• The must have coat this fall

    By Assistant Editor Ashley

    robe coat

    One of my favorite items in my closet is my bathrobe, it’s just so comfortable. Chances are, if you stop by my house unannounced you might just get to see it. When I saw that the robe coat was a must have this fall my interest was piqued. I love when comfort and style collide! It’s like that time sweatpants became fashionable to wear in public. I give the robe coat two thumbs up and plan on getting one for myself. What jackets and coats are you loving this season?

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  • A Toddler Playdate with Balloons


    The easiest way to entertain toddlers is to blow up a bunch of balloons and let them go wild. Colorful balloons brighten up any playdate. At night, you can try putting glowsticks in them like we did a couple years ago. During the day, we were thinking of simple games to do with the balloons, and came up with a little balloon tennis.


    Keep reading for details on this balloon tennis game, and some more fun toys for babies and toddlers in partnership with Munchkin who makes some of our favorite baby products


  • Olympic Gymnast Halloween Costume

    gymnast halloween costume

    Halloween might be my favorite time of year here on Say Yes. It requires everyone to find a bit of creativity while putting together costumes, so it’s really fun to help inspire that process. In the past we’ve done some really fun couples Halloween costumes and family Halloween costumes. This year we’re sticking to what I know best right now: baby and toddler costumes.

    First up: a toddler Olympic gymnast! Because we’re all still obsessed with the Fab Five from the USA Women’s Gymnastics team this year.

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  • Quick Fix Pantry Treats


    Growing up, we never had any sweets in the house. In hindsight, it was probably a great thing to not have grown up on a perpetual sugar high, but my teenage self did not agree.  It was a big joke with my friends as we’d search high and low for something sweet in the house, and then end up eating apples, whole wheat toast, and orange juice concentrate. Every once in a while, my dad would make cookies on a Sunday afternoon so we did had a lot of ingredients in the pantry. There was sugar to be found there, just not in a quick cookie form. I learned, out of necessity, to be very creative in how I came up with my late night sugar fix.

    Here are a few ideas on how to create some pantry treats if you’re feeling desperate for a little sugar fix with no sweets in sight…


  • An Oversized Matching Game

    oversized matching game

    At age two Edie is just starting to learn her colors and shapes, and it’s really fun to work on games that reinforce them. Today we’re sharing this easy matching game that’s made of simple shapes and colors, and oversized so toddlers can get their wiggles out while they learn. We partnered with STAINMASTER™ and their High Traffic Carpet Cleaner for this post to make clean up easy for our well loved family room carpet.

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  • Neckwear for Fall

    By Assistant Editor Ashley

    choker necklace

    A few months back we talked about neckwear for summer. Now with all eyes on fall fashion I thought we’d talk about neckwear for fall. Specifically, chokers! This trend reminds me of seventh grade, when I decided to start wearing a ribbon around my neck. How do you feel about chokers?

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  • Homeschool and Self-Care: an Interview with Jessica

    By Assistant Editor Erica

    jessica on homeschool and self care

    A while ago, we interviewed Jessica about her style secrets (she rocks a floral hat like none other!), and today we are lucky to hear from her again, this time about her life as a mother, yogi, adventurer, and homeschooler. She has three children, Malina (8), Mateo (5), and Lion (2), and we get to peek a little bit into her packed life today. Keep reading to find out about the freedom they get from homeschooling, the balancing act between having a schedule and being flexible, and the time to herself that makes the entire thing possible…


  • Baked Apple Cider Donut Holes

    By food writer Abbey
    baked apple cider donut holes

    Fall is just around the corner, and the perfect way to celebrate is by baking these delicious apple cider donut holes. They are rolled in a cinnamon sugar coating, and take under 25 minutes to make. Enjoy!

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  • Weekend Roundup


    Is it feeling like fall yet where you live? We’ve had a bit of a warm streak here but looking forward to layers and pumpkin spice pancakes. This weekend Henry and I are making homemade cinnamon rolls (that’s what happens when you watch a marathon of The Great British Baking Challenge). Also planning on stopping by this this stock + sample sale tomorrow with some of my favorite local San Francisco makers. Hoping to make it to the new Tartine Manufactory too. Heard it’s amazing. Have a great one, here are some links to explore:

    Inspiring fall layering from Alex Closet (image above)

    Hillary Clinton featured on Humans of NY

    Simple, good looking toddler shoes

    A tomato cake?!

    This woman wears the same outfit to work every day, by choice!

    Turns out, working out can save you a lot of cash

    The sweetest little star tights, and isn’t this pom pom toy basket amazing?

    Great marital advice from long-married couples

    A really healthy take on the pumpkin cookie

    Adorable kid bags (the fox!)

    Hottest heels on the block all the fashion bloggers are wearing

    A blueberry custard pie. YES.

    Woah. Would you try this hair lightening wand?

    7 old wives tales about pregnancy that might actually be true

    This two toned kitchen is my dream

    Hand dyed baby tights in every color on etsy

    Pretty french baby names 

    Lastly, some funny Julia Child quotes you should know and use on regular basis

  • Banana Costume

    banna costume

    I’m a big believer in Halloween costumes that are: easy to throw together, a little silly, and monochromatic. This banana costume (+ a real banana turban!) fits that bill perfectly. With a bonus factor of being deliciously edible. Afterwards, you can peel/cut/pop those bananas in the freezer to stock up on smoothies and one ingredient banana ice cream.

    But in all seriousness, I’m loving the campaign we’re promoting today and I know you will too. Naked Juice has partnered up with DrinkGoodDoGood.com to provide fresh produce to help the the millions American who live in food deserts, with limited access to fresh produce. I was floored by that number, since living in the bay area is feels like fresh produce is on every corner. You can read about it right here. By looking at household income, access to a vehicle, and distance to a grocery store, they found that 30 million Americans have very limited access to affordable, quality, fresh fruits and vegetables. Woah. And Naked Juice wants to do something about it.banna costume

    Here’s where you can help: for every fruit and veggie selfie shared on instagram with the hashtag #DrinkGoodDoGood, Naked Juice will donate 10 lbs of fresh produce to communities in need (with a maximum donation of $500,000). Amazing, right? You can do some serious good just by snapping a quick picture. Maybe make something silly like a produce crown (check Laura Miller’s instagram where we were inspired to make this turban). Even easier: a picture of the bounty you picked up from the farmers market, some greens from your garden, favorite ingredients for a fresh smoothie, a banana smile. What about some froobs?

    Any selfie with fresh fruits and veggies, tagging #DrinkGoodDoGood will do! I’m happy to help spread the word about this great campaign to help Naked Juice and DrinkGoodDoGood in fighting against this crisis affecting nearly one out of every 10 people in our country.

    Keep reading for more fun on making this banana turban…


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