Giant Watermelon Rice Krispie Treat

watermleon rice krispie treat

The next week or so we’re focusing on picnics! Picnic food, picnic DIYs, picnic clothing. Hope the sun comes out and joins us! First up: a watermelon rice krispie! Wouldn’t this be fun to show up to an afternoon picnic with? It’s the quintessential summer fruit and this giant watermelon rice krispie treat  is a great way to celebrate it (along with an actual watermelon of course).

Keep reading for instructions on how to make this delicious picnic treat…

Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Jordan Wise



watermelon rice krispie

1. Make the inner red section first. Add red food coloring after melting butter and marshmallows, and before adding rice krispies.

2. Use a small round cake pan to form the red center and then place in a larger cake pan upside down. While it’s cooling, make the green rind.

3. Pull the small cake pan out leaving the red in the center and press the green around the edges. Place chocolate chunks on top (best to do this while the red is still warm so they adhere).

4. Let cool completely and then slice into wedges and bring to your next picnic!


Ha! Love this and perfect timing with Memorial Day coming up this weekend

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