Summer Fruit Slush


When we were in the Outer Banks earlier this month my family made our classic summer fruit slush drink that our family has been making since I was a kid. We term it simply, ‘the slush‘, and for something so refreshing it’s ridiculously easy. You can make a tray of it and eat it for weeks too. My dad made a huge vat of it in the Outer Banks and I think I had some every night when we were there! My sister Celeste said when she was pregnant with her son she lived off this stuff during the hot summer months. She jokes that her son is comprised of 90% slush.

This recipe goes waaay back. My parents told us that when they were newlyweds back in the 70s (the canned fruit and frozen concentrate juice might tip you off that it’s not from this era…) a couple invited them over for dinner and made this for dessert. They liked it so much they asked for the recipe and then continued to make it all during our childhood growing up.

Keep reading to see how to make this delicious and refreshing summer slush drink…

Photography and styling by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Maddie Bachelder

Summer Fruit Slush:

1 can of condensed orange juice, thawed
1 can of mandarin oranges with juice
1 can of diced pineapple with juice
Sprite,  7Up or equivalent


1. After the frozen concentrate oj is thawed, pour the juice into a casserole dish along with the cans of fruit (with their juices)


2. Cover with aluminum foil and Freeze! Cut into big chunks when you’re ready to eat it.


3. Assemble a few chunks into a tall glass up to the topfruitslush4

4. Pour in sprite about half full into the cup and mash a bit with your fork until it becomes a slushy consistency. I usually eat it with a spoon when it’s all ready.

That’s it! You can always add more chunks it’s not slushy enough. No harm there

PS Looking to make an animated gif like the one I made at the beginning? I have an easy tutorial from 3 years ago I made right here.



This looks totally refreshing. Will have to give it a try this summer.

for the mandarin oranges and pineapples … what oz, can are you using?

That looks seriously yummy and refreshing (summer finally arrived here in Germany as well).
And it’s even vegan! Good job:-)

Greetings from Germany,

Bambi and Birdy

We make slush too! Only we make ours for New Year’s, and the recipe is a little bit different. It is one of my favorite things to drink. So good!!

Funny! How is yours different? I tried another version with raspberry, mango, mint and lime juice too. Very mojito!

Haha, ours isn’t quite as fancy as raspberry and lime. It’s sugar, water, tangerine juice (if you can find it), frozen OJ, frozen lemonade, pineapple juice, crushed pineapple, and mashed bananas. I’ve even used ginger ale instead of sprite, and that makes me feel even more fancy!

Yum, that sounds amazing! I love the idea of adding bananas and tangerine juice (never seen it before but i’ll have to look!)

so funny! we had this exact slush growing up for every backyard summer party (altho my mom would add chopped maraschino cherries). i used to LIVE for it! next week, my brothers and i (and all of our children) are renting a house on lake michigan. i was going to dig thru my mom’s old recipes to find this, but now i don’t have to!

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