10 Tips for Taking a Break in your Workday

I’m a pretty efficient worker. I was always one of those overly responsible students in high school and I think that just kind of stuck with me into adulthood. This has its strengths of course, but there are some downsides to putting my head down and plowing through emails and photos as soon as our nanny shows up at 9am. I skip meals all the time, leave styled messes around from shoots that never get cleaned up, don’t answer calls, and unless my team members are working beside me, I don’t get changed out of my pajamas at all. But a few weeks ago I started having my blog manager, Ashley, working beside me instead of virtually. We’re trying it out for just one day a week now to see how it goes. It’s the first time we’ve both worked together side by side for a full day, along with my project assistant Sara who comes in the mornings, and occasionally my intern Sarah if things are feeling really slammed.

Because I don’t want to force my bad work habits on them, I’ve been thinking more about how I can encourage more natural breaks in our work day. Today I’m partnering with Chobani and their new delicious Flip Greek Yogurt to share some of these ideas with you (and I’d love to hear yours as well!)



Here are some ideas I’ve been thinking about for making time for breaks in your work day:

1. Eat lunch away from your desk/work space. I have a habit of eating and working at the same time but I love the idea of stepping away from your work space and eating lunch somewhere else. You could eat in the kitchen or step outside and catch some fresh air while you eat. We have a lovely community garden next door, I think I might try to eat there some days!
2. Take a walking meeting. Head outside and walk down the street and back. You could even try to have a conversation outside of a work topic (imagine that!). This will help relieve stress and clear your mind.
3. Schedule break and lunch times. Plan what time you will eat during the day and try to keep it consistent. This will give you motivation to work till your break and also let your mind and body know there is a stopping time.
4. Stock snacks in your kitchen or office kitchen like Chobani Flip Greek Yogurt. Delicious greek yogurt with amazing mix-in combinations like key lime crumble and salted caramel crunch. Great option for a quick snack or a healthier way to curb that afternoon sweet tooth. I’ve heard a lot about the benefit of smaller meals and snacks throughout the day to provide consistent energy.
5. Keep a non-work book on your desk and pull it out instead of your phone when you need a break or are avoiding a difficult task.
6. Step outside and make a  2 minute call. Call your mom/friend/sister and tell them you just have a couple minutes for a break and wanted to say hi and see how their day was going.
7. Do Nothing for Two Minutes  is a site that forces you to sit, relax and gaze at a beautiful photo and listen to waves crashing to really clear your head. If you move your mouse away you fail and have to start over! I just tried it and it’s a pretty awesome way to relax and harder than I thought. Maybe schedule that into your day!
8. Make a work playlist for a spontaneous dance party when you’re feeling energized or need to feel energized (so pretty much, in any moment!)
9. Plan an outing every day at a certain time in the afternoon (3, 4pm?) to take a walk and grab a favorite drink from the cafe or the vending machine.
10. Schedule a mid morning stretch session to wake up your mind and increase circulation. There are some great ideas on that here.


Thanks to Chobani for sponsoring this post. Photography by Liz Stanley and Sara AlbersThanks to Ashley for helping put together the tips!


So I too came wanting to ask you about your chair…can you tell us where you got it? Pretty please?

So I have been going to the do nothing for 2 minutes website every day since you posted this and it is amazing! I do it right after lunch when I tend to struggle to jump back into my day and it completely refocuses me and gets me back on track! Thanks!!

Great tips! You look gorgeous.
Can I ask what that office chair is and how comfy it is? I’m on the hunt for a new one…

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