Tuesday Tip: Easy Lunch at Home Idea

easy lunch tostada

When I was in high school and came home during the day I’d sometimes see my mother make this stovetop bean tostada for lunch and started doing it myself when I was out of the house. It’s a super easy lunch idea that feels pretty healthy and filling, and takes less than 5 minutes to make. It’s delicious too! You could really experiment here with topping and leftovers. Here’s how to make it..

Photography by Liz Stanley

Quick Stovetop Bean Tostada

Simply place a tortilla (white or whole wheat) on a skillet. No butter or spray.

Later on some kind of beans, black or refried. If you use black beans, try to mash then up a bit before putting them on.

Add a few cut tomatoes (even canned is okay) and some sprinkles of pepper jack cheese. This one I made in the image above is a little heavy on the cheese but you could go super light here to make it really healthy.

Sprinkle on some oregano or an italian herb blend.

Cook on medium low. The cheese should melt about the same time that the bottom gets browned and crusty.

Remove from pan and slice like a pizza.


Yum! What do you eat for a quick lunch at home?


I just had a bean tostado for lunch today! But your way of making it is much simpler than mine. I had been toasting tortillas under broiler to get crispy. I’m going to try your way next time!

I love this idea. I’ve never been a big fan of tomatoes, except for fried green tomatoes and diced reds in my spaghetti sauce, but I’m trying to make myself like them more. I really want to have a taste for them, haha.

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