Sites and Bites: Alamo Square + 4505 BBQ

alamo square

We have a new Sites and Bites today! I know, it’s been forever. This is a series I started several years ago where we explore San Francisco neighborhoods. We pick a cool place to check out- a store, museum, some sightseeing spot, and then a nearby spot to grab a bite to eat. Taste Buds and Ford teamed up to start a great new travel series on YouTube, and the latest one is right here about San Francisco (my friend Erica from WTF joins them as well). Today I’m helping to spread the word about their new series by sharing a couple of my favorite spots in the Alamo Square neighborhood. It’s a neighborhood we lived in when we first moved here, and it’s totally blown up in the foodie scene since. We’re hitting up the iconic Alamo Square park with the row of Painted Ladies Victorian homes that has become so quintessential San Francisco. Then we’re walking just two blocks away to an amazingly delicious BBQ joint, 4505 Burgers & BBQ.

alamo squarealamo square

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Alamo Square park is near and dear to my heart because we lived across the street when we first moved here. Henry spent most of his two year old year roaming (and terrorizing) this park and playground.  Most people just stop and take pictures of the Painted Ladies, the row of Victorian homes recognizable from the tv show Full House (although the actual home they filmed in is several blocks away). In fact there’s a huge brown patch on the grass where everyone stands to shoot and then they immediately get back on their tour bus.

alamo square

The whole park is beautiful though with mature trees, tennis courts, and a great fenced in playground. You can see downtown from any spot on the eastern side and the playground also has nice views of downtown from the swings! It’s on a hill so it can be windy (bring a light jacket) and if you’re a dog lover, you’ll find many canine friends there as well on the eastern side where there’s a lease-off area.  Sara, Sarah and I walked around for a bit to work up an appetite.

alamo square

If you’re looking for something quick, I love grabbing a sandwich + Snapple at Alamo Square Market (reminds me of my east coast delis!) and then sitting on the grass for a pretty, iconic view of the city. This time though we were really excited to try out 4505 Burgers and BBQ at 705 Divisadero. It’s a new BBQ place that has a mouth watering menu and a bunch of outdoor seating.

alamo square

We ordered a smoked meat plate with pulled pork and beef brisket (OMG), the famous 4505 hot dog plate, a pulled pork sandwich, and two chocolate chip cookies. The meat was incredible but everything really was amazing- the bread, the beans, the coleslaw. Even the cookies we grabbed were so so good. I’m still salivating thinking about it!

alamo square

We were just here on Monday I keep on trying to find a reason to go back again asap. It was delicious! You order inside and then the seating is all outdoor. A warning: the lines can be long. We showed up at noon and there wasn’t really a line, but by the time we left it was starting to get crowded, and I’ve seen lines in the evening as well driving by.

alamo square

This Alamo Square/Divisadero neighborhood has a ton of great food options. Some other favorites, are:

Bi Rite Creamery for their famous ice cream/groceries/hot sandwiches

NOPA for dinner or brunch (which is hard to get into but amazing- show up at 4:30)

Little Star Pizzeria for amazing Chicago style pizza

The Mill for delicious toast (yes, toast) and super hip people watching

Green Chile Kitchen for a bit fancier Mexican

Chile Pies & Ice Cream for ice cream pie shakes (trust me- you must try them sometime)

Alamo Square Market for east coast style sandwiches

Little Chihuahua for a quick burrito or steak salad on your way home from work

Definitely adding 4505 Burgers and BBQ to the list!

So many more. I think this might be my new favorite food neighborhood! There is a lot packed in within just a couple blocks on Divisadero. When we lived there it was pretty sparse in terms of foods but now it’s become a real hot spot.

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Do you have a favorite site or bite in the Alamo Square neighborhood? Be sure to check out the Taste Buds show sponsored by Ford and see lots more in my Sites and Bites series right here.

Photography by Liz Stanley. Thanks Ford for sponsoring this post. 


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