• 10 Fab finds under $40

    By fashion editor Ashley

    fab finds

    Hello September! So excited to see all the fall clothing hitting the shelves. Happy shopping, happy weekend!

    one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten

  • DIY Color Block Crayons

    DIY crayons

    I’m always inspired by all the ways to re-make and shape crayons. I’ve made a couple different kinds before like the rainbow crayons and the mini toddler crayons but thought it would be fun to make a color block version. Keep reading to see how to do it in three easy steps…

    DIY crayons


  • Care Package for a New College Student

    olly ultimate immunity

    When I was in college my mother would put together these thoughtful packages every season. In the fall she’d send pumpkin scented candles, a scarf, and jack-o-lantern mugs filled with candy corn. In the spring she’d send pastel colored socks, new sunglasses, and a bag of mini candbury eggs. One spring, she included a set of pastel clip-on hair extensions. My old roommates and I still get a laugh out of that, my mom has always had a great sense of humor. I loved getting the packages each season, it was such a sweet surprise from home when my head was so distracted with studies and the college social scene.

    We probably all have someone we know and love that is headed to college: whether a sister or nephew, or maybe an older son or a favorite babysitter our kids have loved this summer. I thought it would be fun to put together some ideas for a college care package in partnership with Olly and their Ultimate Immunity wellness boost, a delicious tangerine-flavored gummy packed with zinc, vitamin C and beta glucans for immune system support. Keep reading for some favorite things we would include in a college care package and a fun little DIY to personalize it as well…


  • 20 Street Style Trends to try for Fall

    By fashion editor Ashley

    street style trends

    Can you believe it’s September already? And with it comes our beloved fall fashion! Here are 20 street style trends to try this fall. What’s your favorite look?

    Look above (1): In my mind, Oxford’s are the staple shoe for fall. They pair great with this oversized blazer jacket and will keep you on your toes all day.

    Keep reading for all 20 trends… (more…)

  • Day In the Life of Say Yes


    I thought it would be fun to show you a behind the scenes of a typical day here at Say Yes with Sara and Ashley on my team. We worked on three couple shoots, brainstormed for Halloween ideas and got some take out for lunch on the way back from a meeting downtown. Would you like to see some photos of our day?


    This post is sponsored by Gold Peak Brewed Iced Tea available at participating restaurants.


  • 10 Minute Delicious Homemade Donuts


    When I posted about our canoe trip to Maine, so many of you were interested in the camping donut recipe so I thought I’d recreate it for you today. I thought maybe they were just so good because we were caught in the middle of a rainstorm, in the middle of nowhere in the Northern Maine woods. But when we re-created them here in the studio they were just as amazing and SO easy to make. Made from a pop and ready-to-bake can of biscuits, they take 10 minutes from popping the canning to popping in your mouth.  Here’s the recipe…


  • Two Pieces, Two Ways, Two Seasons


    It’s crazy how quickly summer comes and goes- can you believe today’s already September?? I’m still feeling reluctant to pack up my summer stuff though. Today, I wanted to share with you two pieces that can easily transition from summer to fall in partnership with Primark, a huge European clothing company for on-trend, affordable fashion that is opening up stores in the US. Keep reading for more!


  • Nuna Stroller Giveaway


    Hey friends! Starting off this week with a great giveaway for your guys. My friends over at Nuna are giving away one of their beautiful new stroller Nuna MIXX strollers to a one lucky reader. We were sent one to test out and loved it, the features are incredible. Keep reading for more details and how to win one!


  • Weekend Roundup


    It’s already starting to feel like fall to me but I’m determined to soak up as much summer still as possible. I made a peach dump cake this week and thinking about hitting up a beach in Half Moon Bay this weekend. Up to anything fun? Hope you have a great one, see you back here Monday. Here are some links to explore:

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    Such a cute polka dot dress you could transition to fall with, and on sale!

    Two amazing corn recipes I can’t wait to try, especially with the last summer corn

    Cute DIY watercolor backpack for school

    This video of a couple at IKEA is hilarious

    Such gorgeous maternity style

    Oooh fresh peach sorbet??

    Instagram’s no longer square. Hooray!

    How to move to New York

    Why moms shouldn’t feel bad about being on their smart phones so much

    Brilliant makeup hacks (the mascara one!)

    The new Emerson Fry collection is amazing- everything, please!

    I think about this gender bias stuff all the time having a boy and girl

    This buffalo check vest gets me excited for fall apple picking (where to go in the bay area right here)
    See you back here on Monday! xoxo, Liz

    (image above of my sister Katrina by her friend Brooke Alius)

  • Packing School Lunch with Kids

    school lunch ideas

    With Henry, and probably with a lot of other kids, I’ve found it makes a big difference in how he eats at school if he chooses the lunch items himself. When he eats well, he’s going to feel good physically, feel good about himself and have more of those super moments we all want our kids to have. Like getting all of his spelling words right, standing up for himself during recess, or getting a home run kick in kickball.

    Today I’m sharing a fun idea to help your kids be more involved in packing their school lunch so they can learn about the importance of a balanced meal, eat better at school, and therefore have more super moments during the day…


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