DIY Slate Cheeseboard for $3

DIY slate cheeseboard

My favorite part of dinner parties may be the cheese plate. I have been known to lean heavily into it, sometimes spoiling my dinner altogether with it’s enticing mix of flavors and textures. Today I’m working with Blue Diamond Almonds to share this super easy DIY slate cheeseboard for your next dinner party that will only cost you $3 to make. I love slate cheeseboards because you can write exactly what’s being served directly on it so there’s no mystery flavor. Here’s how to make one…


DIY slate cheeseboard

Step 1: Buy a $3 slate tile at your local home improvement store. I like to find ones that have interesting textures

Step 2: Take a piece of chalk and give it a good once over

DIY slate cheeseboard

Step 3: Take a cloth and wipe off the chalk (no one wants to eat chalk with their cheese. blah)

Step 4: Start to set up your cheese board. Take a chalkboard marker (one of the most useful craft supplies!) and write a label with the marker directly on the slate. It’ll wash right off later.

DIY slate cheeseboard

For our slate cheese plate we mixed two different kinds of cheeses, marinated olives, parm crisps, and some spicy Wasabi + Soy Sauce Blue Diamond Almonds.

DIY slate cheeseboard

Thanks to Blue Diamond Almonds for sponsoring this post . Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers


This is such a great simple idea. Never thought to use a tile in that way!

I LOVE wasabi almonds. Your post is making my mouth water.

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