Sweet Potato Toast

sweet potato toast

Toast is high on our list of favorite foods. Recently we heard of a new kind of toast and immediately had to try it out: sweet potato toast. Made just like bread in the toaster, the thin slices of sweet potato are topped with everything under the sun. Plus, this toast is gluten free, sweet + nutty, and really good for you! Here’s how we made ours…

sweet potato toast

So here’s the first step, and kind of the craziest part: you literally stick a thin slice (like 1/4in thick) piece of raw sweet potato (or yams…what’s the difference again??) into a toaster. Turn it all the way up. And then toast it again. So twice at the max setting. That resulted in a perfectly cooked and crisp sweet potato toast.

sweet potato toast

Now the fun part: the toppings! At first we was nervous about what kinds of combinations would go well with toasted sweet potatoes. But then after trying out all of them we realized, “Oh, you just have to think of it like a sweet bread!”. Meaning, anything will go well with it (like nutella!)

sweet potato toast


Here were a few favorites: cream cheese + raspberry jam, butter + honey, butter + a fried egg, arugula + lemon + avocado, cream cheese + blueberries, goat cheese + dried plums + pistachio nuts chopped (this last one was my favorite).

sweet potato toast


sweet potato toast

You have to try it guys, and tell me what you think. It’s our new favorite toast!

Photography by Liz Stanley, assisted by Stephanie Gardner. Also, check out Say Yes instagram stories for a few behind the scenes from shooting + taste testing yesterday!


Just when you thought you’ve ran out of ideas to be Creative with your sweet potatoes and you stumble upon this post, thank you for sharing this! Saying yes to the variations and I can’t wait to try them out! 😋

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