Three ideas for packed school lunch

packed school lunch ideas

It’s the first week of school here so school lunches are back on my mind.  I’m always looking for easy and healthy ideas for a packed lunch and thought we’d share some ideas here today. Keep reading for three yummy ideas that won’t make you late for the bus…

packed school lunch

Chicken salad in a pita sandwich with micro greens

Pita’s are great way to change up the same old sandwich routine. Fill them with chicken salad, tuna, or even pb&j. Chicken salad stays well in the fridge for a while so you can make a big batch at the beginning of the week and then assemble them quickly in the morning.

packed lunch

Mini bagel sandwiches

Mini bagels are perfect for the kid who wants it all. Send them with their favorite ham sandwich AND pb&j. If your school doesn’t allow any nuts or nut butters, change things up and make a cream cheese and jam sandwich or with hummus.

mini kabob lunch

Meat and Cheese Kabobs

I’ll be the first to say I get sick of sandwiches. So change things up and make a deconstructed sandwich kabob with meats and cheeses. I like to include crackers in this lunch so they can stack them with their meat and cheese. Once a week, usually on Fridays, I try to slip a cookie or something sweet inside Henry’s lunch for a little sweet surprise.

lunch dips

Don’t forget the dips!

Kids love dips! Try pre stocking dips in small containers at the first of the week so you can throw them into lunches easily. Some favorite dip options…peanut butter, almond butter, ranch, hummus, salsa, cottage cheese, yogurt, cream cheese.

What are your favorite ideas for easy and healthy school lunches?

Photography and concepts by Say Yes team member Ashley


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