The Easiest Fondant

Big thanks to Airheads® candy for creating and reliving happy memories by sponsoring this post. Create and share your memories with Airheads® on Facebook. Join me on there on July 23rd at 10am PST for a live chat about crafting.

For Henry’s birthday party last year I attempted to make marshmallow fondant which ended up being a complete and messy disaster! Desperate, I headed to the candy section of my grocery store and came home with Airheads candy which ended up being so much easier and a really pretty result (you can see in the photos here). When Airheads contacted me about sharing a summer project I thought it would be a perfect chance to experiment more with their candy as fondant. Here’s one idea I came up with, but I’d love to hear your easy fondant ideas too!

Keep reading to see the full instructions on making this colorful pendant birthday cake decoration…

Find a colorful selection of Airheads candy. Before cutting, I found it easier to zap them in the microwave for just about 5 seconds (not too much, they’ll melt away!). Then using a pairing knife, I starting cutting small triangles from the stripes.

Here’s a tip for making the post of your ends: Take the leftover pieces and roll them in a ball as much as you can, then zap them in the microwave for about 5 second to make them soft. Mold them into a ball and continue cutting like you would with dough.

For the pendant string, I used a pizza cutter to make strips. It was really easy, and they’d make pretty grass too for a spring cake.

Carefully lay your pieces on the cake and you’re ready to celebrate!




Smashing! <– I've been using that word a lot lately.

This is such a great idea. I'm not crazy about fondant because of the taste. You spend all that time working with it, and the final product, though pretty, is not delicious. I'd love to work with the airheads, but I'm afraid I would eat everything before I finished!

As luck would have it my 9 year olds b-day is today. I did this and it was great. Scissors worked a bit better than a knife for me, but it came out super cute!

What a great idea!!! How simple and yet so creative!!! I’m pinning it right now 🙂 Thanks for the idea!!!

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