• The Red Balloon Halloween Costume

    Today we have a really simple costume based off of Albert Lamorisse’s beautiful French children’s film, The Red Balloon (you can watch the full short film on youtube here). It’s so easy, no crafting and you probably can collect most everything in your closet.

    Here’s how to put it together…


  • 5 Fall Foliage Kid Crafts

    Fall foliage is probably the thing I miss most about growing up in New York. So many fond memories of jumping in gigantic piles of leaves and the most beautiful red and orange trees on our walk to school. If you’re lucky enough to live close to beautiful fall foliage (or if you’re planning a trip to those areas), here’s a prediction site of when it’ll be the best. I’ll be on the east coast for a business trip tomorrow and I’m hoping to have a quick peek. Even though we don’t have a lot of changing leaves here in the bay area, we still love doing leaf crafts with the kids. Here is a roundup of 5 favorites…


  • Fall to Boot

    By Assistant Editor Ashley
    fall boots

    It’s a no brainer that boots always come out around fall, but what boots are you into right now? It looks like its all about where it hits on the leg, somewhere between ankle and calf is the sweet spot we’re seeing everyone. Beyond that there are hundreds of options we’re loving: patent leather, velvet, square heel, peg heel, two toned, floral, metallic, the list goes on and on.

    Click through to see some of my favorite street style options and links to where you can get them for yourself… (more…)

  • Cherub Angel Baby Costume

    angel baby costume

    We’re got some cute baby costume ideas this year, all staring my adorable nephew, Edin! My sister Celeste and Edin flew out last weekend to keep us company while Jared was away, and we had a fun time brainstorming ideas and dressing this babe up! Today, we’re sharing this classic cherub angel costume. It’s obviously meant for an indoor Halloween party, as this poor baby cherub would freeze his buns off outside. Here’s how to put it together…


  • Dolores of Westworld Halloween Costume

    Dolores Westworld costume

    Are you guys big Westworld fans at your house? We loved the Wild West meets modern technology tv series, and thought it would be fun to create a Halloween costume based on the main character, Dolores. Here’s how to put together this easy, last minute costume in a jiffy…


  • Weekend Roundup

    Happy weekend! We’ve got a lot going on. First off, my sister Celeste and her sweet baby Eden are coming into town! I had to fly that baby over state lines for Halloween costume photos because he is that cute (also, great excuse to hang with my sister). Also, I’m super excited to attend the In Good Company conference today. So many rockstars will be there and excited to see lots of friends and fellow women entrepreneurs. Then, Saturday is a Room & Board event in San Francisco I’m co-hosting with Good Eggs (oh man, I love Good Eggs). It’s free, there’s food, and other goodies for you! I hope you can come join me, RSVP here. On Sunday, Jared comes home (he’s been away on a paragliding trip all week), and it’s also our 14th anniversary so we’ve got dinner plans and a babysitter. Busy weekend coming up (makes up for the fact that I haven’t left the house in 4 days??). Hope you have a fun one, here are some links to explore:

    The last few weeks I’ve been working with bay area based organizer guru Shira Gill and now I’m obsessed with purging and organizing (I have a room full of stuff to get rid of now). She’s so brilliant! Lots of organizing ideas on her site too.

    This velvet pillow DIY is so cute!

    For the love of all things sweet potatoes

    I’m putting together an art cart here at home and loving these suggestions

    Kids at weddings (ha!, via Tracy)

    Classic ghost family costume inspiration for Halloween

    Perfect French girl style (image above)

    All the fall DOEN dresses are perfect

    Salivating over these salted chocolate chip cookies

    These seems like such a versatile dress

    I’ve been really into self help lately, and have loved these podcasts, Life Coach. Highly recommend!

    When you’re feeling the mom guilt, these are a good laugh

    These synchronized swimming photos are really cool

    Crushing on this velvet blazer

    I still can’t get over that these pieces were made with colored pencils (via Diana)d

    I love Amanda’s series on fridge foraging (check her instagram stories too!)

    Jimmy Choo founder, Tamara Mellon on Having it All as a working mom

  • Sia Halloween Costume

    We’re starting our yearly Halloween costumes today! First up, a super easy Sia costume, for any pint size performers you’ve got at your house. Here’s how to put it together super quick…


  • Healthy Bodies Chart

    All three kids are interested and curious about the human body (aren’t we all?). Dot loves naming body parts, and both Edie and Henry talk a lot about functions of different body parts and the mysterious things happening under the skin. Today, in partnership with fairlife SuperKids ultra-filtered milk  (which we are huge fans of here), I thought it might be fun to blow up a body chart with the kids to talk about the functions of the human body and how to keep it healthy and strong…


  • Easy and Stylish way to update your bag for fall

    By Assistant Editor Ashley Aikele

    Instead of buying a new ‘it’ handbag for the upcoming season, jazz up the one you already have by wrapping its handle with an autumn-hue silk scarf. More inspiration and a round up of favorite silk scarfs below… (more…)

  • Room & Board Event

    Hey friends! I’ve got something exciting to tell you about for any bay area locals.  This coming Saturday afternoon, September 30th, I’m hosting a free event at Room and Board in San Francisco. We’re partnering with Good Eggs to talk about grain bowls and making easy family-friendly dinners. Plus, there will be some delicious grain bowls to sample and surprises in the goodie bags! It’s in the gorgeous Room and Board showroom (685 Seventh Street), so you’ll want to be sure you leave plenty of time to browse the store as well. And it’s kid friendly, so bring the whole crew!

    Keep reading for more about making a family-friendly grain bowl, and a flyer for the event (be sure to RSVP here!)…


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