Cookie Bowls

We had a banana split party last night (oh yeah. 80s flashback) for some friends who are moving away. I decided to make these little bowls with some chocolate chip cookie dough I had handy in the fridge to keep the dessert’s sweets:fruit ratio far beyond the medically advisable level. I used a medium muffin tin, but I think they’d be really sweet using a mini muffin tin for a kids party. You can prepare the mini ice cream cups beforehand, and then stick them pre-made into the freezer until it’s time for dessert!

I should probably stay far away from these cookie cups (it’ll seem less indulgent if you call them ‘cups’) if my skinny jeans ever want to be buttoned up again without injury. But just in case you need to know how to make these bad boys…

Supplies: Medium or large muffin tin, sprayed with non-stick cooking spray well. Cookie dough. Teaspoon. Ice cream and toppings.


oh wow!! these look easy and delicious! the kids will love this for sure. thanks for sharing.

Those look so Great ! I think it would be so easy to make the cookie dough cups (still raw) and freeze them. Pack them in air tight container. So when your ready to use them you pop them back in the cupcake pan and bake.

Oh Wow! What an Awesome idea! My mothers book club will simply die for these yummies! The possibilities are endless (love the sugar cookie idea from Jillian in Italy).

Thanks Liz… I’ve become a new follower and its time to look around your amazing place. Have a great day!

They turned out so great! I made them a while back but used the back side of the muffin tin – a good technique if you want them a little bit bigger, but they definitely don’t look as neat as yours do. I can’t think of a better way to serve ice cream!

These look so easy and delicious. A great kids project for those that like to help make something. Definitely on my bucket list this summer!

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These made a few thoughts run through my head.
#1: They look delicious, and I would probably eat them all before we even filled them with more goodness.
#2: Have you seen the ones going around pinterest where you put the cookie dough on the outside of the muffin tin? Your idea is a lot smarter, lol!
#3: Totally random, but have you ever made homemade waffle cone bowls? Another delicious edible ice cream bowl!

Cute and clever. I always throw an ice cream social in the Summer, so maybe I ought to try making these.

This is absolutely brilliant, not to mention delicious! I can’t wait to do make some– thanks for the awesome post!


Oh my goodness! These look so yummy. And great idea for making them beforehand and using them for a kids ice cream party!

Yummy. I’m on a baking kick at the moment so these are definitely going on the list. Is there anything better than warm chocolate chip cookies and ice cream? Also, great use of that mini muffin tin. I’m always looking for clever ways to use mine! Thank you!

You can totally use your mini muffin tin. Especially if you want to be more conservative in your caloric intake, because it will only fit a tablespoon or so of ice cream!

Oh man those look so delicious. I think I could eat at least 2 or 3 without feeling too nauseous. Chocolate chip cookies and ice cream are just a match made in heaven.

I did something similar with sugar cookie dough and filled them up with lemon curd topped with fresh blueberries.

ps is there a possibility that any of your Alt classes will be offered at an earlier hour (for us living in Europe and a different time zone)?

Oooh your sugar cookie ones sound delicious!
I will be offering an intro to blogging class next month in july at 10am. hope that works better for you!

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