• What to wear to Thanksgiving for under $40

    By fashion editor Ashley

    10 FAB FINDS nov

    On Wednesday I did a post featuring three outfit options to wear Thanksgiving day. For today’s fab finds under $40 I picked some of the pieces from Wednesday’s post and found similar options for under $40! Happy Shopping!

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  • Holiday Kids Line with Cauliflower Kids


    I’ve been working on something fun that I’m excited to share with you today. I collaborated with Cauliflower Kids to design a little holiday line of three girls pieces in sizes 12 months to 4/5T exclusive to Great.ly. I had mentioned before how hard it is to find little girl dresses that weren’t crazy patterns or overly girly. This promoted me to explore a kind of collaboration where I could have say into the design and particularly the fabric of the pieces. Luckily Kasey of Cauliflower was totally down to work together and so one day we met up and brainstormed some simple but classic ideas for the holidays.

    We came up with three special holiday pieces: two dresses (one would be more of a tunic for older girls) and one wool cape. Both dresses easily transition to other seasons and the red wool cape is a fun, imaginative classic.  This is a very small batch and each item is really special with hand embroidered details. Edie wore the chambray dress on her first birthday.




    See all three pieces for sale here on Great.ly; which, as you probably already know is a wonderful one-stop-shop site connecting artisan makers and influencers. Keep reading for more specifics on the pieces and some more fun images from our shoot…

    Photography by Liz Stanley. Thanks to our sweet models Brooklyn and June. 


  • Paper Doll Party Activity

    dress up game

    I wanted to share this little activity we did at Edie’s party last weekend that all the kids all got a kick out of! I printed out a black and white image of Edie in a diaper and left the outfit designing to them. It was a good thing I printed out 80 sheets cause they were almost all used up by the end of the party. Kids stayed at this table for long stretches and came up with the most creative ideas. We taped them up when when they finished- it was so fun to see their creations!

    dress up game

    In case you missed it, here’s the giant pin a party hat on Edie game as well from the party.

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    Photography by Liz Stanley


  • What to wear on Thanksgiving

    by fashion editor Ashley

    blue dress

    In all your Thanksgiving menu planning don’t forget to plan what you’ll be wearing on the big day! At the top of my list is something that gives me a little room for the “food baby” I will probably develop! Here are three great options for looking great and having space to eat all the mashed potatoes you want!

    what to wear for thanksgiving-01

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  • DIY Felt Pilgrim Hat (No Sew!)

    DIY felt pilgrim hat

    I always love the idea of kids dressing up as pilgrims for Thanksgiving, being a huge creature of tradition. I’m pretty sure we did something like this when I was younger but of course there weren’t hundred of iPhone photos back then to prove anything. I was surprised how EASY these felt pilgrim hats were! Each one took about 3 minutes to make. No sewing. Just two cuts, three folds, hot glue and you’re done! Back to making those pumpkin pies and early holiday shopping (ooooor working on your own wishlist).

    felt pilgrim hat

    felt pilgrim hat

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    Photography by Liz Stanley. Thanks for our little pilgrim models, June and Brooklyn! 


  • Tuesday Tip: Easy Party Game Under $10

    first birthday party game

    This weekend we had a little party for Edie’s first birthday! There are a few details that I want to share with you in the next few days. I’ve already shared a bit on instagram, but thought for Tuesday Tip today I would tell you about this super easy party game that was such a hit and cost under $10 to put together.  Just like pin the tail on the donkey, but with the objective to pin that party hat on her gigantic head. Seeing a blown up Edie 2x her size was my favorite part. I blew up the image of her as an engineering print at my local FedEx/Kinkos. It cost me $9. I just emailed them the file and picked it up the next day. Then I cut out the party hats from neon poster board.  So easy! Also, here’s another project I’ve done for their shared bedroom with a giant blown up engineering print.

    See more Tuesday Tip ideas right here.

  • Thanksgiving homemade rolls

    by food contributor Brittany

    PHOTO 1
    Since November has arrived the only thing that has been on my mind is Thanksgiving dinner! One of the most classic sides of any dinner and especially Thanksgiving dinner are homemade rolls.  These rolls are super fluffy, easy to make, and you can even make them in advance and freeze the dough!
     homemade thanksgiving rolls
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  • Photo Rock Placecards and Family Memory Car Game

    rock placecards

    I love baking for Thanksgiving but it’s always tricky to find something to keep the kids occupied while I’m knee-deep in pie dough and cornbread stuffing. Then of course, there’s the drive to Thanksgiving. I’ve been partnering with Ford to share family car games that don’t involve devices and it’s been a really fun challenge. Henry still loves the maps we made in the first post and looks at them all the time. We’ve played the mystery ride game a couple times as well, he especially loved the word search. I’m excited to add this family memory game to the collection of games for the car as well. This is a great project for Thanksgiving because these rocks are something fun for the kids to make while you’re busy in Thanksgiving food prep, and they also serve at placecards for the big dinner itself, and a fun car game for the drive home.

    rock placecards

    Here’s how to make them and the family memory game to play with them…

    This content was created in partnership with Ford to help make creativity a part of every drive this holiday season.


  • Edie Jean Shoot


    I’m in full party prep because this Sunday Miss Edie Jean here is turning ONE and we’re having a little casual-ish get together at our home. I’ll be sharing a few more updates next week on what life is like with this sweet one year old so stay tuned (spoiler: she’s a dream). When we were in Utah a couple weeks ago I asked Ashley Thalman to snap a few photos of Edie at her studio and thought I’d share a few favorites with you today in lieu of a weekend roundup. Ashley captured so many sweet expressions and even some first steps! I love how they turned out.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.  I’ll pick the rainbow confetti out of my hair and meet you back here Monday morning bright and early. Thanks as always for following along with our journey growing Say Yes and being such a supportive, down to earth, and creative community. You all make this job so rewarding.  xoxo, Liz

    More favorites from the shoot…


  • What to wear for family pictures under $40

    by fashion editor Ashley

    fam photos

    It’s that time of year…family pictures! Here are some pieces for the whole family that I think would work great. My advice, keep it simple, be careful with too many colors and patterns as well as getting too matchy-matchy. For more advice, here are ten tips for beautiful family photos.

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