• 10 Fab finds under $40

    10 FAB FINDS april

    April is here! Straw hats, skirts, sandals and simple tees are on my wishlist this week. Here are 10 deals under $40 I’ve seen around to liven up your spring wardrobe. See more on our Fab Finds pinterest page!

    1. Pocket tee $30.50
    2. Jean jacket $29.99
    3. Ball cap $29.50 (plus 25% off!)
    4. Sequin loafers $33.87
    5. Simple dress $19.99
    6. Shopper bag $37.63
    7. Striped skirt $19.99
    8. Geometric tee $29.99
    9. Straw hat $34.50
    10. Blush sandals $33.87

    In collaboration with fashion editor Ashley

  • Easy Easter Marshmallow Pops

    easy easter marshmallows

    With April here and our ski ‘spring’ vacation ending, I’m starting to get into the Easter mood of pastels and mini cadbury eggs. I partnered again with the fantastic Makr app to make Easter cards/stickers with these pretty marshmallow pops. These pops are in perfect pastel colors and so easy to make (only assembly required!). Super inexpensive too, you can make a set of 10 for under $3. Wouldn’t they be cute stuffed into Easter baskets in a couple weeks or decorating a long Easter dinner table with?


    Are you familiar with the Makr app? It’s a really easy to use design app for your iPad to make custom stickers, invitations, cards, and lots of other ideas. They give you some great templates and tools to start with so you don’t have to be a designer to design your own cards. You can use their designs exactly as shown or adjust them to fit your project. You can opt to print them out at home or have them printed and mailed to you. So easy! You can see my last Makr project here.

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    This post is sponsored by our friends at Makr. Download the Makr app here – check out my project and customize it to make it yours. Enjoy a free Makr credit AND 20% off a print order with the code MAKRSAYYES at checkout.


  • Look For Less: embrace lace

    by fashion editor Ashley

    look for less

    This outfit is so simple! I mean, the whole thing is only made up of three pieces. But it’s not boring because it plays with different textures (lace blouse, torn jeans, suede shoes). Putting these textures together makes this outfit have more depth and not feel so one dimensional. One great thing about adding texture to your outfits is, you can do it on any budget!

    The look: J.Crew

    For Less: blouse | pants | shoes

  • How to Make Scrabble Magnets

    how to make scrabble magnets

    I’ve been thinking of alternatives to magnetic alphabet letters for Henry’s magnetic bulletin board and thought some scrabble magnets would be just as fun for him to play with and also better looking (win win!). This would make such a sweet and simple gift for a little person in your life. I’m planning on making a few more sets!

    how to make scrabble magnets

    Keep reading to see how we made them…

    Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers


  • Weekend Roundup

    pickled eggs

    Hi, I’m writing from snowy Tahoe! We came up here with some friends for spring break this week and are enjoying the beautiful snow storm that just arrived this afternoon (this is what it looked like this morning and then this evening!). Even though it’s almost April, it’s the first snow I’ve been in this season and it reminds me how much I miss seasons. It’s Edie’s first snowfall ever, and she made the cutest, grumpiest face when it first hit her cheek. Hope you’re up to something fun, here are a few links to explore:

    Sweet DIY bunny sleep masks

    Gorgeous pickled eggs (image above),  a perfect spring entertaining dish

    Found my favorite snow boots 40% off up here in Tahoe

    An interview about my favorite books on Everyday Reading

    Pistachio orange and dark chocolate cinnamon rolls recipe

    Maternity style on a dime

    Cute DIY clay bunny bowls

    Love love this chic jumpsuit!

    Make your own letter party favors boxes

    Four ingredient Easter truffles

    Check out this mason jar blender trick!

    A pretty photo of San Francisco’s Lombard street by Daniel Parada

    How cool is this clay + leaf project?

    Lovely summer shirt

    The overprotected kids of today

    6 adorable rugs for your kids room

    I worked with a designer on some layouts for specific posts (like yesterday’s fab finds). Her name is Loren Croiser and I highly recommend her!

  • 15 Fab Finds Under $20 (For Littles!)


    Hi guys! This week we’re switching things up a bit on our weekly Fab Finds series and featuring deals for kids, all under $20. Also, a note: I try to pick things that still seem to be stocked up pretty well but really there’s no way of telling and apologies if things occasionally sell out quickly or the prices change all of a sudden (I hate when that happens too!).

    See more deals on our Fab Finds pinterest page!

    1. Baby sweatpant trousers $16.90 (also in cream)
    2. Animal sweater $7.99 (love this one and great deal!)
    3. Pleated stripe dress $19.95
    4. Cuffed graphic tee $6.99
    5. Minnetonka baby booties $19.95 (+ 25% off currently)
    6. Cuffed baby jeans $19.90 (in darker wash too)
    7.Colorblock tee $19
    8.Striped and floral pocket tee $7.90
    9. Blue cardigan $19.90
    10.Shawl sweater $20 (only baby sizes left)
    11.Raglan pullover $11.99
    12.2 pack footless tights $19.20
    13.Flutter sleeve romper $9.90 (all sizes!)
    14.Canvas baby ballet flats $16.94
    15. Striped dinosaur sweatershirt $19.90

     In collaboration with fashion editor Ashley, graphics by Loren Croiser

  • DIY Polka Dot Baby Tights


    I’ve done a lot of projects with stamping using the eraser on the back of a pencil, but I wanted more of a solid imprint  for these polka dot baby tights so I explored other methods and found a great alternative!



    Wanna take a guess how these perfect circles are made? (hint: the trick is probably buried deep in your office supply drawer)

    See instructions AND our trick not having stretched out polka dots when they’re slipped on chubby baby legs after the jump…

    Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers. Modeling by our little 4 month old Edie Jean


  • Trend Crush: Quilted

    By fashion editor Ashley


    The quilted look is one that is usually seen in colder months but I love the idea of mixing in quilted pieces with your spring wardrobe! These pieces pair great with lighter fabrics as well as your classic pieces… blue jeans, simple tees, etc. The best part is, you can find quilted pieces on any budget!


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  • Organizing Our Neglected Wedding Photos

    kolo album
    I’m working with Kolo on a few projects to organize and print our family photos. Kolo is the premier photo album and photo book for professional photographers and designers, and I can totally see why. The quality is unmatched from any other kind of photo album I’ve seen (a true heirloom piece) and the attention to detail is incredible. I’m such a fan of their products. Perfect for a special project I had that was a long time coming: organizing our neglected wedding photos.

    kolo album

    I always tell people that I’m glad I got married before the era of design blogs. I would have been over my head in ideas and details, and stress! When we got engaged I bought a few wedding magazines and almost immediately became overwhelmed. I kind of threw my hands in the air and handed the wedding planning over to my mom with two simple instructions: a chocolate fountain (the new cool thing!) and a jazz band. I wore my sister’s wedding dress, the reception was held in my parents lovely backyard in New York surrounded by twinkle lights and tiki lamps, and a couple from our church made the cake and catered the whole thing. No stress, no pressure. I have no real regrets about not being involved in the planning process. I’ve never been that ‘dreaming of my wedding since I was 10′ girl. It was an incredible, wonderful day and I’m so thankful to my mom, family and friends that put it all together for us (and ended up washing dishes during the event itself).

    kolo album

    kolo album

    Okay, so the only real regret…


  • Lemon Poppyseed Crepes with Blueberry Cream Cheese Filling

    By food contributor Brittany


    We’ve been on a crêpe kick over here lately. We’ve had lots of friends visit from out of town and big family brunches on the weekends and crêpes are always my go to breakfast item. I love the idea of having a crêpe bar with sliced fruit, different spreads and toppings allowing guests and friends customize their own as they please.  It also makes it easy as the host because we can prep everything the night before and when we wake up all we have to make are the crêpes! (which in my home is my husband’s job, he’s known as the “crêpe master”) I decided to come up with a twist on the traditional crêpe and use one of my favorite combos, lemon and blueberry.


    keep reading for the recipe… (more…)


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