Happy St Patrick’s Day! Eat Rainbow Cake!

Any festive plans in the works to celebrate St Patrick’s Day? Drooling over these shamrock and rainbow cakes from I Am Baker. We are making slow cooked corned beef and red cabbage (look what survived in our garden!), roasted root vegetables (parsnips, carrots, beets, etc), irish soda scones and fresh lime drinks . We’ve made this menu the last few years and I really like it but if I had time I’d love to add a rainbow cake in there too to round things out (i.e. my hips)

This leprechaun rainbow trap cake below from Not Martha is brilliant too. The whole idea of leprechaun traps is new to me but I love it!


Wow! My baby girl’s 3rd bday is coming up and this is going to be on my list of possible bday cakes. Just so hard to decide

Thanks for the inspiration! We tried this cake and my kids loved it! They want this for their birthday cakes this summer.

my roommates and I have already decided to make this cake. they demanded that i paste the recipe on their fb walls. the only change I think we’ll make…is to not frost it. the rainbow pattern looks too cool!

I love the Rainbow Cake!!! My nephew’s birthday is in May and this is a great idea. Thank you.BTW I love your blog!!!!

He he. That’s is horrible but kind of funny about baby hank’s birthday

seriously amazing! I just stopped by your place but you weren’t home. :(-B and B

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