Sites and Bites

This is a new series I started where I’ll be sharing a favorite San Francisco site paired with a nearby spot to grab a bite!  Today’s sites and bites is one of the most beautiful parks in the city, Alamo Square, paired with the most delicious pie shake at Chile Pies a few blocks away.

Our first apartment in San Francisco was across the street from Alamo Square so it’s near and dear to my heart! It’s the site of The Painted Ladies, a row of Victorian homes that was made famous by being featured in the opening credits of Full House. It’s a beautiful place for a picnic or a stroll on a warm day.

It’s up on a hill which makes it a little windy but you can see a nice view of downtown hovering above the Painted Ladies. It’s really lovely and there are huge, beautiful trees as well to sit and read a book under.

Chiles Pies is just a few blocks away and makes the yummiest dessert, a pie shake! It’s a huuuge slice of pie shoved into a blender  mixed together with an ice cream of your choice. Oh man, the combination is amazing! Chunks of pie crust and delicious filling mixed together in an incredible shake. I usually recommend the lemon cookie ice cream mixed with any of the berry pies, but yesterday we had a new favorite: chocolate pretzel pie mixed with cookies and cream ice cream. YUM! If you need a little substance before your pie shake, head to the top of the block to Green Chile Kitchen (same owner) where you can grab some really good Mexican food.

Keep reading to see a map of where to find them!

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I love Alamo square! Yes I was one of those lame tourists who reenacted the opening of full house, running up the hill, pretend picnic and everything.

Thank you for sharing the SF food!! We love San Francisco and will visit again in November (from the East Coast). Now we’ll have new places to try.

Loving this series! This will be a perfect outing for my girls. Playground with gorgeous views and then a yummy pie shake! Sounds like a great day!

Yum! I love Chile Pies, I always go for the frito pie for a little taste of home. Great series on sites and bites… because even as a local there are places i’ve never tried!

I love Sites and Bites! Makes me want to travel to SF and go to all these lovely places!

I’m headed that way in October and I’m so excited. I haven’t been there since I was 10! I’m going to start making my To Do list now and this series is definitely going to help!

I’ve heard of pie shakes, they sound out of this world amazing.

Seeing those town homes immediately reminded me of Full House. I have to admit I grew up watching that show. It’s fun to realize that those homes & that place actually exist.

Love the series, it’ll give me even more reasons to make a trip to San Fran someday!

Thanks! Yup, I’m always humming the Full House intro when I’m in the park. It’s beautiful, although they did most of the filming at another home that’s a few blocks away I hear. Hope you come visit!

They sure did! I can’t remember the street name (easily google-able) but you wouldn’t know it was the full house house just by walking by. I took many a pictures on those front steps (sorry house owners!)

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