A Citrus Baby Shower


I love the excitement and newness of welcoming a new baby and celebrating that anticipation with good friends and family. I’m sharing a few ideas today on creating a citrus themed baby shower in partnership with Target. Citrus is not only lovely to smell but pretty to decorate with as well, and perfect for a summer themed event welcoming baby.

citrus baby shower



citrus baby shower

Keep reading for lots of details on a making a stamping station, how to make fruit stamps, and rainbow sorbet fruit cups!

Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers and Jordan Wise

This post is sponsored by Target. The adventure begins here: Discover all Target has to offer for your baby registry and throughout your motherhood journey.

First up, a stamping station! I love the idea of incorporating a craft activity into the baby shower, there are only so many cheesy games one can handle.

citrus baby shower

For this activity  we set out gauze from a fabric store for muslin blankets, burp cloths (cloth diapers) and onesies for guests to decorate. In stamping theme, we hand stamped the little note ‘stamp something for the baby’ and pinned it to the wire basket (this chalkboard basket would be great too).

citrus baby shower

We designated one whole table for stamping and lay a plastic sheet underneath. A couple guests at a time could visit the stamping station and make something sweet for the baby to snuggle in or wear. We made a few fruit stamps for them to decorate them with. Instructions for making the handmade fruit stamps below!

handmade lemon stamp

DIY Fruit Stamps

Craft foam
Wood squares
Hot glue
Fabric paint
Exact-o knife


Step 1: Sketch out a fruit design on paper and then draw and cut it out of foam with your exact-o knife.


Step 2: For shapes like the lemon with small pieces inside, cut them out individually.


Step 3: Glue the shapes onto your wood pieces. Let dry. Glue the knobs onto the back. Apply paint and stamp!

PS My post about handmade holiday stamps

citrus baby shower

For the sorbet fruit cups:

Step 1: Cut in half and hollow out oranges, lemons, and limes (we used 8 lemons, 4 oranges and 4 limes).

citrus baby shower

Step 2: Fill each with a scoop of colorful sorbet. Whatever looks and tastes the best! We added raspberry sorbet to the grapefruits, orange sherbert to the oranges, lemon sorbet to the lemons, and lime sherbert to the limes.

Step 3: Freeze until serving.

citrus baby shower

Pretty serving items we used from Target: Pitcher (love this one), large white serving tray, white vase

And a couple other details: we skewered watermelon sour candies and tied baguette sandwiches with parchment and neon thread. Decorate some plain white napkins before with the lemon stamp for an added citrus element:


And a little behind the scenes shot:


Also, my last post with Target about what’s in my diaper bag.


I love the sorbet cups! I’ve seen people use rinds for jello ‘shots’, but never thought of it as a storage vessel. So cute!

The lemon stamps and those sorbets are making my mouth water!

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