The Best Almond Brittle

By food contributor Brittany
almond brittle

December is here which means it’s time for baking and candy making…at least in my house! 🙂 This is my absolute favorite Christmas treat.  Growing up, my mother and I would make endless batches of this almond brittle to give out to family and friends and every time I eat it, it brings me straight back to my childhood.  It’s extremely addicting and I usually have to make at least 2 batches because by the time I’m ready to package it up, half of it is gone!
 almond brittle
Keep reading for the recipe and more pictures…Almond Brittle
1 tsp. vanilla
1 tbsp. light Karo syrup
1. c of almond slivers
1 cube butter
1/2 c. sugar
• candy thermometer
• wooden spoon
almond brittle
1. Prepare a cookie sheet with lightly buttered/greased parchment paper.
1. Add butter, vanilla, Karo syrup, and sugar to saucepan and turn to med-high heat.
2. Stirring constantly bring it up to 300°- 310°F (hard crack candy stage) .  You will notice a color change from a light brown to a deep caramel brown.
3. Right before it hits 300°F  add in slivered almonds and continue to stir until it is just above 300° or until it hits the hard crack stage on your thermometer .
4. Immediately remove from heat and pour onto prepared parchment paper. Smooth flat with wooden spoon.
5. Once cooled you can either take a knife to crack the brittle or lift up the parchment paper and break with your hands.
6. Enjoy!!
peanut brittle
This is also a great base recipe to be creative with, you can melt a layer of chocolate and top with nuts or peppermint candies!
peanut brittle


Had to Google Karo syrup. It isn’t a brand that we have in South Africa. Now looking for the best substitute. Any suggestions?

These look so delicious. I was thinking of making peppermint bark but you might have changed my mind!

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