Weekend Roundup


We’re off to Utah to spend a few days with family over the fourth of July! It’s a long trip with a baby but I’m really looking forward to it actually. I love spending hours in the car making life plans, catching up on each other’s work, listening to audiobooks, and making random stops in interesting towns to stretch our legs. We’re stopping halfway to camp and hoping to hit some fruit stands as well through the valley. Downloading movies and audiobooks right now. Have a great one, here are some links to explore:

Making a flag cake for the fourth? What about a flag cheese platter? (image above from the archives)

Woah. Starting in September Netflix will stream every single Disney Movie. Hooray!

Really curious about these tan towels

Fourth of July ice cream sandwiches from the archives

6 healthy things to do before going to bed instead of looking at your phone

Love this summery skirt

Really excited about Superga’s new collaboration with Target! Love all the shoes, especially the high tops

What it’s like to grow up on screens from the perspective of a 13 yr old. Interesting and terrifying.

Can’t sleep? Maybe this podcast will help (for real!)

Beautiful marbled duvet cover!

The most gorgeous rhubarb tarts

Adding all these nursing friendly swimsuits to my wishlist

Good education for farmer’s markets: what 1 lb or fruit looks like

A comfy linen summer dress

Michelle Obama, the new queen of snapchat


Oh my gosh, the article on growing up on screens. Started crying when she said she stopped doing what she normally did after 6th grade…

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