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Written by Sites and Bites contributor Isabelle Ambler. Photography by Tracy Benjamin

Sites + Bites | Say Yes to Hoboken

Sites and Bites is back and I am so excited for it! I’m Liz’s new assistant and a self-proclaimed foodie. This city is brimming with all kinds of hidden treasures and I cannot wait to share my local finds with you.

Today’s trip took us to down to the Mission. First, a stop at an extensive soda pop shop, The Fizzary, to grab some drinks before our pie date only a few doors over at Mission Pie.

The Fizzary SF

Anyone who knows me can attest that I have a major sweet tooth. So I was in luck when I heard about this shop that carries over 700 artisan soda varieties. Lining the walls and sorted by family of flavor, they boast a fine selection of the classics: root beers, ginger ales, colas, lemon-lime sodas – as well as one-of-a-kind flavors like candy cane or celery or Chai Cola. And they carry a collection of vintage candies too. It makes you nostalgic for sweets you’ve never even tried!

Taylor's Tonics, The Fizzary SF

What’s great is the easy pricing. All bottles are $2. Plus while you are paying, you can put your soda in a glowing cold bath. Within seconds it is at the perfect drinkable temperature. Best of luck choosing just one to try! We tried Maté Mojito from their house soda line, Taylor’s Tonics, and a rhubarb soda. It got me thinking about all the fun drinks I could make and now I cannot wait to go back.

Keep reading for our next stop at Mission Pie just down the street…

Mission Pie SF

I grew up in the Northeast but went to school down in Southern California. It’s been four years since I’ve had an appropriate autumn, so I am welcoming the new season and my beloved crisp-weather traditions with open arms. My first fall fix? Pie. And rumor has it that Mission Pie has some of the best. It’s a charming cafe on a relatively peaceful corner – and was voted SF Weekly’s “Best Place to Take Your Grandparents in the Mission” in 2010.

Mission Pie SF

Offering a daily menu that features the season’s freshest fruits and veggies, it has something for everyone – sweet pies, savory pies, vegan pies, all of which are thoughtfully sourced. With wafts of buttery crust browning in the back of the shop, it brings people in craving a warm slice. We ended up with the quiche of the day, beef stroganoff pot pie, vegan peanut stew pot pie, and then capped off the meal with the plum frangipane tart. The main draw of any pie shop is dessert and we agreed. Next time I’ll have to try the banana cream pie that everyone was talking about.


The Fizzary

2949 Mission Street

Mission Pie

2901 Mission Street



LOVE Taylor’s Tonics! Taylor is such a great guy ! Glad to see they finally got their idea and store up and running… it’s been in the works for a while. I will have to check it out the next time i am in the city!

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