10 Healthy Recipes for Summer Barbecues

By Assistant Editor Erica

It’s a cruel twist of timing that summer barbecues align with swimsuit season. Thankfully, I’ve found some healthy barbecue recipes (entrees, sides, and desserts) that won’t sacrifice flavor or your waistline, so make some of these recipes for your next summer get-together and dig in!


1. Eating all the colors is pretty, healthy, AND delicious with these rainbow salmon skewers.


2. Grilled chicken is a healthy BBQ go-to, but give it some oomph with this chicken gyro salad.


3. Think it’s just not summer without a burger? Give this black bean burger recipe a try (it has cocoa in it!).


4. Kale is so hot right now…literally when you grill it for this grilled kale salad.

5. When avocados replace mayo and eggs in this vegan potato salad, you can indulge in the creamy side dish without worrying about how long it has been left out.


6. Upgrade from your basic corn-on-the-cob with this sauteed corn and black bean dip, a Say Yes favorite!


7. Still prefer your corn actually on the cob? Then jazz it up like in this Mexican street corn recipe.

8. Don’t forget the coleslaw! Asian-inspired coleslaw has all the yummy crunch and none of the usual heaviness.


9. Summer peaches, as if they aren’t flavorful enough, explode with taste when grilled…and topped with ice cream and caramel sauce. (Peaches are also delicious in a caprese salad, pictured above.)

grilled strawberry shortcake

10. Strawberry shortcake with grilled doughnuts instead of biscuits? Pretty sure the fresh fruit means it’s healthy, so don’t mind if I do!

Bonus: Here’s a homemade BBQ sauce recipe in case all you want to do is grill your chicken or vegetables and then slather them in sauce, which I have been known to do from time to time.


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These all look amazing! I love the grilled peaches and that corn. Yum!

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