Rainbow Teething Popsicles


Edie’s first tooth is starting to emerge (as are her curly blonde locks!).  It’s exciting but her poor gums have been in pain lately. Which, for such a good natured baby like Edie means she takes occasional breaks from around the clock smiling to gnaw on something hard or cold within arms reach. When we go out to restaurants one of her favorite things to do is gnaw on ice cubes from my glass but I have to hold them in her mouth so she doesn’t swallow them whole. I discussed some natural teething remedies a bit last week but this week I thought I’d make her some cold + soothing teething ‘popsicles’ that would be easy for her to hold and impossible to swallow. These popsicles are really just frozen water in dixie cups: no sugar, just a drop of food coloring (which isn’t necessary and probably she could do with less food coloring in her life but pretty none the less).

teething popsicles

When Henry was in preschool they had this sweet tradition of giving ice cubes to kids who were upset or hurt. They’d just crack one from the freezer ice tray and wrap it in a brown paper towel so their fingers wouldn’t freeze off. It was the perfect amount of attention and felt like a treat without actually being a treat at all. Also, the activity of gnawing on a cold ice cube gave them something to keep their mind off their skinned knee or the bucket that was unfairly yanked from their sandy little hands. Ever since, Henry has loved ice cubes. In fact, every time I give Edie one of these teething popsicles he insists on sucking on one as well.

teething popsicles

teething popsicles

Edie’s verdict on the teething pops and a genius popsicle making tip you need to know about…

Photography by Liz Stanley. Leather office chair c/o Wayfair

She LOVES these! I can’t think of anything she enjoys more right now than sucking on these teething pops. She can hold it really well and knows exactly what to do.

Sometimes we take the teething pops into the bath too. Easy and sanitary to pick up when they drop (no mess!). If she gets sick of it we let it melt in the warm water and the color tints the water a bit. It’s becoming a bath time tradition (that and soap beards).

teething popsicles

 To make them: 

We used dixie cups and popsicle sticks to freeze our colored water with just tiny drop of food coloring. Or just regular water of course is what we’ve been doing lately. You could also use an ice cube tray but might be hard to balance those long popsicle sticks in!

Here’s a tip you’ll love! I recently learned this trick for keeping up popsicle sticks without having to find the perfect slushy point to insert the stick in mid-freezing: Add two strips of scotch tape on either side, with the seam in the center and slip the stick right in. Holds great!




Awesome! We do this with foil on the top instead of tape (just poke a hole through the foil) and use yogurt instead of water. Kids love it! I will need to try out the tape trick too

so smart! i actually used tried your foil trick today when making more popsicles (this time, clear water guys! although i’m considering doing formula popsicles to get her used to the taste for weaning coming up!)

Once my son started in solid foods they have these mesh bags at Target for fruit and I would freeze grapes or strawberries to almost frozen and let him gnaw on those. He loved them.

these look great! maybe instead of food colouring, use fruit juice instead? it’s healthier too!

These are so pretty! Wow I never thought I’d be able to call a popsicle pretty but turns out I was wrong. ha or I guess I shouldn’t call them popsicles but you know what I mean. 🙂 I’m amazed they’re just colored water, they look too good to be just colored water.

Oh how adorable is she- hair and teeth coming in are both exciting business. Love love the colors in these images too

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