• We’re a Perfect Match Valentines

    matchbox valentine

    Those mini matchbox favors from Christmas have been laying around (I’m really bad at cleaning up old craft projects!) and I thought we could use them to make something fun for Valentine’s day. These we’re a perfect match boxes are filled with something sweet inside that won’t actually strike a fire. See how we made them after the jump…



  • 10 Sweaters to Live In

    By Ashley Aikele

    sweaters to live in

    Pregnancy mixed with winter time means I’m living in oversized sweaters and cardigan. I’m so glad it’s a current trend and I’m going to ride it as long as I can. Below are ten sweaters you could live in, day and night.

    sweaters to live in

    one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten

  • Tips for Temporary Hair Color

    By beauty contributors Molly and Joanna of Irrelephant

    We’re all a bit braver in our minds, aren’t we? We all have this daydream of having a fun color peaking out of our hair but going to the salon and having to bleach our hair to get the permanent results is a bit intimidating. There are many temporary hair colored sprays and hair chalks on the market, but some can be a bit expensive. We had heard a rumor about using your everyday eyeshadow as a quick and effective way to add some fun to your hair for a day (or a couple hours) and we gave it a try. Might be a fun to add just a touch of pink, like we did here, just for Valentine’s Day!


  • DIY watercolor treat bags

    By DIY contributor Alyson of Sugar and Bash

    valentines treat bags

    I’m always looking for the next thing to put my DIY stamp on, and of course I landed on glassine bags. These are great for Valentine treats and can easily be dolled up in just a few minutes.
    treat bags


  • Weekend Roundup

    valentines day treat bags

    Hi! Writing from Alt Summit right now! Always such an inspiring and productive conference.  This is the last year it’ll be here in Salt Lake so it’s a little bittersweet! I’m at the Ask a Blogger hallway desk this morning so if you’re here, stop by and say hi (treats welcome as well!). Hope you’re having a great weekend, here are some links to explore:

    Doesn’t get simpler than these Valentine’s Day treat bags (image above)

    Word on the street is this is the best winter lipstick, in the always red shade

    DIY kits that are doing some serious good

    27 picture books every kid should read before they grow up (there are a few I need to read!)

    Pretty and printable Valentine’s day wrapping paper to download

    I need to try making some Japanese milk bread (this whole blog is mouth watering)

    I’m obsessed with veggie bowls lately.  This one looks amazing.

    Shopping for a wedding dress? This etsy shop makes beautiful ones

    The cutest little DIY cupid heart balloons!

    Must try this pistachio + pomegranete cake!

    10 design trends projected for 2016 (great read!)

    Woah. This two toned painting job is cool. Would be fun to try!

    A really good post about how bloggers like myself make an income

  • 10 Fab Finds under $40

    By Ashley Aikele

    fab finds under $40

    Loving a little pop of camel mixed with neutrals and blues. Happy shopping, happy weekend!

    one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten

  • Two Favorite Maternity Outfits


    Dressing the bump is so tricky. You want to feel like yourself when your body is changing so drastically, but there are major limitations. One being the bump itself of course, and another being the cost of a whole new wardrobe to dress it. As I mentioned in the post last week about my favorite maternity pieces, I hate spending a lot on maternity clothing when I know I’ll only need it for a few months. So my wardrobe consists mostly of: heavily discounted clothing, hand me downs from friends, oversized dresses turned shirts, DIY maternity jeans (our tutorial here), and lots of consignment clothing.


    Today I’m partnering with the awesome app Totspot to share a couple favorite maternity outfits. It’s an easy to use consignment shopping app for buying and selling kids and adults clothing/accessories. There are some amazing deals on there so it’s perfect for a maternity, transitional wardrobes, or just kids that grow out of things quickly! You can make an offer on any piece you find or pay the suggested amount. And shipping is always included in the price! Keep reading for more about it and two of my favorite outfits featuring pieces I picked from the Totspot app...


  • Look for Less

    By Ashley Aikele

    look for less

    I love this look because it’s full of classic pieces: the blazer, striped top, jeans, mens inspired watch, and even white sneakers. All great pieces to have in your wardrobe since they mix and match well with so many looks!

    The Look: J.Crew
    For Less: shirt / blazer / jeans / watch / shoes

  • 8 Surprising Tips for Winter Hair and Skin


    Here in San Francisco, the climate stays about the same year round but I notice my skin and hair suffers a ton when I travel to cooler climates. When we traveled to Utah for Christmas the temperatures were freezing. My hair was way more brittle and I was lathering on tons of lotion every day. Do you have the same problem in the cold? My team did a little research and we found some surprising tips to keep your hair and skin looking its best.

    As part of our research, Sarah and I tried the Moroccanoil products who we’re partnering with for this post. And guys, we were both floored by them (and they aren’t paying me to say that!). My thin, damaged hair is feeling soft and healthy again with just a tiny bit of Moroccanoil Treatment Light worked into my wet hair before being blow dried.  I feel like I’ve tried to achieve that with every other product on this planet with much less success (and spent way more money- the travel size is just $15). I was really shocked at how well it worked, for real! Here’s more about it and some other surprising winter hair and skin tips we found…


  • DIY Confetti Treat Box and Printable

    By DIY contributor Alyson of Sugar and Bash
    confetti box finished
    As much as I love pink and red, sometimes it’s nice to mix it up a little for Valentine’s Day. I tend to add a little (or a lot) of confetti to my gifts to make the unwrapping fun and messy! It adds such a great punch of color and when I had this idea for a treat box, there was no way I was passing it up. The only goal for Valentine’s Day is to make your sweets look good…and the easiest way? Make the treat box top notch.
    Keep reading for the instructions and free printable!


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