Tuesday Tip: The Best 3 Minute Corn on the Cob


I’ve got a great trick for making delicious corn on the cob inside in 3 minutes, without having to wait for that huge pot of water to boil. This is always how it was made in our home growing up…

My parens put the shucked corn in a skillet with just 1-2 inches of water (as shown below) and let each side cook until the color turns slightly darker, about 1 minute on each side. The corn is crunchy, but still cooked and tastes amazingly fresh. Of course butter, salt and cojita cheese are great additions afterwards.


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Just how I like it! I also cook corn in my old Prestige brand, Pressure Cooker which is like fast steam cooking. Can you tell me about cojita cheese, dont think we have it in Australia?
Karen ,Newcastle NSW

Wow. This is an amazing tip! I never knew corn cooked so quickly! I must try this.

Thank you, Liz!!!

No, we don’t wait for the water to boil first. It boils so quickly in such a shallow pan that there’s no need.

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