3 back to school lunch ideas

By Assistant Editor Ashley
school lunches

I’m the master at throwing together a pb&j lunch for my daughter but by the time lunch comes around for me, I usually just end up reaching for a granola bar (or cookie). This fall I want to put more effort into my daughter’s school lunch and mine as well, so I decided to try preparing meals for us both in the morning. The focus is on healthy, and both adult and kid friendly so I don’t have to make two separate meals. Now, whether I’m home or out and about, I have something healthy to reach for and so does my daughter (no more granola bar lunch, yay!).

Keep reading for 3 lunches that are kid and adult friendly…


Grown up Lunchable: while lunchables aren’t exactly a picture of health, the concept is still good… cheese, meat crackers. Add some fruit and veggies and you have the perfect snack lunch.


Asian noodle salad: most kids love noodles. Try making a cold Asian noodle salad that can be made ahead (even for dinner one night) and served with edamame, hard boiled egg, and fruit.


Quesadillas: Almost all children and adults love quesadillas. Fill them with beans and cheese and enjoy hot or cold. Include sides for dipping: salsa, avocado, sour cream, etc.






These are great lunch ideas! I will have to try the Asian noodles one day. Also, great work on the setup/photography!

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