After School Kid Crafts: Marshmallow Monsters

monster marshmallows

Edible crafts are the perfect Halloween after school activity to do with kids. For this project I was inspired by the sesame street monsters. Their crazy furry heads and huge buggy eyes are so silly and nostalgic of my childhood. Sadly though, this generation of kids only know Monsters Inc. monsters (which ok fine would work okay I guess). These marshmallow monsters would be cute to make for a Sesame Street or Monsters Inc. kids party too, don’t you think?

The thing that makes this so fun is that kids can really make any crazy monster heads they want. There are so many candies you can use here and no wrong way to make a monster.

monster marshmallows

how to make monster marshmallows

Keep reading to see how we made them and what the kids thought!

Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sarah Albers and thanks to Henry’s little friend Viv for joining in on a fun marshmallow-y playdate. See more after school kid craft ideas right here


monster marshmallows

Here’s how to make them:

1. Roll marshmallows on a candy stick in melted white chocolate (not white chocolate chips- the block kind)

2. Roll in dyed coconut. To dye coconut simply add a few drops of dye into a ziplock bag with coconut and shake well (the kids loved doing that part!)

how to make monster marshmallows

3. Nestle candy eyeballs into the coconut while white chocolate is still melty.

4. To dry we put a huge dab of blue tack in a cake pan and stuck the sticks in there (see below)

how to make monster marshmallows

how to make monster marshmallows

The kids liked my furry monster heads OK but were more into the mustache/horns variety which was fine by me. Less white chocolate to melt on the stove! We used one of those pre-made icing bags to attach the face features and bits of toothpicks to attach horns/hats. The one eyed dude with the red hat is still cracking me up that Viv came up with.

how to make monster marshmallowshow to make monster marshmallows how to make monster marshmallows

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How fun! I think this would be fun to do for a classroom party activity…maybe read a monster story for inspiration along with it or afterwards while they munch on the ones they’ve made. Definately doing this one with the kids!

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