• Pumpkin Soup served in Pumpkins

    by food contributor Brittany


    October is my favorite month because it’s the beginning to the holiday season! I love being festive with my food for the holidays and this pumpkin soup can dress up your dinner for Halloween or can even be used as a pretty side for Thanksgiving!
    pumpkin soup in a pumpkin
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  • DIY Autumn Leaf Soaps

    make your own soaps

    Have you ever tried making your own soaps? After researching the topic I was shocked how easy they were to DIY and what a nice, simple touch they are next to the faucet or for bath time with the kids. Also, wouldn’t they make amazing gifts for the holidays too all packaged up? Just be sure they know that they’re soap and not candy! Using mini cookie cutters you could create any shape you want. We made these in the shape and colors of fall leaves.

    This post is in collaboration with Delta Shower Doors. They have a great feature where you can customize your shower door in all kinds of designs to make a perfect fit for your space. I had fun playing around with creating my dream shower door online, but you can also do it in store at Home Depot. We’re renting now but when we buy I’d love to try to use this fantastic tool. There’s also a great sweepstakes going on! Enter to win the $1000 sweepstakes right here.


  • Weekend Roundup

    fall pumpkins

    We’re headed up to Point Reyes right now on a little 10 yr anniversary trip. Our friends are watching the kids for one day and then we’ll be exploring and hiking together as as family the second day. On Sunday Edie and I are flying out to Utah for the week for a not so fun reason, a funeral of a close and much loved uncle. There will be lots of family to see though and my parents are even coming back from Tokyo so we’re happy to be able to spend a little time with them, even though it’s on such a sad note. I’m hoping Edie will cheer everyone up though, she’s pretty good at bringing the rainbows and charm. Posting will be a little lighter this coming week and I might be slow on emails while we’re traveling. Hope you’re enjoying this beautiful fall weather. Image above from our trip to the Pumpkin Patch earlier this week, aren’t those fall colors amazing? Here are some links to explore:

    The A&E segment for FYI we were filming a few months ago is online now, watch it here. It makes me nervous just watching it. Eeeek!

    Fake a blow out with a curling iron

    Cool painted ghost gourds (by Kersey!)

    Super cozy handwoven blanket for fall evenings

    Bah! Jordan’s Ira Glass hipster costume is on the Tonight Show! (and Jimmy is a fan)

    Map of where and when to see fall foliage around the country

    Huge crush on these fall boots

    A pineapple jack o lantern. YES.

    Floral quilt perfection

    This fall stew looks amazing

    This whole site: How to become an adult in 468 easy (ish) steps

    These illustrations are so pretty

    DIY Sequin dot pumpkins

    And some Columbus Day weekend sales: 30% off select fall items at Madewell, (these black jeans), 50% off everything at LOFT (this sweater ),  50% off at Aldo (these $22 red flats), everything 15-50% off at Old Navy (these $6 baby skeleton pjs ), 30% off full priced styles at J.Crew (these wool pants)


  • Halloween Family Costumes: Where’s Waldo


    This last family of three costume is a classic! Where’s Waldo is not only cute and charming but it totally vibes with your striped nautical wardrobe so it’s super easy for a last minute costume! Be prepared to get lost a lot at the party, “You haven’t seen…Waldo have you?”. See all family costume idea here and all our Halloween costume ideas right here.



    Huge thanks to our awesome family that modeled the family costumes this week:  Matt, Heather and sweet May Mildenstein (who makes a fantastic royal baby don’t you think?). Photography by the fabulous Ashley Thalman based out of Utah. Stellar styling by Sarah Larsen and her crafty assistant Stephanie Larsen. Produced by site manager Ashley Aikele who kept things rolling so smoothly, and with creative direction by myself, Liz Stanley.

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  • 10 Halloween Costumes for under $30

    By fashion editor Ashley

    halloween costumes under 30

    If you aren’t feeling up to DIYing this year’s Halloween costumes, here are 10 simple and cute costumes to buy under $30!

    click through for the links…


  • Halloween Family Costumes: Gardeners and Garlic


    All week we’ve been sharing family of three Halloween costumes on Say Yes and today is another great one: Gardeners and baby garlic from the harvest. What I love about this is that the adult costumes are a cinch to put together and the baby costume can be any fruit, vegetable, plant you want. Babies dressed as fruit and vegetables are some of my favorite costumes and this is a great way to incorporate it all into a group!  You could easily add other kids or do this as a group of friends as well for a fruit basket. A bunch of grapes with mini purple balloons, a red tomato with a big puffy red suit, yellow dress with a green hat as a pineapple, banana-man. So many ideas to make this one work for whatever group you have.


    Thanks to our awesome team! Matt, Heather and baby May Mildenstein (aka, the cutest clove of garlic I’ve ever seen!) for modeling. Photography by Ashley Thalman. Styling by  Sarah Larsen and her assistant Stephanie Larsen. Produced by site manager Ashley Aikele with creative direction by myself, Liz Stanley.

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  • Three Transition Outfits


    A couple months ago I shared a favorite postpartum outfit and many of you were interested in seeing more. Today I’m sharing three more in collaboration with Le Tote, a subscription shopping service with unlimited totes full of clothing that come quickly to your door as often as you want.  Perfect for busy women who love to shop (and if you do, be sure to use the discount code SayYes to get 50% off your subscription).

    Since I can hardly count 11 months post-baby to be postpartum anymore,  I would consider these more postpartum transition outfits as I’m sloooowly squeezing myself back into my pre-baby clothes but I still am not comfortable in everything in my wardrobe. These three outfits are a few of my favorites styles to wear during this in-between transition time of postpartum.

    Keep reading to hear more about Le Tote and three favorite postpartum transition styles…

    Photography by Sara AlbersThanks to Le Tote for sponsoring this post. You can get 50% off the $49 subscription fee with this discount code: SayYes.


  • Halloween Family Costumes: The Royal Family


    Another family of three costume idea for you today: Will, Kate and baby Prince George! I love this one because it would be such a cinch to pull together and very current. Brushen up on your English accents and use this as an excuse to finally dress up baby in that one special but impractical vintage outfit you’ve been saving for forever.

    Keep reading for more details on The Royals costume (Let me be your ruler, you can call me Queen Bee…)

    Thank you to OUR royal family, Matt, Heather and baby May Mildenstein. Photography by Ashley Thalman. Styling by  Sarah Larsen and her assistant Stephanie Larsen. Produced by site manager Ashley Aikele with creative direction by myself, Liz Stanley.


  • DIY Spider Treat Bucket

    DIY halloween spider treat bucket
    I have another fun little video today! This time it’s a easy Halloween craft to create this totally creepy, spooky spider treat bucket for your festive Halloween table or for handing out candy to daring trick or treaters on the night of the 31st. Watch the short video below to see the whole tutorial and keep reading for more details on this project!

    Video by Jenner Brown. Graphics by Rebecca Ricks. Craft and concept by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers


  • Halloween Family Costumes: Alice in Wonderland


    Something fun this year! As an extension of our couples costumes Halloween series, this year we’re also sharing some ideas for family of three costumes. There is nothing cuter than dressing up a baby for Halloween, especially when it’s an excuse to dress up yourselves!

    First up are the classic characters from Alice in Wonderland: Alice, the White Rabbit and a fun sized Queen of Hearts (with a much more pleasant disposition and hopefully less tantrums). All of the ideas this week can easily be transitioned into a larger family group as well. For this Alice in Wonderland theme you could add on a Mad Hatter, Cheshire cat, and a couple kids dressed as oversized face cards. This doesn’t have to be for a family either, a group of friends could pull this off too!



    Keep reading to see more details on this family costume…

    Big thanks to our family models this year, Matt, Heather and baby May Mildenstein! They were such troopers (especially little May). Photography by Ashley Thalman. Styling by  Sarah Larsen and her assistant Stephanie Larsen. Produced by site manager Ashley Aikele with creative direction by myself, Liz Stanley.



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