Hi there! I’m Liz. I’m a mother of three in San Francisco, and founder of Say Yes, an award winning lifestyle site that celebrates family life with practical tips for home, travel, and personal style. I work with a team of brilliant women to come up with the best quality content to share with you in areas of family, food, style, travel, crafts, and home.

Welcome to Say Yes!

What makes Say Yes content stand out? Every time our team sits down to brainstorms content ideas we think of what it would be like if you collected the most creative, stylish, thoughtful, superwomen you know together for dinner at a new hot spot in town. What do you talk about? What do you share? What do you learn? One friend talks about her ongoing struggle with postpartum depression, another talks about her plans for hosting Thanksgiving on her own, another shares a favorite must-have eyebrow pencil, and yet another clues you into a designer’s new line of gauzy dresses she’s thinking about for her wedding. You leave with a million notes on your phone and a head swimming with inspiration.


Say Yes is that in a nutshell: Our attempt to combine all of those brilliant ideas and tips into one site. Just like a night out with your coolest girlfriends.


Say Yes is one of the leading women’s lifestyle destinations on the web, and continues to receive regular content creation awards in the categories of lifestyle, food, travel, craft, and family topics.

Say Yes content has been showcased across many major print publications and magazines for over a decade like Martha Stewart, The San Francisco Chronicle, HGTV, Sunset Magazine, Alaska Airlines Inflight Magazine, Parents Magazine, The Huffington Post, Real Simple Magazine, and Pregnancy and Newborn.



Hi! Got a question or interested in sharing a tip? Please email Liz at liz@sayyes.com.


Say Yes has not only garnered hundreds of thousands of avid readers worldwide, but also loyal household brands like Target, Martha Stewart, Home Depot, Coca-Cola, and Ford, who come back again and again for high quality photography and creative brand integration.

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