• Two Minute DIY: Leather Bow Clips

    diy leather bow clips

    We’ve got the easiest little DIY for you today to make these leather bow clips for spring.  It requires no sewing or even glueing, and only a couple minutes to make. Edie’s been wearing them every day, I’m obsessed.

    diy leather bow clips

    Here’s how to make them in 3 easy steps…


  • Weekend Roundup


    Up to anything fun this weekend? We’ve been crazy busy but hoping to relax a bit finally and enjoy this nice spring weather. Henry has his first baseball game tomorrow (go Phillies!) and hoping to do some major decluttering and baking here at home. Have a great one, here are some links to explore:

    I think I’d wear this dress all summer

    These homemade carnitas look amazing! Thinking of making them this weekend

    Easy clover balloons for St. Patrick’s Day

    Love the feminist cakes from Coco Cake Land (image above)

    Super inspired to cook healthier with this book

    Creating a gorgeous tiny nursery in a master bedroom

    My sisters swear by this eyebrow pomade

    This is hilarious! I swear it happens all the time since Jared and I both work from home

    Such a pretty paper mache project to do with the kids!

    Does social media make you feel more connected or more lonely?

    Cute slip-on house shoes

    The right way to use bobby pins (I’ve totally been using them wrong)

    Digging this gingham skirt and  white sneakers for spring

    Tips for making friends with another mom at the park

    I want to try these for my next dinner party

    Such a great tip for using pine cones in planters!

    Hilarious reactions to Moonlight winning best picture

    Thought it was cute last night when I realized that both Jared and Henry love the same brand and style of jeans: The Levi’s 511 slim for boys and men

  • A Simple Game to Get Kids Talking


    Here’s the scene: your 9-year-old has been at school since 8 am with hundreds of conversations, experiences, and thoughts, but when you pick her up, it’s difficult to get more than a few vague words out of her. Is this scene familiar to other parents out there? Short of advanced spyware equipment, it’s nearly impossible to find out what really goes on at school. And what happened to those chatty preschoolers that told you every thought entering their head? Sometimes, it’s just about asking them the right questions. Here’s a simple game Sarah played one afternoon with her 9- and 7-year-olds while they’re eating after-school snacks to get them talking again (with a free printable!)…

    This post is in partnership with #TalkEarly, a parenting movement with Responsibility.org that encourages early and thoughtful conversations with children around alcohol while modeling healthy behaviors.


  • Five Ways to Wear a Semi Sheer Shirt this Spring


    Semi-sheer shirts are all over the place this spring, and my drawer is getting filled with colorful bras to wear with them. Here are five ways we like to wear sheer shirts in partnership with ThirdLove, a new bra and underwear company I love…


  • 21 Easter Dresses under $40

    By Assistant Editor Ashley

    easter dresses

    I love all the pastels and florals that come out around Easter. I’ve already started looking for dresses for my two daughters and I keeping finding myself drawn to yellow this year! Such a fun color that kids always have the energy to pull off. Click through for the links to these 21 Easter dresses that won’t break the bank! (more…)

  • Spring Must-Have: Striped Button-Down Shirt

    By Assistant Editor Diana

    striped shirt

    If you’re one of those people, like myself, who lives in stripes, I have just the thing for you. Yes, striped menswear banker-style shirts are this season’s must-have. Every wardrobe needs one, because of its feminine, spring-y, laid back vibe. It’s one of those go-to pieces that is easy to pull off, while feeling totally comfortable, no matter the occasion. Better yet, if your husband or boyfriends happens to own the exact thing, just borrow it, wear it with your favorite jeans or a suede skirt, and I promise, you’ll never want to give it back:)

    Fancy more? Come this way, here’s some inspiration in how to wear it… (more…)

  • DIY Pom Pom Sandals


    Pom poms are having a stylish moment right now, especially on sandals. If there’s one thing I love, it’s a trend that’s easy to DIY. To join in on this fun spring trend, here’s how to make a pair for yourself (and a matching pair for your mini me)…


  • A Late Winter Beauty Tip: Lip and Cheek Stain


    It’s March but it still feels like warm weather is worlds away. Our new assistant editor, Diana, has a beauty tip for winter that she and her girlfriends swear by to get through these last few weeks: lip and cheek stain. One product for both sun-kissed cheeks and rosy lips that look like you just ate fresh raspberries. An instant winter pick-me-up when your skin needs it the most (come back, sunshine and soon!). Here’s the product her friends and her swear by and some other options as well…


  • My favorite podcast episodes About Families

    By Assistant Editor Erica


    As I’ve mentioned before, my love for audio books runs deep. However, sometimes I want to listen to something that’s less of a commitment, more of a nibble than a full feast. Enter the podcast.

    Since podcasts run the gamut in both length and topic, finding one you like is a daunting task. Literally anyone with a recording device can make a podcast, so the options are vast! I’ve listened to everything from stories about the California raisin business on Planet Money to ones about Gilmore Girls on The Gilmore Guys. The ones I listen to the most regularly tend to be human interest stories with an emphasis on families. If that interests you as well, here are my favorite podcasts in that genre (warning – these will make you cry!)…


  • Laundry with Toddlers: 4 Fun Tips

    laundry with toddlers
    I wish I could put off doing major household chores when the kids are up and active, but usually there’s no avoiding it. Getting kids involved makes things a lot easier, and it turns out laundry can be super entertaining for them. Today we partnered with Maytag to put together a few ideas on making laundry time enjoyable for the fun-sized crowd (and therefore making your life easier too). Ashley, an assistant editor here at Say Yes, invited us into her lovely home with 3 yr old Hazel and 9 month old Bea to photograph their new sunny laundry space while we chatted about ideas on keeping kids happy during laundry chores. Here are four ideas we came up with…


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