A Nearly Perfect Roast Chicken

 I’ve been tinkering with making a roast chicken for a little while. It’s the quintessential comfort food; nothing smells better than a house with a chicken roasting in the oven. Plus, this version is a whole meal (or two with leftovers!) in one pan.

After removing the giblets (anything loose in the cavity), mix a couple T of soft butter with salt, pepper and some kind of fresh herb (my favorite for chicken is tarragon)

Pull back the skin from the breast and massage that seasoned butter all over.

Now you’re gonna make a nice bed for the chicken to cook on. Cut up a ton of potatoes (more than what I have here- I didn’t have enough) with a couple onions and any other veggies you have around and throw them into a pan. Best to use a roaster but I just use the bottom of a broiler pan.

Tie the legs with twine. Melt a bit more butter and brush it all over the top. Sprinkle it with salt and pepper.  Pour some water (or better yet, chicken broth) into the pan- maybe 2 cups?

Roast for about 30 minutes at 375 and then at this point you can add more liquid to the pan if it’s starting to look dry, flip over some veggies/potatoes, add foil around the sides if the potatoes are looking pretty done (as I did above).  Increase the temperature to 425 and stick your thermometer into the breast on the side of the thigh, waiting until it hits 170 degrees before taking it out.


Do I line the pan with foil then put the chicken and the veggies on top? Is that to avoid the chicken and veggies being placed directly on the baking pan/roasting pan?MY

Lindsay, I love Ina's too! My veggies get a little burnt too but I kind of like it as well 🙂

Sounds fantastic! Something I must try soon…just found your place (and am now following) and moseying around while I have a few moments to myself (naptime). Would love if you'd come visit my "place" sometime if you'd like as well!

Every week I make Ina garten's "perfect roast chicken" it's amazing. I'm obsessed with the caramelized onions, they get a little burnt but taste crazy good. I use leftovers to make enchiladas some weeks! Yeah this is my favorite meal when done right…the dark meat with some potatoes or a crusty baguette and some veggies.

I just LOVE a good roast chicken! I usually just salt the sucker with very coarse sea salt and let the oven do its magic!

That looks so good! I love easy, delicious meals. Our favorite way to cook a whole chicken is to rub it all over with a mediterranean spice paste (parsley, olive oil, lemon zest, garlic, thyme, rosemary, sage, and salt), and then roast it on the grill on a half-empty beer can. It really does make an amazing chicken!

Nearly perfect!? Are you kidding? That's the most beautiful cooked-bird I've ever seen.

YUM ! This looks amazing ! Thank you for sharing your tips !

Looks delicious. I'm reading this at breakfast time and it STILL looks delicious.

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