Making Strawberry Jam

making strawberry jam
A couple weeks ago my good friend Kendra and I made fresh strawberry freezer jam with the kids. It’s a fun but messy project that I try to do every strawberry season and then reap the benefits for the rest of year. For this post I’m partnering with all free clear laundry detergent, designed for children’s sensitive skin and free from allergents and irritants.  I love letting kids be kids and not worrying about them or their clothes getting too messy. Keep reading to see more pictures from our strawberry jam day…

making strawberry jam


We mostly followed the instructions on the Certo gel package. It’s so easy! First we washed and cut the stems off our fresh strawberries.


Then we mashed the strawberries in a big bowl. Henry loved the part. Squiiiish, Squooooosh.


Edie was doing more harm than good in the process. Good thing she’s so cute!  Strawberries are 75% of her diet these days. She can snif them out from the other side of the house.



After cutting and mashing, we cooked them up with sugar and the certo gel and a bit of lemon juice. We made such a huge amount that as soon as it started to boil it would overflow. Whoops! It was tricky! Next time we’d do a smaller batch.

making strawberry jam

Then we filled up clean jars with the jam and secured them with lids. Things got a little messy here as well. I heard them pop and seal that night as they cooled. We’ve been enjoying the jam ever since. I usually leave all jars in the freezer except the one we’re working through. Kendra had a great idea to mix it with plain greek yogurt too. Yum!


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Photography by Liz Stanley


We made a little over 2kg (almost 5 lb) strawberry jam earlier this week too. We have our own fruit&veg garden here in the Netherlands (my wife’s project) and current production is about 1kg (2lb) strawberries per day.

Our recipe: throw 1 part cleaned strawberries and 1 part sugar together in a bowl and leave covered at room temperature overnight. Second day: cook with a lemon’s juice and pour into jars. Let cool upside down (seals better) and enjoy!

Have a nice day!

such a great afternoon and lovely photos! we love all detergent as well -it’s the only thing we use!

One of my fondest memories of visiting my grandmother in Ohio is picking strawberries down the lane and watching my mother and grandmother working for hours in the piping hot kitchen working to make strawberry jam. Its such a fun and easy (for some!) tradition, its fun to see your kids going at it! I look forward to teaching my future children!


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