Summer Salads: Fresh Arugula and Basil Salad

This is such a fresh and simple salad, I eat it all the time! Plus, it’s super healthy (no oil is added to dress it)
Toss together:
Handful of chopped basil
Big slices of ripe avocado
Cherry tomatoes
Good quality Salt and Pepper
Squirt of fresh lemon or lime

I was surprised to find that just a squirt of fresh lemon or lime did the trick to dress this salad. The arugula and basil have so much flavor on their own, no oil is necessary. Couldn’t get much healthier!


I totally need to add arugula to my salad repetoire….thanks for the reminder! I think high-quality ingredients just 'make' it. Yum! MamaP

Well since my lil guy and I are obsessed w avocado..this looks DELICIOUS! Everyone thinks it is so funny that my 21 month old likes avocados- but he just eats it right up…favorite food is guacamole, I think. lol.First time stopping in…Thanks for sharing this recipe- perfect summertime fare.C

I'm definitely going to try this! Perfect use for some of the basil growing in a pot on my back stoop.

Yummy! I eat a variation of this often. Lemon/salt/pepper makes the best dressing.Also, Tiho introduced me to sunflower oil, since that's what they use in Bulgaria. It's much lighter than olive oil but has a similar feel and taste. Win win.

Mmmm! I love both avocado & basil! While at the grocery store this morning I was wondering about how I would combine the two. I'll definitely be trying this soon!Thanks!

Oh, I love summer salads. I'm trying this one tonight for sure.

yummy! can't wait to try it with the fresh basil and tomatoes from my garden.

I make the same salad but add oil. I'll have to try it without because I wouldn't mind seeing the calorie count on my salads go down! (I also add raw, chopped nuts and seeds to mine.)Have you seen the Wasabi Arugula at Trader Joe's? It arugula with a faint spicy kick similar to Japanese wasabi. It's good!

mmm, yum! I guess I'll have to start eating my vegetables 🙂

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