Holiday Baking

Up to any delicious holiday baking? I made a few batches of my favorite granola for neighbors and friends but my stomach is rumbling just thinking of all the splendid sugary treats in ovens around the country. What are you baking? Share recipe links if you have them!


I baked molasses cookies and then decorated them. I used to grandmother's recipe – those cookies are a family tradition and I'm one I'm happy to continue!

I'm currently baking cookies like a mad woman! Just took a break to check out some blogs. Merry Christmas!

Oh man sausage rolls! I haven't even clicked on the link yet, and already sounds amazing!!

Homemade applesauce served with whole wheat cinnamon rolls!Granola is such a great little gift idea! The homemade beats out any of the boxed stuff, but who has time to make it all the time, such a treat! We have lots of great bakers in our life, and we get overloaded with sugar and gooeyness that so much of it gets ditched, which is such a shame, but granola… that would be warmly welcomed!

ooo your recipe looks good! always looking for new granola recipes to try!so far my faves this season have been choc. peppermint sandwich cookies the sausage rolls I made for my son's birthday. I think I dreamed of them last night

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