Summer Treats

Even though it never feels like summer here in San Francisco it’s still nice in indulge in frozen treats to pretend there are actual seasons. This past weekend we made lemon, lime and mint slush cups and pumped up the heat in the house until we started sweating. Okay, not really but seriously the cold summers here get old real quick.

Any summer treats you’ve been enjoying? Do share!


These look fantastic for this afternoon with some grilled pizzas… 85 and sunny, lemon slushies here we come!

How clever to serve in the lemons! Looks so refreshing; it was like 112 here this week.

I am going to try and make these, SLC Summers are HOT (as you well know) and these look so refreshing!

My favorite summer treats always seem to include lemons. Frozen strawberry lemonade is my favorite.

i definitely agree – san francisco summers get old fast! luckily we've had a few days of sunshine here and there! these slushie cups look so refreshing and i love the idea of using the rind to hold the slushie!!

these look beyond refreshing. Thanks for sharing the recipe I think I'm going to give it a try!

YUM YUM! Thanks for sharing! We will have to try this soon…

This is sooo cool! Literally! Such a good idea for hot summer days!

I love lemon!!! I have been making a few summer is one of them ( coconut milk/honey/vanilla ice cream)

we're on the same wavelength today… totally craving lemon treats lately! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

Wow, I can't imagine having a cool summer. It's been in the high 90s and almost 100% humidity. I'll trade 😀 My fave summer treat so far has been my greek yogurt popsicles

It is exceptionally hot & muggy in Baltimore.So this summer we've been living on pureed fruit popsicles, frozen watermelon and frozen grapes. And to drink, ice cold peppermint lemonade and peppermint ice tea. I think we'll give the lemon, lime and mint slush cups a try.

Your lemony treats look great. FYI, this has been a cooler summer here this year, too. I'm thinking we need a week in AZ. 🙂

frozen lemon and mint treats sound right about perfect right now 🙂

SmartBear, such a great idea to do with kids! Putting it on the list…

Chelsea, that sounds wonderful! I'll have to try it (healthy too!)

I freeze up a banana, already peeled and sliced up. After it's frozen, I toss it in the blender w/just a tiny bit of milk to thin it out and make a sort of "banana ice cream." So creamy and delicious! Top w/honey or chocolate syrup!

That looks seriously delicious. I must give that a try!

We love to freeze bananas rolled in melted chocolate on sticks. My kiddo likes to roll them in cheerios or nuts or sprinkles. I also start my day with iced coffee each morning in the summer! It's a sweltering 110 here today. Sigh…Best,Tina

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