An Easy Summer Mocktail

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In the height of the summer when it’s insanely hot and sticky out, I rarely crave ice cream as one might expect. What sounds the best to cool me down is juicy fruits and ice cold juices and teas. Today we’re putting together some delicious drinks for your next outdoor summer party: fruity, pretty mocktails made with premium Pure Leaf Tea House collection as the base. They’re super refreshing, a cinch to put together, and a great way to get creative with fruit and juice combinations. Here’s how to make them…


1. We started with a base of Pure Leaf Tea House collection. There are some expertly crafted, gourmet flavor combinations like Wild Blackberry & Sage, Fuji Apple & Ginger, and Sicilian Lemon & Honeysuckle. With only 90 calories per bottle they’re light and refreshing just on their own.


2. Then we mixed in other juices like white grape, raspberry lemonade, or dark grape juice. Our couple favorite flavor combinations: Wild Blackberry & sage tea with strawberry lemonade and crushed raspberries and blackberries. Another was the Fuji Apple & Ginger with white grape juice and fresh grapefruit juice. You can really get creative with whatever flavor combination sounds the best to you and your guests! You can mix them all beforehand or you can set up a mocktail bar where guests can pick the flavor combination and fruit of their choosing. I’m all for letting guests design their own drink. More fun for them and less work for you!


3. Add a splash of sparkling water for a little fizziness (something else I crave in the summer!)


4. Then top with fruit of your choice: raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, etc and a sprig of fresh mint. We also froze some berries and crushed those as well to add into the grape + blueberry drink.

The result is delicious (and beautiful) summer mocktails everyone can enjoy at your next outdoor gathering!

Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Stephanie Gardner


FYI the flowers and greenery you have styled the edibles with in this photo are extremely toxic and poisonous: white oleander. I wouldn’t recommend putting them anywhere near food (or suggesting others do so).

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