• 16 Easy Couples Costumes

    Are you dressing up with your man this Halloween? Here are a few easy ideas on some last minute couples costumes…


  • Mini Dry Ice Fog Pumpkins

    dry ice pumpkins

    We’ve got a simple way to add a little drama to your Halloween party this year with dry ice! Here’s how to make these spooky fog pumpkins…


  • Weekend Roundup

    Happy weekend! After so much traveling the last few weeks, I’m really happy to have a quiet weekend at home. We’re headed out to dinner and to a school fundraiser, and then I really need to get working on the Halloween costumes! Something else fun, I made a pretty dramatic hair change this week. I chopped it super short and then bleached/toned it ghost white (see above, and another peek here on instagram). It’s really fun, and hilarious to see the responses from friends and family that don’t recognize me at first. Dot was terrified when I first came home! Also, it was so so encouraging to get so many (like hundreds!) of positive responses from you guys on direct instagram messages. Thank you so much! It makes me feel confident in my new ‘do.  Up to anything fun this weekend? Here are some links to explore:

    Sweet DIY velvet barretts

    Can new fathers have postpartum depression? Interesting to think about

    The power of #metoo

    These paper mache pumpkins are beautiful!

    Some interesting ideas on making your wardrobe less basic 

    Such good costume inspiration here

    Love this moons phase light project

    Marta was sporting the cutest jumpsuit from Zara this week (and only $39!)

    Boba tea costume. So good!

    All your favorite Whole Foods snacks, are now available on Amazon

    Cute little pumpkin succulents

    I’m so curious about this it, would you try?

    Very cute high waisted jeans from Ban.do

    How screen time has changed for kids in 2017

    Not sure what candy to give out this Halloween? Here are the most popular sweets by state

  • Your mom’s blazer

    By Assistant Editor Ashley

    A few weeks ago at an event in San Francisco I was surprised to see oversized blazers popping up everywhere. It gave me flashbacks to my mom in the 90’s… the plaid, tweed, houndstooth…everything! But they were seriously stylish (not to say my mom wasn’t) and I was totally digging it. Here’s a roundup of some of favorite oversized blazers from around the web… (more…)

  • Say Yes Home Studio Reveal

    I’ve been so excited to share with you the big reveal of our home studio space! You might remember from this post, but this area used to be a very dark storage room in our basement with a huge hole in the wall (see before pictures right after the jump!) that we transformed into an all white studio space for my Say Yes team to craft, shoot, brainstorm, and hang out in.  Happy to partner with Home Depot’s new decor line for this project. Yup, that’s right! Home Depot now sells furniture: modern desks, lighting, rugs, couches, shelving, tables, etc. It was so fun to start with such a clean, white slate and then style a few favorites. Keep reading for a ton of photos and some easy projects we worked on for this home studio…

    home depot decor


  • Dragon Queen Halloween Costume

    Today Edie is the fierce Dragon Queen, Daenerys from Game of Thrones. Gaby, our Say Yes crafting assistant, sewed this cape and dress for her daughter who is dressing up as Daenerys for Halloween this year. But here’s how you can put this costume together quick (sewing machine or not)…


  • Baby Mummy Halloween Costume

    baby mummy costume

    We’ve got a super easy baby costume for you today: a classic baby mummy! The secret to this is that it’s a great use for that old swaddle blanket you don’t use anymore (and is a bit too stained to give away to your pregnant sister in law). Here’s how to make it…


  • Say Yes Top 5

    Hey guys! Two of our Say Yes team members and I started a fun Facebook live video series called Say Yes Top Five. Our litmus test here at Say Yes has always been shareable content that you chat about with your girlfriends, and this is a way for us to do that in a very spontaneous way, sharing 5 things we’re thinking about and loving that particular week. We also have an advice section at the end where a couple of us share something we need our girlfriends help with. Anyway, it’s our first time doing this (we were super nervous and  I said like about a million times) but excited about making this a regular thing! We might have some guest editors join us too some weeks! Keep reading for a list of topics we discussed and some links after the jump…


  • Easy Weeknight Meals: Part 11

    Easy Weeknight Recipes Gazpacho

    Today in our series on Easy Weeknight Meals we’re joining my assistant Marta, whose husband and her love cooking Mediterranean meals from her back home in Barcelona. Mediterranean food is rich in fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fish and olive oil. Here are three easy meals they like to cook for their two girls on a busy weeknight…


  • Veep Halloween Costume

    Another fun and easy costume inspired by a favorite TV show: Veep! Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays Vice President (and the President) of the United States in this political satire comedy series. It’s hilarious, have you seen it?  Obviously, your kids probably haven’t, but being VP or President of the United States is always a great costume idea. Here’s how to put it together…


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