphics by Rebecca Ricks. Craft and photo above by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers. You can subscribe to my videos on the Say Yes Youtube Channel

  • Trend Crush: Halloween Inspired Pieces

    by fashion editor Ashley


    As adults,  dressing up for Halloween isn’t always an option (especially in the work place). Here is a round up of Halloween inspired pieces to spice up your wardrobe this season!

    click through for the links… (more…)

  • After School Kid Crafts: Marshmallow Monsters

    monster marshmallows

    Edible crafts are the perfect Halloween after school activity to do with kids. For this project I was inspired by the sesame street monsters. Their crazy furry heads and huge buggy eyes are so silly and nostalgic of my childhood. Sadly though, this generation of kids only know Monsters Inc. monsters (which ok fine would work okay I guess). These marshmallow monsters would be cute to make for a Sesame Street or Monsters Inc. kids party too, don’t you think?

    The thing that makes this so fun is that kids can really make any crazy monster heads they want. There are so many candies you can use here and no wrong way to make a monster.

    monster marshmallows

    how to make monster marshmallows

    Keep reading to see how we made them and what the kids thought!

    Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sarah Albers and thanks to Henry’s little friend Viv for joining in on a fun marshmallow-y playdate. See more after school kid craft ideas right here


  • Pumpkin Soup served in Pumpkins

    by food contributor Brittany


    October is my favorite month because it’s the beginning to the holiday season! I love being festive with my food for the holidays and this pumpkin soup can dress up your dinner for Halloween or can even be used as a pretty side for Thanksgiving!
    pumpkin soup in a pumpkin
    keep reading for the recipe…


  • DIY Autumn Leaf Soaps

    make your own soaps

    Have you ever tried making your own soaps? After researching the topic I was shocked how easy they were to DIY and what a nice, simple touch they are next to the faucet or for bath time with the kids. Also, wouldn’t they make amazing gifts for the holidays too all packaged up? Just be sure they know that they’re soap and not candy! Using mini cookie cutters you could create any shape you want. We made these in the shape and colors of fall leaves.

    This post is in collaboration with Delta Shower Doors. They have a great feature where you can customize your shower door in all kinds of designs to make a perfect fit for your space. I had fun playing around with creating my dream shower door online, but you can also do it in store at Home Depot. We’re renting now but when we buy I’d love to try to use this fantastic tool. There’s also a great sweepstakes going on! Enter to win the $1000 sweepstakes right here.



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