Yoghurt Fondue


I love waking up on Valentine’s Day and making a special family breakfast. We’ve had our fair share of heart shaped pancakes and pink milk, but today we’ve partnered with noosa yoghurt to make it extra special: a gourmet yoghurt fondue! Colorful fruits, delicious noosa yoghurt to dip them in, and a variety of crunchy toppings. Here’s how to put it together…

fruit kebobs

We started by making some rainbow fruit kebobs with whatever fruit looked good at the grocery store. Our favorites were strawberries and mango.

noosa yoghurt

Next we grabbed some decadent noosa yoghurt. These are hands down the best yoghurts I’ve had, and their flavor combinations just keep get better. Today we tried the new fruit and herb flavors: orange and ginger, pear and cardamon, strawberry and hibiscus. Absolutely delicious, tart, and creamy. I could eat them for every meal. Here’s a discount for $1 off to try them for yourself.


I think the orange ginger was our favorite yoghurt to dip the fruit in. The flavor combination was just perfect with our sweet fruit, and the ginger brings a little punch!

noosa yoghurt

It doesn’t hurt to make a few chocolate dipped strawberries as well for your yoghurt fondue breakfast on Valentine’s Day. Simply melt semi-sweet chocolate chips over a double boiler until melted, dip strawberries in, and let harden on wax paper in the refrigerator. They’re delicious dipped in our strawberry and hibiscus noosa yoghurt.

yoghurt fondue

Another option is to cut pineapples into triangles, dipping them in our yoghurt fondue, and then adding fun toppings like granola and raisins, or pomegranate seeds and coconut. Yum! Delicious breakfast to worthy of company.


Thanks to noosa yoghurt for sponsoring this post. Be sure to print out the coupon for $1 off your next tub


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