Making Dried Strawberries

One of my favorite things at Trader Joes is the dried berry mix but I always end up picking the strawberries out of the mix before anything else is eaten so I looked into drying some myself in the oven. It was easier than I thought and the result was super yummy.
Would you like to see how I did it?

 Pick the ripest strawberries from the bunch

 Slice them in half or thirds

 Place them on a cookie sheet and bake at about 200 degrees for about 4 hours, turning once.

Take them out when they are still red and a little rubbery (but not juicy anymore).


Hi :)These look great! One question:Do you bake them directly on the pan or first put down some parchment paper?

I am definitely going to try doing this – how long do they last? Do you freeze them? Just curious 🙂 Thanks for the great tip!!

Quick tip: Don't use a baking sheet, put your sliced strawberries on a cooling rack (if the grid is small enough.) Whatever fruit you choose dries more quickly and no turning.

Faye, I just eat them for a snack but you can add them to things like cereals/salads too

Great Idea! For when it's no longer strawberry season: I'm not sure if you've discovered it or not, but Trader Joes does sell bags of just dried strawberries. I absolutely love them.

Never heard of dried strawberries, but interesting and I'll bet good. How do you use them afterwards?

Michelle, I read somewhere (but of course can't find the source now) that they stay good for weeks in a sealed container.

Oh gosh, this sounds so good! I know what I'll be doing on my next off day!

Any idea on how to store them/how long?Kinda blowing my mind with possibilities…

awesome (yum!)! good to know you don't need a dehydrator!!

Oooh this is a good idea. I never thought to do it myself. – Sarah

I cannot believe how easy this looks! I can't wait to try it with a variety of fruit. What a great snack to put in my son's daycare lunchbag.

my mouth is waterringgg!! Thanks for this post, I am going to try today!

I also love the Dried Strawberries at TJ's but wasn't sure if it would be more cost effective to make my own while they are in season. I figured I would need to get a food dehydrator. So glad to see there is a way to do it without one!~Ilsa

Fantastic idea! esp when berries are in season and afforable! lovely to add to cereal or desserts :)xo AllisonSPICER +

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