An Easy Dinner Trick: The Meal Template

When it comes to making dinner, I go through phases of trying new recipes, new techniques and different types of cuisine. Any deviation from my usual go-to requires a lot of thought, planning, and often a lot more work than I anticipated. Today I’m partnering with Dinner Hero from Revolution Foods to tell you about this one trick I keep coming back to for getting a delicious family-friendly dinner on the table quickly…

It’s the idea of a meal template. You probably already have one or more yourself, and I’d love to hear what your favorite is. It’s not a recipe, just a formula you know by heart that you can swap ingredients in and out of depending on what’s in the fridge, what’s in season, etc. Things like a simple pasta, pizza, maybe tacos or a sheet pan meal. Do you know what mine is? It’s a stir fry. Rice with sautéed something. Usually a veggie + some kind of meat.

So I was really excited to hear about Dinner Hero because it totally fits our family’s meal template! The Dinner Hero kits are a great 30 minute meal shortcut. There’s a grain and a great seasoning blend, and then you just add your favorite meat or tofu. There are all sorts of great flavors like Coconut Curry, Sesame Garlic, Fiesta Taco, or Smoky Tomato. We made the Coconut Curry one and it was great! And not too unfamiliar for my kids since it fits in our family’s favorite meal template.

I’m already a fan of their Breakfast Hero multigrain pancakes. Delicious pancake batter ready to go in a little carton, making breakfast that much quicker.  The Lunch Bundles look so good too! Excited to try them out.

Do you have any meal templates you follow that makes you the hero at dinnertime? I’d love to hear your family’s favorites!

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Come on folks! I’m watching the comments looking for other easy “templates”!

One of mine is actually coconut curry — but not a stir-fry, just a curry (sort of a thick stew texture). It works great with chicken or vegetarian and is a great way to get a ton of veggies in! I start with a Thai curry paste — usually red — and add a little butter or coconut oil and then coconut milk and chicken/veg broth. Add your veggies at appropriate cooking times (a lot of times I sautee an onion first before adding the broth) and the meat. Usually I add extra curry powder and fresh garlic and ginger. My husband LOVES this meal and it’s great for leftovers too. An example of something I might throw together would be chicken with onion, tomatoes, eggplant, and a leafy green. But really the sky’s the limit. It’s on the table in 30-45 minutes.

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