A Kid Friendly Cheese Plate

kid friendly cheese plate

I think it’s odd that cheese plates are primarily an adult thing. There are so many flavors of cheeses, nuts, and fruits that kids love too and it’s a great way to make them feel included at the party while slowly introduce them to interesting and new flavors.

Henry and I were listening to a kids podcast we love called Brains On the other day where they were talking about taste and we learned something really interesting. They said that the reason kids like different foods than adults is because kids actually have twice as many taste buds as adults, which explains why kids are more sensitive to certain flavors. Taste buds get worn down over time so as children get older and lose some of their taste buds they can tolerate more bitterness and spice. So interesting!

kid friendly cheese plate

Keep reading to see more details on putting together this kid friendly cheese plate for the big game or a family gathering…

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kid friendly cheese plate

We tried to do a mix of familiar flavors and textures with a few more sophisticated flavors that weren’t too much of a surprise (like the Irish cheddar). We had an assortment of crackers (goldfish of course) and whole wheat pita crackers as well. The babybell cheese are so cute, don’t you think? And definitely familiar for kids with those mild cheese flavors.

kid friendly cheese plate

Smokehouse Blue Diamond Almonds are some of my favorites and a fun thing for kids to try who love nuts. For the Italian kabobs we put mini mozzarella balls, sliced pepperoni, and basil on small skewers. Familiar fruit of course are included as well as some yogurt raisins (Edie’s favorite food these days!).

kid friendly cheese plate

For the kitty cat cheeseball, we used a simple Stanley family favorite cheese dip recipe that they eat at every holiday gathering: You combine Old English cheese, cream cheese, and cut scallions. We formed it into a ball and then used olives, chives, and blue tortilla chips to make the cute cat face.


For the trail mix we combined these amazing Toasted Coconut Blue Diamond Almonds (which if you haven’t tried you have to! They’re delicious!) with dried fruit and dark chocolate covered goji berries. Such a great combo. I’ve been snacking on it all week while I work.

Photography and styling by Liz Stanley


So cute and your photography (as always) is so beautiful.

Some of those tastebuds are on the inside their cheeks- that’s why kids stuff so much in their mouth at once!

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