• After school kids craft: Making Edible Flower lollipops

    homemade lollipops

    We have another great after school kid craft project today. We’re making edible jasmine lollipops (but don’t worry, no candy thermometer needed). I spotted some great ideas for melting candies in this awesome craft book and thought it would be fun to try making some with edible flowers, jasmine. Not only are these lollipops pretty but they’re delicious too! I’m partnering today with all free clear laundry detergent for this fun, but sticky project. All free clear is free from allergens and irritants, specifically designed for children’s sensitive skin. So you can let kids can be kids and enjoy messy projects like these.

    Keep reading to read more about how we made these edible flower lollipops…


  • A guide to getting the best haircut

    By beauty contributors Joanna and Molly of Irrelephant

    Need a haircut but don’t know how to translate your vision to your stylist? We have 10 tips that will give you the perfect haircut appointment! As hairdressers ourselves, with 15 years of combined experience, we’ve realize how important the communication is between stylist and client! If you and your stylist are not on the same page no matter what the haircut will not be on point. So here are a few things that we have found to help with that communication: (more…)

  • Bathroom Cupboard Organization Tips


    I’m excited to announce a partnership with Cottonelle this year! I’m teaming up with them to talk about home storage and efficiency ideas, which is totally up my ally because we don’t have a much storage in our San Francisco flat. I’m always on the lookout for learning and sharing ideas on making all kinds of living spaces work.


    Keep reading for more about the partnership, our first video, and a behind the scenes look into the video shoots…


  • Look for Less

    By fashion editor Ashley

    may 13 15-01


    The Look: Madewell
    For Less: dress / glasses / jacket / shoes

  • Tuesday Tip: One Pot Meals

    one pot meal

    For Christmas this past year, my sister in law Gabby gave me this Martha Stewart cookbook and I use it all the time to make easy weeknight dinners. I love the idea of cooking everything in one pot, it makes clean up such a breeze. What’s your favorite one pot meal? Keep reading for this linguini shrimp pasta recipe…


  • Target Sunrise Retreat


    15_019_Sunrise Summit_1696

    A couple weekends ago I consulted with a few Made to Matter for Target brands, Soma, Suja and Olly, to put together a Target wellness online influencer event here in San Francisco. I shared a few snippets on instagram, but wanted to share a bit more about the event, my role in consulting for it, and some photos here as well if you’d like to see…


  • Weekend Roundup


    If you haven’t seen it already, my sister in law Jordan of Oh Happy Day just cut the ribbon on a gorgeous online party store. All the beautiful, hard to find awesome party supplies sourced from all over the world. It’s incredible and something she’s been working on for years. . Go check it out right now. She’s brilliant, has amazing taste and the site is so much fun. I’m helping plan a baby shower next month and I’ll share with you some favorite picks from her shop, coming up!


    Up to anything fun this weekend? Jared is heading up to ski on Mt. Shasta this weekend right now so it’s me and the kids! We are meeting some friends that are headed to Japan next month for ramen tonight to discuss their plans and then I promised Henry we’d have a movie date (with snacks of course) on the couch after Edie goes down. Tomorrow we have a little league baseball game and are then headed to Gabby of Design Mom’s book signing up in Corte Madera. It’s at the Pottery Barn from 1-3pm. Hope to see you there! And, have a wonderful Mother’s Day to all you mamas out there!!

    Here are some links to explore: 

    5 Common mistakes travelers make in Japan. Maaaan, I broke almost every one of these rules!

    Love this rug even though it’s kind of crazy, and it’s on sale!

    Kicking waffles up a notch!

    These sandals haven’t come off my feet in days

    Great spring linen blazers

    Cute DIY flags for a graduate

    Love these shoes, and only $45! Perfect summer version of an oxford

    Awesome three tiered cake stand

    This whole jewelry collection is gorgeous. Bummed my favorite necklaces are sold out though.

    Okay this app is super addicting. I find myself giggling all day long (thanks, Michelle!)

    Love this easy DIY rainbow bunting (image above, by Sarah Hebenstreit)

    Cute romper for summer

    Make homemade cookie butter with any cookie. Dangerous!

  • 10 Fab finds under $40

    By fashion editor Ashley

    may 8 2015

    One way to find the best deals is to shop out of season. Like this duffle coat from ASOS, originally $111 and now on sale for $34! You can’t beat that. Happy weekend, happy shopping!

    one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten

  • 20 Baby Registry Must Haves

    baby registry

    When friends or family are having their first baby and ask me about advice on gear, I never know where to even begin because I remember exactly how overwhelming it feels. You don’t really want to care so much about the difference between a Moby wrap or a Solly wrap but then you find yourself laying in bed at night thinking about this tiny baby you’ll be responsible for and the mothers guilt already starts creeping in before they’re even the size of a walnut! In a matter of weeks you find yourself stopping strangers on the street, desperately soliciting advice on gender neutral changing pads or eco-friendly stroller covers. Remember when you used to stop strangers to ask them where they got that amazing pair of military boots?? Okay, so I still do that too but it’s not joke: baby gear is definitely a crazy, confusing world to navigate for a first time parent.

    Recently I was introduced to a baby registry site called Cricket’s Circle which makes all the stress of baby shopping easy by doing the difficult research and only giving you three options to choose from in each category so you aren’t left feeling overwhelmed.  Just like a researched, experienced best girlfriend. I’m partnering with them today to share my 20 favorite baby registry items. Keep reading for links and more about this great new site…


  • Two ingredient fruit dip


    It’s strawberry season! This is one of my favorite fruit dips and it’s so simple it’s kind of embarrassing (which makes it the best kind of recipe, right?). Only two ingredients that you already have in your kitchen…



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