Sites and Bites: New York City

This maternity leave guest post is by Erica of North Meets South.


Photography by Maribeth Youngberg

Hello! I’m so excited to be on Say Yes! today, mostly because it means the baby is here! Congratulations to Liz, Jared, and Henry! I’m Erica from North Meets South, and I’m here to talk about my two favorite things – food and New York City. Living in New York City, I rarely repeat restaurants because there are just too many options and too few meals in the day. There is one little spot, however, that I frequent time and time again and often bring friends, like Maribeth, to try – Prosperity Dumpling.


Nestled in Chinatown, away from the crowds of Canal Street, Prosperity Dumpling is quite literally a hole in the wall that serves up the most delicious dumplings you’ll ever eat. This tiny nook gets packed in the afternoon with barely a place to stand, let alone sit down. Thankfully, the cooks are continuously frying up dumplings, so you are bound to get a hot, fresh batch.


The fried pork and chive ones are my personal favorite, and sriracha and soy sauce on top are a must.

Keep reading to hear more about Prosperity Dumpling and where we went for dessert…


Because I’ve never met a bread I didn’t love, to go with my dumplings, I always order a sesame pancake, which consists of fried dough, filled with chives and topped with sesame seeds.


Seeing that Prosperity Dumpling is as small as it is, we took our dumplings, sesame pancakes, and Diet Cokes, all of which set us back a whopping $3 per person, to a nearby park to gobble up. Try not to inhale these, I dare you.


From there, we went to Economy Candy since every meal must end with dessert, am I right?


Shopping in Economy Candy is like going back in time – the shelves are stocked to the brim with every sweet I loved and consumed as a child…and as an adult, if I’m honest.


From the fancy to the low-brow, from chocolate to jelly beans, Economy Candy has it all. With amazing restraint, I only left the store with gummy peach rings for my husband and Kinder chocolate for myself. Maribeth got some Red Vines because duh.


Bellies and bags full, our last stop was the Williamsburg Bridge, the entrance to which is a few short blocks from Economy Candy. Not quite as picturesque as the Brooklyn Bridge, the Williamsburg Bridge feels like one of the city’s best kept secrets because you still get wonderful views of the city (albeit through metal bars) and, most importantly, there are no hordes of people. You know rush-hour traffic jams? That’s how walking the Brooklyn Bridge on a Saturday feels like. But on the Williamsburg? Just you and the bridge. Moreover, the Williamsburg Bridge is so wonderfully gritty, like a peek into the real New York City. All of the graffiti made me oddly happy. Then, we stepped off the bridge in Williamsburg, checked that out for a bit, and finally took the L-train home – a perfect city outing.

If you’d like recreate our adventure, here are the addresses:

Prosperty Dumpling: 46 Eldridge Street

Economy Candy: 108 Rivington Street

Williamsburg Bridge: Delancey and Clinton



LOVED prosperity dumpling on our first trip to NYC. 5 dumplings for $1…you can’t beat it. I could eat dumplings a few times a week at that price and not get tired of them.

What a fun adventure, excited to see sites and bites in another city!!

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