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And we’re baaaaaaack after a little extended holiday hiatus with another Sites and Bites! This is a series where I share a favorite spot to check out in San Francisco paired with a nearby place to grab a delicious bite. Find more favorite spots from the series right here.

All images by Eva Kolenko, a fantastic bay area photographer

Today we’re visiting Namu Gaji and Pot and Pantry in the mission district, an area of San Francisco that’s jam packed with hip new foodie spots, trendy shops, and 10 bazillion hipsters riding around on their fixies listening to cool bands they’ll assure you no one else has ever heard of.


Namu Gaji is right next door to the super famous ice cream shop, Bi-Rite Creamery, and across the street from Dolores Park, a major hot spot for sunbathing hipsters and a beautiful new playground. A great place to people watch on a warm Saturday afternoon.

I had actually never heard of Namu before (it’s impossible to keep up with all the new spots all around here), but photographer Eva had recommended it, and the concept of Korean street food sounding amazing as soon as it was suggested- I was looking forward to the outing all week!


Founded by three brothers, Namu Gaji is an casual spot to grab some delicious and innovative Korean cuisine, and a great place to bring families as well especially for lunch. Every dish was amazing and all new to me- it was my first time having anything like it!


We ordered the kimchee fried rice (below), ‘the real’ korean taco (above left), and the bbq belly chicken sandwich. They were all amazing! Admittedly I devoured more than my fair share (Eva had a full disadvantage as she was focusing on snapping pretty pictures and I was focused on stuffing my face).

namusanfranciscoMy favorite had to be the korean tacos (100% tortilla free): seaweed, rice, some amazing Korean crack sauce, galbi short rib chunks. YUM! I’ve been thinking about them ever since. Must go back asap! The kimchee fried rice was a close second. Spicy seasoned rice, delicious hot dogs, bacon, fried runny egg on top. You can’t go wrong. DELICIOUS.

Keep reading for the next stop…Pot and Pantry


Pot and Pantry is this adorable little kitchenware shop which specializes in new and gently used classic, industrial, and vintage kitchenware I want to fill all my shelves with. It was another that Eva has recommended and since I’d only driven by the cute lettering windows I was happy to finally check out the inside.


One of my favorite things was this little skill exchange board, such a great community idea! Reminds me of those virtual skill parties Erin from Design for Mankind runs!


The store was so perfectly curated and displayed. I swooned over every piece. One fine day I will walk in with wads of cash and re-stock my whole kitchen with the pieces from this beautiful store (a girl can dream, right?)

Here’s a map of where to find Namu and Pot and Pantry:



Looks like two great spots. And I absolutely adore the skill exchange board! How genius is that? Such a great way to get the local community together.

Where did you get your fabulous green jacket? I love it! Your taste in food and your style are always fantastic!

Hi Liz! Thank you, that’s so kind. The jacket is actually from Forever21, bought it in October so not sure you’ll be able to find it now but perhaps!

Yeah this series is back! So glad to see it. Looks like two great finds too.

What a lovely idea! I love the juxtaposition of the two and with such a near proximity, it is reasonable to visit both.

Love love love.

Dani //

I’m so glad Sites and Bites are back! We live in the east bay and it has been fun following your suggestions when we feel like hanging out in SF on the weekends. 🙂

I loved chatting with Donna, owner of Pot and Pantry. I totally wanted to buy everything too! but like a dummy I left my wallet at home. Duh!

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