DIY: COOL WHIP Marshmallows

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Homemade marshmallows are messy and difficult to make, but here’s a version usingCOOL Whip Whipped Topping that is super simple, delicious, and ready for your spontaneous hot chocolate parties in no time.

Keep reading to see the full tutorial…

1 container of COOL WHIP
1/2 cup of water
Large mixing bowl
Wax paper
Mini cookie cutter (I used a star shape)

Step 1: Pour the COOL WHIP into a mixing bowl and add the 1/2 cup of water. Adding the water is necessary so it freezes well enough to cut out pieces that hold their shape.

Step 2: Mix well with a spoon until the water is incorporated evenly into the COOL WHIP.

Step 3: Line tray with wax paper. Pour the mixture into the tray (you’d like it ideally about 1/2 inch thick or more) and freeze at least 4 hours

Step 4. Lift wax paper out of sheet and place on a table.

Step 5: Cut out shapes with your cookie cutter and place layers of the mini marshmallows between sheets of wax paper in a freezable container.

Step 6: Store in the freezer and pull out individual marshmallows as needed for fancy hot chocolate!

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Do they melt if you leave them out for a while? Or do they dry? Can they be used at room temperature or over a strawberry on the 4th of July?

What the what? That is amazing! So simple and yet it has to be delicious. I slave over my marshmallow recipe; I’m so glad I found this alternative for when I don’t feel like making marshmallows from scratch!

cool whip isnt available in australia but I’ve googled several times to find a substitute for other recipes I’ve tried and it says that cool whip is a substitute for whipped cream…. I’ll give this a go with the cream and see if it works…. it is coming on winter here so this is perfect timing for cups of hoc chocolate! (or milo – the main hot choc drink here)

This is genius!! Awesome idea. Headed out to buy cool whip!

Did you watch Mad Men this week? Don and Peggy were pitching a Cool Whip commercial. Worlds collide!

These look so cute and yummy! My daughters sleepover party is next week, this would be a prefect idea for late night treats! Might also be fun using these shapes on pie or jello, etc. the wheels are turning!

Oooh these look so cute! Definitely trying this. And great idea to store in the freezer as needed!

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