• Secrets of Stylish Say Yes Moms: Sarah


    SHIRT (similar) | JACKET (thrifted) | NECKLACE (thrifted) | JEANS | BOOTS (similar)

    In the last of our mini series featuring Stylish Say Yes moms, we have our intern, Sarah! I’ve known Sarah for a while and have always been impressed with how put together she looks. Our kids go to the same school and for morning drop off while I’m often in pjs bottoms hiding my dirty hair under a baseball hat, Sarah always looks cool and put together. She has a sense of style that I really admire. It’s comfortable, confident, and casual but doesn’t scream soccer mom. It’s just-cool. I’ve been excited to pick her brain and find out her secrets….Sarah-16

    Photos by Bay Area Photographer Kirsten Wiemer


  • 10 fab finds under $40

    By fashion editor Ashley

    10 FAB FINDS jan 3 2015

    Are you getting the January blues yet? I think it’s starting to hit me. Nothing a little shopping can’t fix… happy shopping!

    one: $29.99 two: $39.99 three: $38.99 four: $11.99 five: $38.99 six: $29.99 seven: $36.99 eight: $59.99 + 40% off! nine: $99.99 + 50% off! (it’s over $40 but I just couldn’t get over coat from J.Crew that was originally $288 and now its $50!)  ten: $34.11

  • Secrets of Stylish Say Yes Moms: Ashley


    We have another Secrets of Stylish Say Yes moms today! As a twist on the usual Secrets of Stylish Moms, I thought it would be fun to feature Sara, Ashley, and Sarah who work with me here since they are always such inspiring and fashionable mamas.  This week we’re featuring Ashley. Ashley has been with me for almost 3 years. She works on all the fashion posts and fab finds posts that you all know and love every week. It’s always so easy to work with Ashley because she and I are drawn to very similar stuff and it often feels like she’s literally reads my mind! Ashley also does a lot of graphic design for the site as well and lots of other invaluable coordinating and managing behind the scenes so things run smoothly here. Also she just became a mother a year ago to Hazel, whose the sweetest thing. You’ll see her below…

    JACKET (similar) | SCARF (similar) | TOP (similar) | SHIRT (similar) | PANTS (similar) | BOOTS

    photos by Bay Area Photographer Kirsten Wiemer


  • Look for Less

    By fashion editor Ashley


    I’m a stripes girl through and through. They are a classic piece that are great for everyday wear. Especially when paired with jeans and a pair of oxfords. This is a look I would definitely wear out to get groceries and run errands.

    The Look: Madewell
    For Less: sweater | necklace | pants | backpack | oxfords

  • Henry’s Handmade Thank You Cards


    You guys, I have a confession for you: I’ve never once sent thank you cards from Henry’s birthday parties! Horrible, right? Somehow it would never make it’s way to the top of our post party to-do list, especially with his birthday right before Christmas. So embarrassing! Last month when HP sent me one of their beautiful new design tools, SPROUT, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to make sending thank you cards a fun creative project for Henry using some of its amazing features like easy 3D imaging and dual touch pads for design and drawing directly onto a digital project.


    So this birthday (PS it was a surprise party!), I was determined to not only be a polite and well mannered adult, but also start to teach my son the same by sending thank you cards. Here’s how Henry made his own personalized thank you cards all himself using SPROUT


  • My sister my sidekick: Alli and Lindy

    alli and lindy-01

    Have you seen our new series, My Sister, My Sidekick? It’s all about sisters and the special relationship they have both now and when they were kids. It’s one of my favorite new things we started last year here on Say Yes. Today’s sisters, Alli and Lindy, live here in San Francisco which means they share clothes, have sleepovers and watch cheesy old movies, and spend Sunday’s having brunch and hitting thrift stores. Sounds dreamy right? I so wish I had my three sisters here to do the same!  Alli and Lindy embrace two parts of Northern California that I love: the laid back boho chic style, and the work hard/play hard mentality that supports so much amazing work opportunities here while at the same time offering such incredible scenery, outdoor adventures, food/drink, and entertainment to enjoy the free time you do have.

    alli and lindy-06

    And now for some introductions into these lovely Nor Cal sisters…

    Photography by Bay Area Photographer Kirsten Wiemer for Say Yes. Produced by Ashley Aikele. Thank you Alli and Lindy for letting us feature you!


  • 10 Fab Finds under $40

    By fashion editor Ashley

    10 FAB FINDS jan-2 2015

    It’s still not too late to catch some great deals still going on! Happy shopping!

    one-$29.99 + 40% off! (comes in lots of color options) / two-$44.99 + 40% off! / three-$39.99 + 40% off! (lots of different color options) / four-$39.96 / five-$24.99 / six-$39.99 / seven-$29.99 / eight-$34.11 / nine-$44.96 (slightly over $40 but I couldn’t resist) / ten-$19.99 + 40% off!

  • What are your goals for 2015?


    Do you make goals every New Year? Our New Years often seems too busy so we start a few days later. Earlier this week Jared and I sat down with Henry and filled out a few questions  to start a conversation about what things we want to accomplish this year (I liked the ones Gabby shared here). We talked about what a goal was, and not making all goals too much of a stretch. Henry suggested I make a goal of finishing a book that I was a couple chapters away from finishing and putting away the Christmas decorations. BINGO. I like those kind of goals!

    Besides my yearly goals of eating healthier and reading more books for pleasure, one thing I really wanted to focus on for 2015 is…

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  • DIY No Sew Conversation Heart Stamped Napkins


    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which seems crazy right? Today I’m partnering with Glade to share this no sew conversation heart napkin DIY to set the tone for a romantic Valentines Day dinner or afternoon heart-shaped treats for the kids. Either way, these napkins are super easy to make and fun to create your own cute phrases for the conversation hearts. You could even make them larger and make personalized placemats as well.


    What is it about candles and sweet scents that are so romantic and relaxing? I realized this past holiday that we didn’t have one sweet smelling candle around the house so I’ve tried to make an effort of adding more touches of them here and there. I was happy when Glade sent us this lovely blooming peony and cherry candle to style our Valentines Day table. It sets such a nice tone and smells amazing.

    Here’s what you’ll need to get started on the DIY stamped napkins…



  • Trend Crush: Winter Blush

    By fashion editor Ashley

    blush for winter-01

    I’ve been crushing on the color blush for a long time and I was so happy to see it translate smoothly into winter! Blush pairs great with white, cream, all shades of gray as well a burgundy, olive, and countless other colors. Here is a round up of some of my favorite blush pieces from around the web!

    blush for winter-02

    one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten


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