• Roadtripping


    This weekend we’re headed out on a road trip to Utah where Henry’s been spending time with cousins the last couple of weeks. With kids, driving is a bit of a relief over plane travel. There’s a private, enclosed vessel that kids can throw snacks, sing Moana, and even scream to their heart’s content (and thank goodness for headphones for the rest of us). All the usual chaos, but without strangers to annoy! Hooray! Even so, eleven hours is a long time for anyone, kid or adult, to be strapped in a car, so I’ve been thinking of how we can make it more enjoyable for everyone.


    As a child, I loved reading maps in the car (rack your brain: the old school paper kind). I was the one in the backseat glued to the map, watching town signs as we passed them, plotting our approximate distance to the destination. Today, in partnership with Firestone Complete Auto Care we commissioned my sister and illustrator Rebecca Ricks to make a hand drawn map for the San Francisco to Salt Lake trip (and for you to print out as well!) with a connect the dot activity, points of interest, and some fun facts about each spot as you pass.


  • Making Orange Creamsicle Popsicles


    When I was younger I was obsessed with orange and vanilla creamsicle popsicles during hot New York summers. I had no idea they were so easy to make until I did a little research and was pleasantly surprised with how quickly they come together with deliciously creamy fairlife ultra-filtered milk as the star. Below is a fun video we made making the popsicles, and keep reading for the full recipe and a couple behind the scenes photos…


  • Transitional pieces

    By Assistant Editor Ashley


    Is it just me or is summer slipping through your fingers? With fall around the corner, I thought it might be a good time to talk transitional pieces. Pieces that will get you through the last weeks of summer and take you right into fall. Keep reading to see my top three picks. (more…)

  • Weekend Roundup

    FullSizeRender 72

    Back from Alaska! You can see a few photos from our trip on instagram, but I’ll give a full trip report soon here. It was totally life changing and I’m still processing all of it. More soon, and we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming next week. Have a great weekend, hope you’re up to something fun! Here are a few links to explore:

    Obsessed with this artist’s work: Stella Maria Baer

    These DIY giant pinwheels are so pretty

    Keep thinking about this perfect peach suede bag

    If you’re in the bay area (or visiting) make SURE to check out The Color Factory opening in just a couple weeks. It’s going to be incredible, be sure to get tickets before they sell out

    Loving these DIY poppy flowers 

    Cactus coasters. Okay, this is brilliant and a fun toy for kids too

    Crazy enough, it’s already school supply shopping time

    Refashioning a button down shirt into a cute tie front dress. I want to try this sewing project!

    Some great thoughts on being a social media mom (totally relate to a lot of it)

    Anonymous teenage summer bucket list. Oh boy

    Huge crush on the new Jesse Kamm light wash sailor pants

    I had so much amazing salmon in Alaska, I want to try making these!

    The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is going on! Loving this shirt, these shoes in white, this jean jacket, a this jumpsuit for fall

    Interesting discussion about millennials and spending 

    This graphic about vulnerability made me totally laugh and cringe at once

  • An Afternoon in Bernal Heights

    enterprise rent a car

    My friend Sarah lives on the other side of San Francisco from where we lived, so there are a lot of spots I’ve never explored in her neck of the woods. Today we’re tagging along with Sarah and her two kids, Viv and Hollis, at a couple of their favorite spots in Bernal Heights…

    enterprise rent a car


  • One Comfy Modern Chair, Three Ways


    Sarah, Ashley and I took on a fun challenge. We picked one Home Depot modern bedroom chair from their new decor line (yup, they now sell furniture!) and styled it three different ways in each of our homes. Here are some photos of how it turned out…


  • Alaska Adventure


    Hi friends! Today I’m jumping on a flight to Alaska for a backpacking trip with some girlfriends. This girls backpacking trip is a new tradition we started two years ago. Remember the Maine canoe trip we took? It was life changing and exactly what I needed to recharge. Last year I missed the yearly trip since I had a nursing newborn. But this year we’re going big: Alaska! We’ve been planning this Alaska trip for months and months and I’m so excited (and also nervous!) that it’s actually happening…


  • Lighting Roundup


    Let’s talk about lighting for a minute. We’ve been home owners for a few months now and after some cosmetic work, we’ve been looking at replacing a bunch of lighting in our home in collaboration with Wayfair. Here are a few of my favorite pieces…


  • Have you tried Chicken cooked in milk?

    By Assistant Editor Ashley
    chicken in milk

    Have you ever heard of cooking chicken in milk? There is a recipe by Jamie Oliver floating around the web with rave reviews and we knew we had to give it a try. It was both easier and harder than I expected, and everyone at the dinner table said the same unexpected thing…


  • One Day on the North Shore of Oahu


    We just got back from an amazing trip to the North Shore of Oahu (sand is still in my purse!), and I’ll have a full trip report soon, I promise. But today I wanted to share with you a simplified itinerary if you had just one day on the North Shore of Oahu and wanted to pack in a few of the major highlights. Here’s how I’d spend it…

    This post is sponsored by Uber, which makes getting to and from your favorite spots on vacation with your family even easier. 


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