• 10 Expert Tips for Summer Skin Protection

    summer skincare tips expert

    The first week of summer vacation Henry got two sunburns and I had one of those OMG I’m the worst parent in the world moments. Somehow at the beginning of the summer it always takes me a few days to get in the habit of throwing the sunscreen in the bag and remembering to lather him up before he jumps into the pool; while Edie sticks closer beside me so she’s a little easier to wrangle. Whatever my excuses are, I can use all the reminders I can get to take care of our skin in the summer. So, today I’m partnering with a brilliant dermatologist app called Spruce Health to share 10 expert summer skincare tips from one of their certified dermatologist.

    Keep reading for more about the app and all ten tips, including a trick for making sunscreen more enjoyable to put on kids and why you should apply it like frosting?!?…


  • Secrets of a Stylish Mom: Alexandra

    stylish mom
    Excited to feature the elegant mother of two, former lawyer, and style blogger Alexandra Singer for today’s stylish mom. Alexandra blogs at In Jackie’s Shoes about all things fashion and has an iconic, fun, sense of style (I mean, check out this dress she just got). A former east coast resident, Alexandra now lives in San Francisco with her husband and two children.
    Produced by Ashley Aikele. Photography by Megan Tsang.
    Keep reading for what Alexandra’s tips and what she splurges on…


  • Weekend Roundup

    linen pillows

    What are you up to this weekend? Jared headed to a paragliding event in Utah so I’m holding down the fort here at home. I’m headed to this Amy Schumer comedy show tonight with a girlfriend (so excited!) and I think we’ll be hitting the pool a lot this weekend. It’s that time of year in San Francisco when you need to get out of the cool, foggy city and hit the hot suburb pools to feel like it’s summer! I might make my way through this great SF eating list too. Have a great one, be sure to show the dads in your life some love! Here are some links to explore:

    Completely obsessed with everything in this linen shop on etsy (gorgeous linen pillows above)
    How amazing are these little sandals?
    What a fun DIY embroidered picnic blanket
    Tips from cooking with Ina Garten
    Sparkling pineapple lemonade. Yum
    Everything at LOFT is 40% off. I’d pick this gingham bikini and this summer dress
    Love this summer hairstyle, so tempted to try it
    Such a sweet ukulele video 
    The prettiest floral popsicles
    How pretty this DIY flag garland?
    Love the idea behind these tiny cosmetics
    Such a cute leather tote and only $48! (steal!)
    Cute last minute printable for Father’s Day
    This summer dress is perfect
    Perfect for summer movie nights: how to pop popcorn in a bag
    The prettiest oversized DIY cactus
    Whipped lavender berry mousse– this sounds amazing and a perfect cool summer company dessert
    Crush on this cute bikini

    PS Was anyone watching east coast morning tv shows on Thursday? You might have seen me!

  • Summer Bucket List BINGO

    summer bingo

    One of our favorite things to do at the beginning of summer is make a summer bucket list. Usually it’s a huge list of summer activities that sits on the wall but I’ve been trying to think of some ways to make it more enticing to complete the list, and thought making it into a game of BINGO would be fun to try. I’m partnering with HP Instant Ink service for this post so you never have to worry about running out of ink again while saving up to 50% on ink. Keep reading to see more about putting this project together (and the sign + card printables to make this yourself)…


  • 10 Fab finds under $40

    By fashion editor Ashley

    June 19 2015

    This week is all about summer patterns, prints, and SALES! Don’t miss any of the awesome sales going on this weekend!

    J.Crew: 30% off full price and extra 40% off sale priced items
    J.Crew Factory:
    extra 35% off everything
    Gap: 40% off your online purchase
    40% off everything

    one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten

  • An Outing with Dad

    outing with dad target

    Jared and I both work from home, which is awesome and chaotic at the same time. It’s great because we can have quick chats over mid morning snacks, go on spontaneous lunch dates, and give Edie a squeeze as she leaves to go out to the park with her nanny.  It can be a little chaotic though because neither of us works very quietly and we live in a one level flat. Jared spends most of the day on conference calls in the dining room and I spent most of the day with my team in the back sunroom studio. With all the traveling I’ve been doing lately Jared has had a lot of one on one time with Edie, way more than I’ve had with her, and they’ve really created a special bond. One of their favorite things to do is strollin’ through Golden Gate Park which is just across the street from our home.

    outing with dad target

    Today I’m partnering with Target Baby to share some photos from an outing Jared and Edie took in our favorite jogging stroller that we’ve had since she was born, the Baby Jogger Summit X3. Keep reading for more photos from their outing…

    This post is sponsored by TargetFor more baby inspiration, find us on Facebook and Pinterest.


  • Printable Monster Bag for Toy Cleanup

    monster bag

    I’m sharing a fun idea today on involving kids in toy cleanup and donation. This printable monster bag eats toys that aren’t being used and collects them to donate to goodwill or another family. Keep reading for the printable and instructions on making a monster bag for your family…


  • Look for Less

    By fashion editor Ashley

    june 17 15-01

    Skirts and dresses are my new motto for summer. There isn’t an easier way to keep cool as far as I’m concerned. With denim skirts being so hot this season it’s really easy to find one to fit any budget. I actually like the skirt for less better than the denim Madewell skirt.  Score!

    The look: Madewell
    For less: top / bag / shoes / skirt

  • Fathers Day Gift Ideas (from Dudes)


    Father’s Day is this Sunday and I thought it might be fun to roundup some ideas of what real dads are asking for, instead of the usual, what I think and/or want him to ask for. I had this funny realization that if I read a post written by a man about what to get his wife for Mother’s Day it would make me roll my eyes (engraved bowling ball, Homer??). Shockingly, as it turns out the ideas of what real dudes want aren’t nearly as fashionable or cute,  but I think we need to all come to terms with thatHere are a few ideas rounded up from some dad friends around the country…


  • My sister My sidekick: Jan and Beth

    jan and beth2-01

    We are heading up north to Canada for our next set of sisters! Jan and Beth are inspirational women and leaders in both of their professions. Their relationship is as thick as it’s ever been as they live only five minutes apart and spend their days working on their businesses and raising kids (and playing hockey in their free time). Keep reading to hear more about these incredible sisters and the clothes they ‘borrow’ and hid from each other… 

    Photography by Emily Doukogiannis. Produced by Ashley Aikele. Extra thanks to the photographer Emily for leading us to these fantastic sisters! (more…)

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