The best way to warm up leftover pizza


A couple years ago when browsing Cook’s Illustrated I learned a brilliant tip for warming up leftover pizza that I’ve used ever since….

Instead of putting it in the microwave where it gets soggy, or the oven where it takes too long to preheat, try the stove!

Place your slice on a skillet over medium heat. You need to watch it carefully but the cheese on top will melt at the same time as the bottom gets crusty and perfect. If the piece is thick add a lid on top of the skillet so the cheese melts a bit quicker. That’s it! It only takes about 4-5 minutes max for crusty, melty pizza. Yum!

Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Stephanie Gardner. 


When I do that, it seems like the bottom crust gets dark before the cheese melts, so I will microwave the slice briefly first to take the chill off, then things seem to come together nicely.

Is that from Sliver?? Ugh now I need to drive 30 minutes to get one!! So yum!!

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