• 10 Fab finds under $40

    by fashion editor Ashley

    10 FAB FINDS aug

    Don’t let all the kids have all the fun with the back to school shopping. Here are ten fab finds under $40! Happy shopping!

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  • DIY Braided Leather Binkie Clip

    diy binkie clip

    I read something once that by the end of your life the average person has spent a year of it searching for lost possessions. I found this fact inconceivable until I had kids that loved binkies. No matter how many of those things I buy (and they aren’t cheap), I still find myself desperately hitting the baby aisle of the drugstore at 8pm in my pajamas all too frequently. It drives me nuts! Part of the problem is that I’ve never found a binkie clip that I liked the look of. It certainly would make those things easier to hold onto. I’ve even searched etsy, which always seems to be the goldmine of well designed everyday items. And still nothing that’s to my liking.

    DIY binkie clip

    Enter Janette of Sun + Dotter. She offered to come over and let me shoot her sharing her technique for making these handmade binkie clips, which she used to sell- they’d go like hot cakes and I can see why! When she made the suggestion to come stop by for us to shoot this tutorial I immediately responded with “Yes! And can you bring one over tonight??”.

    I’m excited to share Janette’s newest project, Lovemade. Along with Jeanne of Shop Sweet Things, they’re hosting an amazing workshop for pregnant women here in SF in September to help moms-to-be define a sense of intention about their home & nursery design, fashion, and support networks as they prepare for life with a little one. Everyone will receive a specially curated goodie bag from some of my favorite maternity and baby brands like Hatch, Freshly Picked, Minted and The Honest Company. I’ll be joining them to speak on an “Ask Us Anything” panel along with Katie Hintz-Zambrano of Mother Mag and Erica Chan Coffman of Honestly WTF. It’s going to be so fun, including makeovers with bareMinerals and baby bump photos with Sara of Modern Kids Photography (love her!). Janette and I have worked together before on picking out baby products for Edie and designing her nursery. She’s an expert on all things baby and kid gear/design. The workshop is $375, but early-bird pricing of $325 is available until August 29th. If you tell them I sent you, they have a very special surprise in store! 

    DIY binkie clip

    Keep reading for the the tutorial on making these adorable leather braided (4 strand flat braid) binkie clips for baby…

    Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers. Technique and instruction by Janette Crawford


  • Trend Crush: Fall Sneakers

    by fashion editor Ashley

    sneakers for fall

    For a long time sneakers were what you wore to clean the garage or do yard work… but wear them out in public, on purpose? Never! Thank goodness those days are long gone. Sneakers can be the perfect statement for fall and whats even better, they are practical! For once, beauty is not pain. I love all the great neutral sneaker options out there that don’t look like you just got home from the the gym. I have a pair of black and white Nike’s that I love to throw on with cropped pants, a loose tee, and a cardigan. Below are some of my favorite sneakers in classic brands. Which are your favorite?

    fall sneakers

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  • 5 Tips for Family Camping + Edie’s First Campout


    In the final of our Made to Matter, Handpicked by Target challenge, we took Edie out for her first camping trip last month in the Sierras. Camping with kids is a topic I get emails about all the time. I’ve posted some tips before for backpacking with kids but thought I’d share a few ideas for making a car camping trip with the family more fun enjoyable for everyone (even for baby!).




    This is the last in our Made to Matter, Handpicked by Target challenge featuring some easy on the go organic baby food perfect for camping trips like Plum Organics Stage 2 blend pouches, Ella’s Kitchen Organic Pureed Baby Food pouches, Plums Organics Little Yums Teething Wafers, Ella’s Kitchen Organic Raspberry and Vanilla Puffits.

    Keep reading for more photos from Edie’s first camping trip and 5 tips for camping with your family…

    Photography by Liz and Jared Stanley

    This post is sponsored by TargetThe Made To Matter line has been handpicked by Target to bring you brands that make things better for your you, your family, and the place we all call home. 


  • Interview with a First Grader: Harper

    Last week we interviewed Henry, and today we’re interviewing Henry’s friend and fellow toothless first grader, Harper! This is part of a partnership with Gap Kids and the GapKids class of 2014 contest going on. Harper’s mother, Sara, works with me here at Say Yes so we get to spend lots of time together and I always love when Harper and Henry get to hang out (even if it’s for a photo shoot). They crack me up! From Frozen sing alongs to Little House and the Prairie and rainbow loom bracelets, Harper is one part teenager and two parts adorable little kid.




    Keep reading for our interview with Harper, featuring these favorite picks from Gap Kids: Star hi-top sneakers (don’t you love these!)/Drop waist zip dress/Denim jacket (borrowed from the boys)/Nylon backpack/Stud headband.

    Photography and styling by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers. Thanks to Harper and Henry for modeling their toothless grins!


  • Secrets of Stylish Moms: Amber



    Today’s for secrets of stylish moms we’re featuring Amber from Portland, Oregon. Amber is the mother to 2 1/2 yr old Eleanor, and blogs over at the blog “With Love“, a personal lifestyle blog covering design, fashion, beauty, food, and motherhood. We love Amber’s local’s guide to Portland series for tips on where to eat and shop in Portland, her style series for great tips and go-tos as a mom, and her new series, Heart & Craft, that features entrepreneurial mamas. Today we’re finding all about her secrets to being a mom with great style.
    .stylish moms

    Welcome Amber! This jumpsuit looks like the perfect piece! Tell us more about it…

    I love a good jumpsuit. They’re stylish, comfortable, and easy. It’s a one-stop piece. All you have to do is add shoes and you’re good to go. The chambray jumpsuit I’m wearing is Ilana Kohn that I found on this rad site called, Garmentory. Warning: it’s addictive because it makes you feel like everything you buy was a score. If anything has changed with my style since becoming a mom, its definitely gotten more streamlined and comfortable. The priorities for me now are not only style but comfort, ease, something that moves, and with pockets. Always with pockets.

    What is one favorite piece in your wardrobe that is both practical for a mother and stylish?

    My chambray button-up shirts from Madewell. I have one in a dark wash for fall/winter and one in a light wash for spring/summer. They are like my second skin.

    Have you splurged on any item in your postpartum wardrobe?

    Having a daughter is dangerous. Everything is so cute. I enjoy splurging on her just as much as myself! But when I do splurge on myself it’s usually an Ace&Jig piece. Honestly, I probably splurge more since becoming a mom. I shop less and spend more. I just find myself wanting clothes that will last and standup to motherhood more than wanting to shop frequently.

    Keep reading for Amber’s postpartum fashion advice and favorite beauty products and regimens…

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  • Weekend Roundup


    It’s the last weekend before school starts again.  I’ve actually taken the week off from work (mostly, with the exception of evenings) to spend some time with Henry and Edie before the school routine sets in next week and my assistant comes back. We’ve been exploring the city a lot, boogie boarding in the ocean up north, had sleepovers, made popsicles, stayed up late, and even visited the Jelly Belly Factory and Train Town. This weekend we’re headed to the circus, a birthday party and maybe some canoeing on the Russian River with friends if we can squeeze it in. Edie’s also started crawling so it’s time to baby proof the house! Twice we found a lego piece in her mouth this week. Yikes! Have a lovely one, here are some links to explore:

    Have you seen Jordan of Oh Happy Day‘s new company, Bright Lab Lights?  So pretty, don’t you think? (image above). I’m trying to figure out what strand would be best in the kids room!

    The sweetest playsuit for Edie

    Can’t wait to try this pluot summer salad

    Oh I’d live in these cool sweatpants!

    Huge crush on this gorgeous dress

    Ice cream surprise balls!

    Great DIY for adding leather pockets to your striped dress

    Really digging these enamel bowls

    I just got a shiny new laptop so now of course I’m eyeing this gorgeous laptop bag everyone needs

    Fun way to breathe new life into your canvas shoes

    Pretty way to wear flowers in your hair

    13 recipes for those fresh tomatoes from the farmers market

  • 20 back to school finds for $20 or less: girls!

    by fashion editor Ashley

    back to school girls

    The back to school clock is ticking! It’s sad to see summer go but sometimes it’s nice to get back into the swing of things with the schedule school provides. Here are a couple of sales to watch for back to school shopping! And in case you missed it, some tips on back to school shopping on a budget!

    J.Crew: Online only, 25% off summer to fall styles
    Gap: Sweaters starting at $18, Jeans and Khakis starting at $19, tops starting at $9, and all uniform pieces on sale!
    Old Navy: Kids jeans starting at $10, 15% off online purchases… 25% off if you have a pair of jeans in your cart.
    J.Crew Factory: 30% off new arrivals, online only
    H&M: Online and in store 20% off entire kids purchase of $50 or more.
    American Eagle Outfitters: All jeans under $30 + free shipping on everything!
    Kohl’s: Up to 50% off back to school weekend sale
    ASOS: Free standard shipping when you spend $25
    Target: 40% off jeans for the family + buy one get one 50% off shoes
    Forever 21: Back to school deals starting at $4
    Macy’s: Take an extra 20% off

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  • Rainbow Teething Popsicles


    Edie’s first tooth is starting to emerge (as are her curly blonde locks!).  It’s exciting but her poor gums have been in pain lately. Which, for such a good natured baby like Edie means she takes occasional breaks from around the clock smiling to gnaw on something hard or cold within arms reach. When we go out to restaurants one of her favorite things to do is gnaw on ice cubes from my glass but I have to hold them in her mouth so she doesn’t swallow them whole. I discussed some natural teething remedies a bit last week but this week I thought I’d make her some cold + soothing teething ‘popsicles’ that would be easy for her to hold and impossible to swallow. These popsicles are really just frozen water in dixie cups: no sugar, just a drop of food coloring (which isn’t necessary and probably she could do with less food coloring in her life but pretty none the less).

    teething popsicles

    When Henry was in preschool they had this sweet tradition of giving ice cubes to kids who were upset or hurt. They’d just crack one from the freezer ice tray and wrap it in a brown paper towel so their fingers wouldn’t freeze off. It was the perfect amount of attention and felt like a treat without actually being a treat at all. Also, the activity of gnawing on a cold ice cube gave them something to keep their mind off their skinned knee or the bucket that was unfairly yanked from their sandy little hands. Ever since, Henry has loved ice cubes. In fact, every time I give Edie one of these teething popsicles he insists on sucking on one as well.

    teething popsicles

    teething popsicles

    Edie’s verdict on the teething pops and a genius popsicle making tip you need to know about…

    Photography by Liz Stanley


  • Look for less: Girls back to school

    by fashion editor Ashley

    girls look for less-01

    School shopping can add up fast, especially if you have more than one kid your shopping for! Here are a few quick tips for saving money but keeping your kids on trend! 1. Get an idea of what’s in fashion by cruising through web sites that might be out of your price range, all while taking notes. Look for basic pieces that will be easy to mimic (ie. blue and white striped dress). 2. Shop sales, and shop online! Once I found a pair of shorts in a store on sale for $39.00, I had just seen the same shorts online for sale for $14.00 and free shipping! 3. Invest in quality pieces that will get worn and worn (good shoes! a nice coat, etc). 4. Don’t be afraid to be patient (good things come to those who wait). Good luck!

    girls look for less-02

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