Buttermilk Blueberry Lemon Cake

blueberry lemon cake recipe

Last Easter I first tried this recipe and have made it a few times ever since because it’s soooo good. Lemon and blueberries are a magic combination. You can make this as a breakfast cake, a fancy layer cake topped with blueberries and whipped cream for a summer party, or even muffins/cupcakes (really is there a difference though? one you butter, one you add butter frosting on top).

Photography and styling by Liz Stanley

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Find the recipe here at Alexandra Cooks.

Henry’s the best little helper. I love the many mornings we spend in the kitchen licking wooden spoons together and listening to music (yesterday was the Star Wars soundtrack. He’s obsessed). I’ll miss my mini playmate terribly when he goes to kindergarten this fall. I’m not ready to release him into the wilds of grade school!





I love the combination of lemon with blueberries too. Great summertime treat

This looks amazing, Liz! Perfect for a summer dinner- I agree!

mouthwatering…the perfect thing for a weekend breakfast…and then a weekend lunch…and a weekend afternoon snack. yum!

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