A Baseball Party with DIY Baseball Yo-Yos

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Henry’s a huge fan of baseball and just finished his second year playing on a little league team. It’s so cute to see how into it he’s gotten. He officially knows way more about the game than I do! I thought it might be fun to show some ideas on putting together an end of season baseball party with these DIY baseball yo-yos that are really easy to make a fun to give out as little favors.


Every game parents take turns bringing snacks for the whole team to share. To make sure all kids can enjoy them, you always have to be careful to make sure everything is nut-free. This can be a big challenge when so many snacks have hidden nut ingredients listed which I was surprised by! Today we partnered with Skeeter Nut Free who makes great tasting and affordable nut-free snacks that everyone can enjoy to put this little baseball party together for you today. Keep reading for more details…

skeeter nut free

Skeeter Nut Free makes a bunch of delicious nut-free snacks like chocolate chip cookies, shortbread cookies, and graham crackers and many others. They’re delicious for all kids and safe for those with nut allergies so they’re perfect as part of our baseball party. Lots more info about food allergy awareness as part of Food Allergy Awareness Month right here and find them at your local Target.

Since baseball is a quintessential American sport we focused on red, white and blue with crowd pleasing food like hot dogs, watermelon, popcorn, lemonade and of course a selection of Skeeter Nut Free snacks. As a party favor we made these DIY baseball yo-yos. They’re so simple to craft in two easy steps:

baseball yo yo

1. We bought plain wooden yo-yos (you can find them in your local craft store or online here) and painted them white with craft paint.

2. Then with a red sharpie we added the stitching details after they were dry. That’s it, guys!


They’re a fun addition to our little nut-free baseball party!

skeeter nut free


YES!!! Phillies!!! My 40 year old husband is getting a Phillies themed party this Saturday. 😉

I’m glad you’re talking about nut-free. it’s a huge issue lately with schools are nut-free. So many more kids have nut allergies these days

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