Frozen Hot Chocolate

By food contributor Brittany

frozen hot chocolate

We don’t get too much of a winter living here in Southern California and although a steaming hot cup of coco is tempting and seasonal for Christmas time, I’m always opting out for the cold or frozen treat instead! This super easy and fast frozen hot chocolate drink can be made in minutes and is so yummy!

frozen hot chocolate

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Frozen Hot Chocolate 
link found here
Serves 4 
2 cups whole milk
5 (1.25 oz.) packets of Hot Chocolate Mix
4 cups ice
whipped cream
1/4 cup grated chocolate
Pour milk into blender along with hot chocolate packets and blend until combined.  Add ice and blend ice until it is tiny chunks.  Pour evenly into 4 glasses and top with whipped cream and shaved chocolate!
frozen hot chocolate


We live on the east coast and when I first told my boyfriend about frozen hot chocolate he thought I was making it up because why would anyone want hot chocolate cold when its all about keeping warm and cozy in the cold winter months. Thanks for the recipe, I will def have to try it once it gets a little warmer here and show him how awesome it can be.

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