10 Tasty No-Cook Summer Treats

By Assistant Editor Erica

creamsicle pie pops

I have lived most of my adult life without A/C, which means two things for my summers – 1. I have avoided turning on the oven at all costs and 2. I have consumed an embarrassing amount of otter pops. Eventually, I learned that I could make delicious treats that would cool my palate without heating up my kitchen, and I was absolutely hooked. So whether you swelter in your apartment as I did or you are one of the blessed ones with A/C, here are some tasty no-cook treats that will tease your taste buds but not your oven.

raspberry chocolate fudge pops

1. Remember those fudge popsicles we ate by the box as kids? Here’s a delicious raspberry chocolate version with no refined sugars or dairy.

strawberry pie pops

2. Full confession, these strawberry ice cream pie pops do require you to melt butter, but if anything is worth turning on your microwave or stove for 30 seconds, these babies are. (Not into strawberry ice cream? Then give these similarly delicious creamsicle ice cream pie pops, pictured at the top, a whirl)


3. Have you heard of nice cream? This cherry banana nice cream is basically angelic cream with the addition of cherries to the whipped frozen bananas.

frozen yogurt dipped berries

4. Try these frozen yogurt-dipped berries  for your 4th of July barbecues. They look so patriotic! (These fruit wands would also fit in at any Independence Day fest.)

two ingredient fruit dip

5. Maybe you don’t have time to make a frozen treat but need something sweet ASAP? Try this two-ingredient fruit dip, which is a personal favorite of mine.

chocolate peanut butter bars

6. Frozen peanut butter cups are taken to a new and glorious level with the decadent no-bake chocolate peanut butter bars.


7. This no-bake cheesecake is perfect for when you need an impressive, cool dessert for a crowd.

berry freedom float

8. Are you looking for a drink for your 4th of July party? These berry freedom floats will be the perfect, pretty addition to the menu.


9. Cookie dough milkshakes are always my favorite, so this no-bake cookie dough blizzard is calling my name. Probably yours too.

Orange Julius

10. Look in my freezer, and you’ll see a row of cans of orange juice concentrate so I can make this healthy orange julius allllll summer long.

P.S. – Don’t forget the littlest barbecuers! They can enjoy these beautiful rainbow teething pops and feel like one of the grown-ups without the ensuing sugar-rush of real popsicles.


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