Summer Salads: Orange Mint

I’ve really been enjoying salads lately.  I usually try a few different kinds every week and about half of them become part of our regular rotation.  I thought I’d start sharing my favorites as kind of a weekly feature. This first one is a really fresh and delicious orange, grapefruit, mint and feta salad. You can switch out a lot of different kinds of fruits, depending on what’s in season. Watermelon is really delicious in it as well. Do you have a favorite summer salad you love? I’d love to hear your suggestions

Orange Mint Salad
Sliced oranges, watermelon or other seasonal fruit
Handful of feta cheese
Drizzle of olive oil
Tablespoon of fresh chopped mint


this salad not only sounds like it would taste delicious, the colors are gorgeous! the orange and the grapefruit are so pretty together!

Oh, I just love watermelon with feta, mint and good balsamic vinegar! I will have to try your combination with citrus fruit.

My husband's uncle made a grapefruit and avocado salad for us once that was KILLER! It had a warm olive oil & shallot dressing on it. Now I want some.

oh. my. this looks delicious! I usually eat the same old salad…looks like I'm missing out!

I've never really been a salad person (as much as I really wish I was), but this actually looks REALLY good. Maybe because there are more fruits instead of veggies ;)- Sarah

Mmm looks yummy!! All I keep making at the moment are smoothies but after seeing this I think I need to start browsing some salad recipes 🙂 love your blog although it always makes me hungry (definitely best viewed after or before eating haha!) x

oh, my! that looks delicious and a perfect way to welcome summer!

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