Chocolate Butter

Prediction: This will be my new favorite thing to spread on fresh bread at a picnic. But bring your own- you can’t make me share. Recipe and photos here on Giverslog


This is my two favorite foods combined. Spencer said if you throw in cheese it would be Erica's Food Trifecta.

oh no…this could be big trouble for bikini season!

oh this is bad, bad news for my waistline. but good news for the soul. 🙂

oh my gosh! it's two of the best things combined into one even better thing!

oh hey this is such a great idea! i wonder why no one else hasn't done it yet

All I needed to see was the words chocolate and butter in the same sentence…I am very excited about this:)

oh MY! I love chocolate and butter together with fresh french bread. divine!

Shut up-chocolate butter?!?!?! No wonder you won't share!

I swear I've died and gone to heaven with this recipe! Goodbye to all weight loss! :)Playing It Cooley

whoever came up with this should be given some kind of award.

That sounds good. I've also been wanting to try infusing butter with lemon zest and black pepper, a recreation of something that the pub down the street from me serves.

you had me at chocolate 🙂 can't wait to try this!

Yum this sounds REALLY good. It's right up there with strawberry butter =) Sarah

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