I also can't wait to try those combinations, that's terrific because it seems so delicious, I'd get crazy trying something like that

WOW…thanks for sharing this…so incredible!

My favourite restaurant in grad school did a turkey, smoked Gouda, and granny smith apple grilled sandwich on cracked wheat bread. Absolutely divine.

LOVE grilled cheese with green apples – great sweetness and crunch – yum! xo AllisonSpicer +

i make it on sour dough, grilled with garlic oil and the cheese is sharp cheddar. then i put some pea shoots or apple on top. yuuuum! x

coincidentally, i had a grilled cheese (colby jack + spinach) for dinner tonight! unfortunately, mine did not look as fancy as these! i'll be trying these soon!

anon, I don't think so. I think they're just showing what's inside the sandwiches

O.K., I'm confused. Are these open faced grilled cheese? How do you do that?

Oh gooosh, I live next to The Pop Shop in NJ – famous for its grilled cheese. I love it, I love it. My favorite combo is grilled chicken with a chipotle guacamole on it. Add some tomatoes and lettuce and you're good to go! Delish.

granny smith and provolone sounds good, wouldn't have thought of that combo! mmm…

we like gouda with sliced apples + cranberries and serving it with pumpkin soup.

Jillian and Gawgus, your versions sounds amazing. I'll add them to my growing list…

Our recent favorite is basil pesto with pear, brie and caramelized walnuts. Uh-mazing.

Good sourdough with European butter, good medium cheddar, and fresh basil is divine. Tomatoes would be a great addition if you like them!

yum. grilled cheese & tomato soup is my go-to easy meal when i'm feeling particularly lazy. this brings it to a whole new level.

My favorite is homemade wheat bread, fresh mozzarella, and dip each bite in good balsamic vinegar.

Wow, I'm not realizing that I didn't give grilled cheese a change either!!!! I'm totally adding some of these to my recipe list.- Sarah

Goats cheese and sun-dried tomatoes is my fave or Brie & cranberry – yum! XX

LOVE this! we made "fancy" grilled cheese this weekend. mine had goat cheese, grilled tomatoes, and zucchini! it was so tasty 🙂 xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

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