How to Keep Lettuce and Greens Fresh for Weeks

keeping lettuce fresh

I love getting fresh greens at the farmers market but they wilt so quickly. When my mother was here I noticed she had a special trick for keeping greens fresh that made then last for weeks in the fridge. It’s so simple but it works amazingly well.

keeping lettuce fresh

Here’s how to do it…

keeping lettuce fresh

1. Cut off stems or break into small pieces for salads. Wash and dry.

2. Wrap them up tight in a paper towel

3. Place in a plastic, sealed bag (a ziplock works great) or tin foil

keeping lettuce fresh

keeping lettuce fresh

Enjoy your greens for weeks! Seriously. Mine from the farmers market three weeks ago are still good! Also, be sure not to miss our guide for what to buy at the farmers market post from yesterday!

Do you spy our resident Say Yes lady bug?

Photography and styling by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Stephanie Gardner.


these photos are beautiful, liz!! and awesome tip, does it really stay fresh that long?

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