• Weekend Roundup

    black dress

    Up to anything fun this weekend? The weather is starting to get really nice here, and quite warm out of the city so we are headed up to swim this afternoon at a friend’s home, and then continue on to Tahoe for one last ski weekend and to collect our ski gear from the cabin we rented this season. I’m also bringing our frame infant backpack to take Edie on a hike and hoping to dip my toes into a river. Any recommendations in the Tahoe area? Hope you’re up to something fun, here are some links to explore:

    Love this little duck swimsuit at Baby Gap. Ordered one for Edie!

    How do you know you’re ready to have a baby? Love all these stories

    Love this classic black dress, brown hat look (image above)

    Love this article about decluttering (and I just started the book written about it)

    A colored pencil fence I spotted in Japan I can’t stop thinking about

    This would be an amazing nursing top (and on sale!)

    Love this post about embracing living alone

    Roasted strawberries and dumpling skillet cake. On the list this week!

    Time’s 100 most Influential People. So interesting to read

    Soap tablets? Brilliant, and of course, they’re Japanese

    Wow. Are pain killers numbing your feelings too? All these articles lately on this are so interesting

    Love this maxi dress for summer (only $42)

    15 awesome indoor plants (we love our fiddle fig and money trees)


  • 10 Fab finds under $40

    By fashion editor Ashley

    fab finds

    I love the look of soft patterns mixed with with soft neutrals for spring. Bring on the warm weather. Happy weekend. Happy shopping!

    one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten

  • Japan with Henry: Embracing Culture Shock

    japan airbnb

    A couple weeks ago Henry and I took a 10 day trip to Japan to visit my parents who are doing some attorney work over there in Tokyo for our church. They’re only living there for another 6 months so we wanted to plan a trip to visit them while we could. Originally Jared and Edie were coming with us but work got so busy for Jared he felt like he couldn’t leave and so we came up with a plan to have him and Edie stay here and use our nanny and Jared’s mom to help with Edie during the day. That whole situation was pretty stressful and sad to not have them with us, but we made it work. I was excited to experience Japan with Henry. He’s at an age where he’s really interested in other cultures and open to different experiences. I wanted him to get of sense of what life would be like if he were a 7 yr old living in Japan and have some serious culture shock.

    airbnb tokyo

    My parents live in a tiny Tokyo apartment and when we originally were going to travel as a family of four, it was going to feel too crowded there (especially with Jared needing to work a lot at night during USA hours). Hotels in Tokyo are crazy expensive, even tinier than my parents apartment, and often very westernized. I really wanted to experience Japan the way a local family would experience it, at least as much as we could as foreign tourists. The more culture shock the better! I worked with my friends at Airbnb to reserve two different apartments in my parents neighborhood for us to stay. I wanted to get an idea of what it would be like to live as a family in a Tokyo apartment, and not just a visiting tourist in a huge hotel. Oh, and I was reeeaaally interested in the robot toilets.  More about our stay in the two Tokyo apartments and other culture shock experiences (and stay tuned for our full Japan itinerary next week!)…


  • How to wear it: Fringe

    By fashion editor Ashley


    A few weeks ago I did a post on the 12 essentials for spring and one thing that made the list was fringe! But how do you actually incorporate fringe into your wardrobe? Here are four ways to wear fringe…


  • After School Kid Crafts: Quick DIY Watercolors

    homemade watercolors

    I started a new series last year where we share fun, messy, science and art based activities for school aged kids after school. Our elementary school does not have a designated art class or teacher (other than a program run by parent volunteers) so I feel obligated to expose Henry to a lot of art at home and in after school programs. Today we’re making homemade watercolors! I’m partnering with all free clear laundry detergent which is specifically designed for children’s sensitive skin, free from allergents and irritants so you can let kids can be kids and not worry about them getting too messy. Keep reading to read more about how we made these pretty watercolors for this fun after school kid project…


  • 10 one-piece suits under $40

    By fashion editor Ashley

    one piece suits

    I had no intention of doing a post on swimsuits so early but I found a bunch of great deals and just had to do it. I have a feeling it won’t be my last swimsuit post either. Happy weekend, happy shopping!

    one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight (my favorite!) // nine // ten

  • The 5 hair products you only really ever need

    By beauty contributors Joanna and Molly of Irrelephant

    hair products you need

    Hair products can be very expensive, and most of us end up only using them a few times a month. We’re the kind of girls who like to keep it simple and practical. We’re all about keeping it budget friendly, but we also love products that truly work and are a big bang for your buck. So we simplified the product junk drawer and left you with The 5 products you only really need!


  • Trend Crush: Palm Print

    By fashion editor Ashley

    palm print-01image

    In my research last week for my weekly fab finds post I came across a lot of pieces with palm print on them. So much so that I thought I better do a post on it. In doing some more digging, it looks like this trend has been around for the last few years but it’s not going anywhere soon. Would you wear palm print? I’m not sure I would wear it, maybe for a swimsuit, but I do love it for the home as a throw pillow or art piece.

    Keep reading to see my ten favorite palm print pieces from around the web…

    Also! Shopbop is having their friends and family 25% off your entire order sale! Check it out here.


  • Secrets of Stylish Moms: PJ

    moms with style


    I’m thrilled to have PJ of A girl named PJ with us here today. PJ is a mom to two cute boys and wife to a recently active Air Force Duty husband. They moved from Nebraska last fall after her husband ended his military duty to New Jersey and are planning to end up in D.C. soon! PJ also writes for Cool Mom Pics and has been published online and in print all over the place, including BHG.com! Also, PJ has the best hair. I’m in love with her current cut, aren’t you?

    stylish moms

    PJ, tell us about your style!
    I’ve always struggled somewhat to define my style. Am I preppy? Bohemian? Trendy? A little bit of everything? Generally, I favor simpler silhouettes, and I veer more casual than dressy, although I still like to look put together. I’m nursing my youngest son, so I wear mostly breastfeeding-friendly tops (button-down shirts, nursing tanks underneath sweaters) with skinny jeans and flats. Right now I have to pass on shirts that don’t offer easy access or have to be dry cleaned, but I’m looking forward to the day when I can add them back into my wardrobe!

    Keep reading for more great tips from PJ…

    Photography by Megan Tsang. Produced by Ashley Aikele. (more…)

  • Fab finds under $40

    By fashion editor Ashley

    April 3 15

    If you can’t tell from this round up I’m hoping for a very relaxed, chill holiday weekend. I hope it’s the same for you! Happy shopping!

    one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten


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