Staying Fit During Pregnancy

pregnancy exercise

I’m 29 weeks today and in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy (definition: it’s getting harder to tie my shoes and sit up on my own). It’s also getting harder to find ways to exercise and stay fit. Each of my three pregnancies I’ve tried different things to try and stay fit with varying results. This time around though, I feel like I’ve figured out a really good routine so I thought I’d share a bit of my journey today in partnership with the nutritious Naked Kale Blazer Juice.

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PREGNANT WITH HENRY. With Henry we lived in Salt Lake City in a very hilly part of downtown called The Avenues. The hills were pretty intense and so I would try to spent a little bit of time every day walking them, which was a really way to stay fit. Although my doctor was concerned I wasn’t gaining enough weight in this pregnancy so I wasn’t too committed to exercise. And then in my 3rd trimester those hills would always end up putting me into false labor so I had to cut down a bit at the end as well.

PREGNANT WITH EDIE. We live now in a very flat part of San Francisco. No hills, but right next to Golden Gate Park! So when I was pregnant with Edie I did a lot of biking around the park. I also loved this yoga video both my midwife and my sister (whose a midwife) had recommended. I had three friends who were pregnant within a couple months of me and we’d get together every Wednesday night to do that yoga video and chat about what was going on with our pregnancies. The yoga is very relaxed.  It’s more stretching that exercising but it was a really awesome routine that I loved through my whole pregnancy.

PREGNANT WITH BABY #3. After Edie, I found the Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy DVD and liked it so much that I went back and found her Pregnancy Project DVD when I found out I was pregnant again. There’s a different workout for each month of your pregnancy, and she’s also pregnant, in your same month as well. I love having a different workout each month.  To be honest, I roll my eyes a bit at her platform sneakers and cleavage but it’s a good workout. I didn’t even start exercising until around month 4 since I had been so sick, but I’ve enjoyed it since and try to use her video at least 1-2 times a week.

pregnancy exercise

What I’ve really loved this pregnancy has been this Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga DVD. I can’t recommend it highly enough! When I first tried it, I didn’t love it, but somehow during my 2nd trimester I got hooked on it. Some weeks I do it almost every day and I really look forward to it! Which is totally not something I would normally do with exercise. The best part about it is I really feel like it’s keeping me in shape. Sometimes I rope Jared into doing it with me. Over Christmas break it was my sisters/sister-in-laws that got roped in and everyone was pleasantly surprised at the intensity of it. There are different lengths of routines too: 75 minute, 45 minute, 30, or 15 minute. I usually do the 45 but it’s so great to have different options and routines based on how much time or energy I have. And of course, it’s SO nice to do it at home. Although, sometimes I have to get some fresh air so I’ll go for a walk at night with the family after dinner instead.

I’ve done that yoga video so much the last 3 months that I’m thinking about trying to switch it up with the yoga video I loved that I mentioned above when I was pregnant with Edie. Honestly though? The last couple of weeks have been a total wash. I think I’ve only worked out once or twice. Things have been so stressful figuring out this move coming up and with lots of work, I’m lucky if I get dinner on the table and clean clothes in the drawers. But life’s just like that, right? I’m committed to get back on track though!


Of course, eating well is a big part of staying fit during pregnancy too. I’m totally hot and cold here as well. Some days I eat salads and only have a bite of dessert, and other days I can be found leaning hard into a bag of skittles at 10pm. Really the big thing is how convenient is the healthy food. If it’s sitting in front of me, chances are I’ll eat it. If it requires a lot of prep, I probably won’t find the energy or time. That’s why Naked’s Kale Blazer juice is such a win-win.  Each small bottle has over 20 kale + spinach leaves and lots of other nutrients as well like cucumber, ginger, and orange. It’s convenient, tastes great, and fills in those gaps on days I’m choosing skittles over salads. It comes in small bottles you can take on the go, or large bottles you buy, keep in your fridge, and drink the whole week. Find your nearest retailer that carries them right here.

How do you stay fit during pregnancy? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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It’s just amazing that you don’t stop taking care of yourself at any time, in any position. I’m gaining weight right now, and it takes a lot of effort. Although you can achieve results much faster with such additives as these . But of course not everyone will like this option

I’m sure that staying in a good shape helps to fight with anxiety . I know that sport helps us to be in a good mental state and remain pretty. I do sport 3 times a week and it’s something that makes me feel very well ! I love doing sport as a hobby with my friends.

I recently discovered these Naked kale drinks and LOVE them. Makes me feel better about eating candy as well 🙁

Hi Liz. I also live in San Francisco and just found out that I’m pregnant with my first child. Do you have a midwife or dula you could recommend? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you. Allie

Me too, this is very inspiring as I’m pregnant with second and determined to not gain 60 lbs this time!

I used one of Shiva Rea’s yoga videos when I was pregnant and really liked it as well. I think yoga in general is a natural fit for a pregnancy workout with its emphasis on breathing, building strength, and respecting your body and mind! 🙂

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