Summer Salads: Wheat Berry Salad with Lemon-Cumin Grilled Chicken

I know, I know wheat doesn’t really sound like a summer salad but it’s mixed with all sorts of other fresh and light ingredients, plus it’s so delicious I had to share the recipe which is from Ellie Krieger and right here.

I actually used farro instead of wheat. Attention Whole Foods: How can you consider yourself a seller of  ‘whole’ foods and not carry wheat grain? Um, it’s only the staff of life (according to the bible and my mom). I only had a tiny bit of wheat grain left and I of course I have to save it for its primary purpose: Easter grass growing. Duh. I also used a berry mix from Whole Foods which included golden raisins, dried cherries and dried blueberries. Such a great mix to have on hand for morning oatmeal, chicken salad, quinoa dishes, etc.

 I served it with some homemade whole wheat bread (my sweet grandmother’s recipe right here). Perfection. She made this bread every other day for about 100 bazillion years. And those are even her pans above I inherited when she passed. I miss her terribly every time I use them.

The salad is so hearty you really don’t need anything else with it and it keeps well (i.e. no greens!). And now I know what to do with all those bins wheat grain if I’m ever caught in some kind of natural disaster and living in my parents basement (both situations would be unfortunate to say the least). You simply boil it up like rice, friends! I just saved all of our lives right there. You’re welcome.


that bread!!! i can't believe its homemade!

Not quite sure about the salad (sorry!) but love the bit about your grandmother's bread. How lovely to have her tins, if bittersweet.

I had no idea about boiling wheat either! This recipe looks great

What a tasty and healthy looking salad! And that fresh bread…YUM! I love that you have your grandmother's bread pans, too! So sweet…

This looks and sounds delicious. I need to bookmark it, pronto.

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