• A Simple Summer Cheese Plate + 5 Cheese Plate Tips

    summer picnic

    Because picnics can happen year round here in San Francisco, people can really get into it. I once was invited to a picnic that was so high brow, I felt kind of embarrassed pulling out my tubberware with strawberries and cans of warm seltzer. I hadn’t gotten the memo! They had this incredible cheese plate that was something you’d serve at a nice dinner party. It did seem like a lot of work, all the carefully prepared foods arranged so deliberately and delicately (they were lucky it wasn’t windy!). It was really amazing but it made me wonder about the possibility of making an outdoor cheese plate fancy, but will little or no preparation. So today I’m sharing an idea for a fancy but easy summer cheese plate in partnership with Blue Diamond Almonds and their classic roasted salted almonds.  No prep will need to be done beforehand, just a stop at the local market and a handful of wild flowers found on the way.

    And as a special treat, I asked my friend Kiri from The Cheese School of San Francisco (one of my favorite venus for parties) to share with us some easy tips for putting a cheese plate together for any occasion.

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  • Trend Crush: Embroidered Pieces

    By fashion editor Ashley


    I’m not usually one to sport the bohemian style but I can’t resist this summer’s embroidered dresses and tops! Most pieces are very light weight and breezy (perfect for summer) and come in the best colors.

    Keep reading to see the kimono I’m in love with and 11 other affordable embroidered pieces… (more…)

  • How do you soothe your little one?

    munchkin binkie

    Both Henry and Edie had that dreaded nighttime colic as babies and I was always desperate for some relief. Here are some ways we’ve found to soothe them, and how we continue to soothe Edie as an opinionated toddler with big emotions.binkie2

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  • Easy Weeknight Meals: Part 4

    panzanella salad

    Last summer we had a fun series on easy, everyday weeknight meals and thought it might be fun to start it up again! During the summer when schedules are really out of sync and lots of fresh produce around, I find myself relying on simpler meals that are quick and popular. You can see all three posts from last summer here.  I’m excited that I have a few people lined up in the next few months to each share three of their family’s favorite weeknight meals starting with my Say Yes team members.  Ashley is starting things off today! I already made her summer chicken and corn salad recipe this week and it was DELICIOUS. It will be on regular rotation for sure now.

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  • Color the Globe, Three Ways

    seedling craft

    We love doing craft projects in the summer when we have time to kill and need to keep the kids busy while I’m working on other things. Today I’m sharing a fun, educational activity we worked on with Seedling called Color the Globe! We’re sharing three different ways to use their genius activity kit as a jumping off point. Keep reading to see more about it after the jump…



  • 10 Fab Finds Under $40

    By fashion editor Ashley

    fab finds under $40

    The annual Nordstrom Sale starts next week and if you are a card holder you can start shopping now! Look for a round up of my favorite finds from the sale coming next week. Happy weekend, happy shopping!

    one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten

  • Searching for Sun outside San Francisco


    San Francisco is pretty much the same weather year round. It’s usually about 60 degrees, a bit rainier in the winter and foggier in the summer. Which is great weather for any outdoors activity, but being from New York I ache for true seasons. The good thing about the predictable weather is that it’s easy to escape. We can drive 30 minutes and be in 90 degree weather in the summer. And we do that a lot! While many of you try to search for places to cool off this time of year, we’re constantly searching for sun and today I’m sharing some photos from a little outing we went on and some ideas on our favorite summer spots just outside the city…


    This post is sponsored by Lands’ End and their partnership with Melanoma Research Alliance. Their stylish swim tees, like this striped one I’m wearing, has a UPF of 50 for full sun protection. See more info about their partnership at the end of this post and check out all Sun Savvy products right here


  • DIY Toner made with Rose Water

    DIY toner
    A ten to fifteen minute mini facial can be a great way to give ourselves a little extra love in these summer months when we are exposed to a lot more sun and outdoor activities, both of which can be taxing on our skin. Sarah on our Say Yes team here is an esthetician by trade. When we asked her about a DIY facial she had some great ideas, specifically about making your own rose water toner. I was curious what toner was and when I read about it, how it evens out your skin tone and helps gently cleanse, I was surprised I hadn’t used it in the past. Do you use a toner? If you’re curious about trying it, we’re sharing an easy DIY version made with rose petals today.

    DIY toner

    The last and most important step in taking care of your skin is the right lotion so we’re partnering with AVEENO® for the post today to talk about easy ways to look and feel your best.

    Keep reading to see how to make your own toner and a full at home facial from our resident esthetician… 


  • 10 Dresses for Summer

    By fashion editor Ashley

    dresses for summer-01

    I just got back from a trip to Hawaii and the only way I survived the hot weather was by sporting dresses and skirts every day. I didn’t even pack a pair of pants! It can be hard to find the perfect summer dress so I did all the work for you, 10 summer dresses (all under $100).

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  • 20 Favorite Shops from the West Coast Craft Fair

    west coast craft fair


    A couple weeks ago Jordan took me to West Coat Craft Fair.  It was the best curated craft event I’ve been to! If you’re a shop owner, this is the place to be. I thought I’d share a few amazing shops I discovered there today. Here are a few favorites shops and some items from them I’m eyeing.

    1. Micaela and Greg / 2. Half Hitch Goods / 3. Petel / 4. Upper Metal Class / 5. Joshu Vela / 6. Upper Metal Class / 7. High Low Jewelry / 8. Abacus Row / 9. Storq / 10. Pine and Boon / 11. Joshu Vela / 12. Etta + Billie / 13. Cradle / 14. Noble Carriage / 15. Shaped and Colors / 16. Materials + Process / 17. Dym / 18. Galenter and Jones (guys. HEATED outdoor furniture) / 19. Good West Co (just ordered a custom bag from them I’m obsessed with now!) / 20. Cactus Club

    Also, street style at the fair and mom style spotted as well

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