A Farmer’s Market Grain Bowl

grain bowl

Every weekend we walk down to a farmer’s market two blocks away. My favorite thing to do (besides sampling the cinnamon rolls) is to collect whatever produce looks the best and then cook up ingredients for grain bowl lunches during the week. Today we’re sharing how we put together our delicious grain bowl with Hollar, a company that sells thousands of great household products for crazy low prices (starting at just $1).

grain bowl hollar

A few favorite things we love right now at the farmer’s market for our grain bowl: colorful carrots, beets, all kind of mushroom, radishes, avocados, fresh eggs, and rainbow chard.  Also, for the grain we keep both cooked quinoa and wild rice on hand. They keep well for a while in the fridge, and are both great sources of protein.

Have you heard of Hollar? I hadn’t and have been so excited about finding out about them. They have thousands of kitchen and household products for really affordable prices. Like $8 ceramic pans, $8 for a set of 3 serving bowls, and wooden spoons. Such great deals! New items are added every day so you have to scoop them up fast when you spot them. They also have great basket stuffers for Easter, cleaning supplies and toiletries, and home office supplies. And lots more departments like toys, beauty, and storage. Great brands you love like Disney, Lego, and Essie at 50-90% off. You can either shop online or on their Hollar app (shopping from my phone is always so convenient!)

grain bowl hollar

We started with chopping up our swiss chard to sautee with the cute red apple cutting board and knife set from Hollar (only $5!).

Red apple cutting board and knife set $5/ red stock pot $8.50/set of 3 bamboo serving bowls $8

grain bowl hollar

Both the mushrooms and the swiss chard we give a quick sautee in a pan with a little olive oil.

Ceramic coated frying pan $8/Wooden spoon (similar) $4

grain bowl

Next we steam the carrots and beets.

 Red stock pot $8.50/ measuring spoon set $4/silicone oven mitt $4/expandable trivet $2

grain bowl

Time for assembly! We started with some cooked wild rice (great nutty flavor and source of protein!), then added the other ingredients in little piles in each corner: cooked mushrooms, carrots, beats, fried egg,

Set of 3 bamboo serving bowls $8

grain bowl

We end with a drizzle of our favorite carrot miso dressing and a sprinkle of sliced almonds.

grain bowl

Best part is you can make all these ingredients separately and then assembly them for a quick, healthy, and delicious lunch during the week.

Thanks to Hollar for sponsoring this post. Your first order ships free!


This is really healthy and easy to made lunch. I loved it and my hubby also love thus. We want to thank you for this lunch recipe.

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