• 10 Fab Finds under $40

    By fashion editor Ashley

    10 FAB FINDS feb 5 2015

    Am I the only one who had I hopes of working out and getting fit when January 1st came around and now that we are 6 weeks into the new year and I still can’t quite get in gear? Sometimes you just need some good motivation… like cute, affordable work out clothes. Happy Shopping!

    one: $39.90 / two: $37.73 / three: $35.00 / four: $19.58 / five: $28.73 / six: $37.13 / seven: $24.00 / eight: $29.99 / nine: $29.99 / ten: $34.99

  • 10 Tips for Posing Like Fashion Bloggers

    no jeans challenge black leather jacket

    A couple weeks ago I tried to challenge myself by wearing no jeans or pants for two weeks. The idea was to push myself to wear the dresses and skirts that seem to get little rotation in my closet, and spend more time and thought putting together outfits in the morning. I work primarily from the back sunroom in our home, so sweats and pjs are too often my working uniform. I knew for the challenge I’d be sharing my outfits on instagram, which was a little intimidating to me since I don’t do a lot of outfits photos on there, and I kind of dread outfit photos in general (do you as well or is it just me??).  I’ve found is so impossible to look natural in an outfit photo. So I did a little research in preparation for the two weeks by examining some of my favorite fashion blogs. Here’s what I learned about outfit photos from the blogs and doing outfit photos the past two weeks. Some tips are pretty silly, but I thought they’d be fun to share! PLUS keep reading for a few favorite outfits from the challenge…

    Image above by Tara Rudolph


  • Denim on Denim

    By fashion editor Ashley

    denim on denim-01

    Did you follow along with Liz’s no jean challenge the last few weeks? I took the challenge for one week and it was just that… a challenge! I loved exploring other options in my closet and not relying on my jeans everyday. But with all that being said, it’s sure nice to welcome my jeans back with open arms. In fact, lets swing the other way and look at one of my favorite trends right now, denim on denim! Such a chic look for spring. What are your feelings on denim on denim?

    See a round up below of some of my favorite denim pieces from around the web… (more…)

  • Giant Family Heart Activity Report


    Last week I posted about the Valentine’s Day giant heart family activity we set up with Post-it Brand and their gorgeous Post-it Brand World of Color collections, and today I wanted to give you a little update on how the activity went. If you remember, the idea was to encourage family members to show love and kindness to each other and perform little secret acts of service to fill up the Post-it® Notes heart for a big family reward. I used Post-it® Notes from the Cape Town collection to create a Valentine’s Day heart made of vibrant and beautiful colors. The Post-it Brand World of Color collections also feature eye-catching hues inspired by the cities of Bora Bora, Marrakesh, Rio de Janeiro, Jaipur, New York, Bali, Helsinki, and Marseille!

    When I first told Henry about the activity and Post-it® Notes he was really excited and immediately started searching the home for things he could do for someone else in the family. After getting started though, one thing seemed a bit silly to us…


  • Tuesday Tip: A Dinner Party With Kids


    Usually when we invite over families with kids for dinner we all end up huddled around the kids table, eating while standing, and then entertaining the kids in the living room for the rest of the evening. Which is great and all, but always seems kind of chaotic and not really relaxing for the parents. I tried a few new things a couple weeks ago for a family dinner party that made it so much more easy and enjoyable and thought I’d share them for today’s Tuesday Tip


  • My Sister My Sidekick: Alison and Andrea

    alison and andrea-01
    We’ve got another my sister my sidekick post for you today and I’m so excited about this one! Happy to introduce you today to Alison and Andrea. They’re ambitious business owners that have always been best friends. Even though they don’t live close anymore, they still talk on the phone multiple times a day. Do you have a sister like that?. They are easily the life of the party and you can see more of their relationship here, in their sister minute series video series (which I’m obsessed with and keep bugging them for more episodes). But first, some introductions…
    alison and andrea-03
    Alison lives in Utah and hosts her very own show, The Alison Show!, where she does things like dance, lay on tables, decorate sugar cookies and help you feel amazing (usually all at the same time). She is married to music producer Eric Robertson and they have two children, Gigi (4) and Rad (almost 2). She loves Diet Coke like it’s going out of style and can host a mean party.
    alison and andrea-02
    Andrea lives in San Diego with her husband Brian and their two babies, Jo (4 years old) and Walker (1.5 years old).   She is also the owner of Tubby Todd Bath Co. They make all natural bath products for little ones (which I’ve used and LOVE). Last year she also published a book! She likes to cook, hike with her family, and talk on the phone (mainly to Alison.)
    Keep reading to hear all about their special bond…
    Photos by Emily Taplin, produced by Ashley Aikele.


  • Weekend Roundup


    Up to anything fun this weekend? Even though Valentine’s Day is in the dead of winter it always feels so cheery, like it’s a hint of spring around the corner. On the agenda this weekend we have a treasure hunt birthday party, a brunch, and on Valentine’s Day Jared and I are headed to a jazz concert that night with some friends. The weather has been lovely this week so I’m hoping for a bike ride in the park and maybe an afternoon at the beach as well. Hope you’re up to something relaxing, have a great one!

    Might have to trade out our usual Valentine’s Day sugar cookies for these tomorrow

    An amazing interiors photographer I’ve been loving (image above)

    Pretty Valentine’s Day cheerios (great for breakfast in bed!)

    If you’re staying in this Valentine’s Day, here’s a roundup of yummy dishes to make

    This white dress is so sweet for spring/summer coming up

    Mini conversation heart cheesecakes (so cute!)

    If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    Love these short suede boots (and only $29.99)

    Everyday objects transformed into sweet illustrations

    These rain boots are so cool, I’d wear them even in the sun

    Some great hand lettering tips for your Valentines

    I’m obsessed with our fashion editor, Ashley’s, Nikes. She wears everywhere

    Simple but cute tic tac toe Valentines

    Very cool DIY flower pendant light

    Adorable (and hot!!) pj set

    Loving this rose colored Zara coat

    14 Great candy-free Valentine ideas for school (pin for next year!)

    Are you into the oversized jean jacket trend? If you’re into more of a fitted one, this one is awesome and on sale!

  • 10 Fab Finds Under $40: Valentines Edition!

    By fashion editor Ashley

    10 FAB FINDS vday

    What’s pink and red and has hearts all over? This weeks fab finds! Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Shopping!

    one: $39.99 / two: $25.00 / three: $19.99 / four: $21.99 / five: $30 / six: $40.35 / seven: $36.68 / eight: $39.99 / nine: $20 (100% Cashmere!) / ten: $31.18

    Some extra sales going on this weekend…

    J.Crew: extra 40-50% off sale items
    Nordstrom: clearance sale, up to 49% off
    Kate Spade Saturday: 25% off everything
    Gap: up to 50% off

  • Valentine’s Day Giant Family Heart Activity


    This Valentine’s Day I thought it might be a nice idea to focus on family relationships by looking for ways to show love and service toward each other rather than gifts and expensive dinners (although I will still be making something chocolate or heart shaped!). My family growing up had a little service tradition during Christmas and I thought it might be fun to bring that same focus into our love holiday, Valentine’s Day.


    I partnered up with Post-it Brand and their gorgeous Post-it Brand World of Color collections to create this giant Valentine’s Day heart and show you how the family activity works. The new line of Post-it® Notes includes a range of beautiful and bright colors inspired by nine cities from around the world including Bali, Capetown, Bora Bora and more. Today I’ll share the idea and then next week I’ll give you an update on how it’s all playing out, what I thought worked well and any changes I’d make in the future. I love creating family traditions like this and really hope this one sticks.

    Keep reading for the specifics…


  • DIY Personalized Heart China for Valentine’s Day


    Here’s a simple idea to transform your simple china for your loved ones on Valentine’s Day (and subtle enough to keep throughout the year). Grab a red porcelaine pen and add small hearts to your plates, cups or other pieces. Or if you’ve got great script handwriting, try a little love message. Air dry overnight (24 hrs +) and they’re still dishwasher friendly! Note: Technically it’s food safe paint, but there’s been some debate. If you’re nervous about it, try painting them on the outside, edges, or for decorative items.

    Photography by Liz Stanley


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